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304 stainless steel automatic fire extinguisher for distribution cabinet

February 25, 2023

Just like that of Startx, our company produce the 304 stainless cylinder of aerosol fire extinguisher, which makes our aerosol much more better than other common carbon steel or aluminum material of aerosol device.

Even though our production cost is high, we also willing to choose 304 stainless cylinder as our aerosol generator loader, why? because we are take product quality first, to make our company and our brand going better and faster.

What functions of 304 stainless steel cylinder have? there are below several benefits:

  • Its sealing is better, making the product water-proof and dust-proof, we have test report to proof that the ingress protection class of our product is IP67.
  • The product is not easy to corrode, We know that ordinary iron products are easily corroded when stored in a humid environment, However, 304 stainless steel products are not easy to corrode, because stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance.
  • 304 stainless steel as the cylinder body, beautiful and atmospheric.
  • It can effectively protect the deterioration of aerosol agent due to moisture, thus extending the service life of the product.

Due to the304 stainless steel have above characteristics, the fire extinguisher which made of 304 stainless steel can be installed in both indoor and outdoor enclosed space, such as fire protection for wind turbines, auto vehicles, computer rooms ,data processing room, switch-gear rooms etc.

Especially, the 304 stainless steel of aerosol fire extinguisher is widely used in electrical distribution cabinet, because these cabinets are installed in many places:

  • Educational institution.
  • Hospital.
  • Factory and Manufacturing workshop.
  • Power generating plant.
  • Communication base station.
  • Commercial and residential buildings etc.

The distribution box is mainly used for the control and distribution of electrical equipment, and for the protection of overload, short circuit and leakage of the line, It plays a very important role in people’s daily production and life.

The power distribution cabinet (box) is divided into power distribution cabinet (box), lighting distribution cabinet (box) and metering cabinet (box), which is the end equipment of the power distribution system.

Power distribution cabinet is the general name of motor control center. The distribution cabinet is used in the situation where the load is relatively scattered and the circuit is less.

Motor control center is used in occasions with concentrated load and many circuits. They distribute the electric energy of a circuit of the upper power distribution equipment to the nearby load. This level of equipment shall provide protection, monitoring and control for the load.

The distribution cabinet can be divided into three levels: first level distribution equipment, second level distribution equipment and terminal level distribution equipment.

  • First level distribution equipment is uniformly called power distribution center. They are installed in the substations of enterprises and distribute electric energy to the subordinate distribution equipment in different places. This level of equipment is close to the step-down transformer, so the requirements for electrical parameters are high, and the output circuit capacity is also large.
  • Second level distribution equipment is the general name of power distribution cabinet and motor control center. This kind of power distribution equipment is quite common in our life, not only for transmission, but also for protection.
  • Terminal level distribution equipment is generally called lighting power distribution box. They are far away from the power supply center and are distributed small-capacity power distribution equipment. They are mainly responsible for lighting, also known as lighting power distribution box.

There are many types of power distribution cabinets: entering line cabinet, metering cabinet, PT cabinet, outgoing line cabinet, contact cabinet, isolation cabinet and capacitor cabinet etc.

When installing the distribution board, in order to prevent fire and personnel safety, please pay attention to the following items:

  • The distribution board (box) shall be made of non-combustible materials.
  • Open distribution boards can be installed in production places and offices with low risk of electric shock; Enclosed cabinets shall be installed in processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, woodworking rooms and other places with high risk of electric shock or poor working environment.
  • Enclosed or explosion-proof electrical facilities must be installed in hazardous workplaces with conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases.
  • All electrical components, instruments, switches and circuits of the distribution board (box) shall be neatly arranged, firmly installed and easy to operate.
  • The bottom surface of floor-mounted plate (box) shall be 5~10 mm higher than the ground; The center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2~1.5m; furthermore, there is no obstacle within 0.8~1.2m in front of the board (box).

In addition, all electrical components and circuits in the distribution board (box) shall be in good contact and connected reliably; No serious heating and burning.

It is better that each distribution cabinet can be equipped with a fire extinguishing device and an independent smoke and temperature detector before leaving the factory; If not, wait until the distribution cabinet is installed and then install the corresponding fire extinguishing system.

Several products are suitable for the selection of fire extinguishing system of distribution cabinet: Direct fire detection tube, indirect fire detection tube and aerosol suppression system. the direct and indirect fire detection tube normally using extinguishing agent of hfc-227ea or novec1230, which is with high pressure, we not recommended for safety reasons; instead the aerosol system is not clean agent, but also working without any pressure, It is the preferred first choice fire extinguisher system installed in the distribution cabinet.

Due to the limited volume of the distribution cabinet, and often installed in humid outdoor places, our suggestion is: installing a 304 stainless steel cylinder type aerosol based fire extinguishing device, its brand name is “MINISOL”.

This product is not only easy to install in the distribution cabinet, but also easy to use and do system debugging, Install according to the instructions provided with the product; The dosage of the product is designed according to the specific model of each distribution cabinet, It has a fixed calculation formula M=Da*Fa*V, hereby for electrical cabinet the Fa value can take 1.0.

In the field of fire protection all over the world, most of the fire protection products installed in the distribution cabinet are aerosol fire extinguishers and fire detecting tube systems, which one to choose depends on consumer preferences.

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