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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • 16 grams of lithium battery aerosol extinguishing generators perfect capacity

    A 16-gram or 20-gram aerosol extinguishing generator is a perfect solution for lithium battery pack fire protection.

    For details please ask us for the installation manual.

    • Specifications
    • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
    • Aerosol Application

    Recently, new energy vehicles have been developing so fast and every country is recommended for new energy vehicles by use the power of lithium batteries, such as TESLA.

    A lithium battery suffers from two big problems during its application in new energy vehicles, one problem is it is poor in driving ability and has with short life span, and another is easy to heat and get a fire.

    For the problem of lithium battery easy to heat and fire, we now have skilled technology for fire prevention in vehicle battery groups.

    We have our perfect capacity of 16-gram lithium battery aerosol extinguishing generators, details as below:

    • Model number.: AW-QRR0.016GW/S
    • Outer diameter: 60 millimeters.
    • Height: 22 millimeters.
    • Weight: about 75 grams.
    • Aerosol extinguishing agent: 16 grams
    • Agent extinguishing time: no more than 2 seconds.
    • Agent lifespan: 10 years.
    • Fire suppression ability: 0.16 to 0.3 cubic meters.
    • Power voltage: DC 3 to 24 volts or AC 3 to 220 volts.
    • Power current: more than 700 milliamperes.
    • Safety current: less than 150 milliamperes.
    • Electrical activation cable length: 50 to 2000 millimeters (adjustable)
    • Thermal cord activation temperature: 175±5℃.
    • Thermal cord length: 100-1000 mm (adjustable).
    • Working temperature: -50 to +90 degrees Celsius.

    Main Application of this model products:

    • A new energy bus is to be installed in the batteries group.
    • New energy car, to install in the batteries group.
    • Vehicles engine room, like car, bus, coach, truck, heavy duty.
    • Electrical Cabinets.
    • Switch-gear.
    • Lithium battery pack.
    • EV scooter.
    • Electric motorcycle.
    • Control Panel.
    • Some other small spaces require the automatic function of fire suppression system units.

    Other models are available below:

    Model NumberDiameterHeightMass QualityProtection Area
    AW-QRR0.007Gφ40 mm20 mm7 grams≤0.1 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.012Gφ40 mm20 mm12 grams≤0.2 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.02Gφ60 mm25.5 mm20 grams≤0.3 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.03Gφ60 mm25.5 mm30 grams≤0.5 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.04Gφ99 mm27.5 mm40 grams≤0.6 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.05Gφ99 mm27.5 mm50 grams≤0.8 cubic meters
    AW-QRR0.06Gφ99 mm27.5 mm60 grams≤1 cubic meters

    For details about this mini aerosol extinguishing device feel free to contact us.

    If you need to find products with larger capacity, please pay attention to the 304 stainless steel aerosol fire extinguishing system, which ranges from 20 grams to 5700 grams difference.

    This 16-gram aerosol fire extinguishing device is round with a diameter of 60 millimeters only and a height of 20 millimeters only.
    So it is small enough to to put into a narrow space, cushioned as a small control box, and this lithium battery.

    Furthermore, aerosol fire extinguishing devices could be able to apply in lithium batteries because of their characteristics and features:

    • Green products with low Ozone Layer Depletion Potential, Low Global Warming Potential, Low in ALT value.
    • Compact size with Lightweight and space-saving.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Non-conductive.
    • Non corrosive.
    • Do not have residue after discharging.
    • Waterproof at IP67 range, Moisture-proof, anti-shock, anti-high temperature.
    • Not have pollution to the environment and not have a bad effect on the human body.
    • Do not do damage to precision instruments and valuable electrical equipment.
    • Fast response to suppress lithium battery fire in a very short time.
    • Have a very long life span, life time can reach about 10 years.
    • The aerosol cylinder does not have pressure to work.
    • Control Panel.
    • Switchgear.
    • Weak Electric Well.
    • Strong Electric Well.
    • Electrical Cabinet.
    • Cable Tray.
    • CNC machine
    • Drilling machine.
    • Mining Machine.
    • Transport and logistics vehicles include this new energy vehicle battery box and its systems.
    • ATM.
    • Wind turbine.
    • Solar energy storage.
    • Containerized energy storage.
    • Industrial energy storage.
    • Switchboard House.
    Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

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