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About us

» About us

We are an fire extinguishing systems manufacturer since from the year of 2013, is a professional manufacturer engage at design, produce, marketing and sale different style of aerosol fire suppression system and its relative accessories, including: Minisol Aerosol, Floor Standing Aerosol, Wall-Mounted Aerosol, Portable Aerosol, Aerosol fire suppression grenade and some other new aerosol fire protection system for particular fields.

Floor Standing Aerosol, In year 2013 we develop this product and became very popular after we published, it is for some big space fire suppression, mainly apply in computer rooms, data processing center, telecommunication rooms, museums, library, archives, distribution rooms, power supply rooms, cable well, storage rooms etc.
Its main models are: 5 kilograms, 7.5 kilograms, 8 kilograms, and 10 kilograms.

Wall Mounted Aerosol, after development the market require that some big space fire protection is require of space saving, where require our aerosol device not to occupy space on the site, so this wall mounted aerosol is created, it is installed on the wall side or on the top ceiling, it is almost apply in where Floor Standing Aerosol do.
Its main models are also 5 kilograms, 7.5 kilograms, 8 kilograms, and 10 kilograms.

Minisol Aerosol, this is a revolutionary aerosol products, not only space saving, but also small, flexible and smart, not only can install in bigger spaces, but also can apply in small spaces, such as: electrical cabinet, engine compartment, control panel, electricity meter box etc.
Its main models are range from 30 grams to 3000 grams.

Portable Aerosol, this is also we can name it fire extinguisher, it is just like what a common fire extinguisher can do, apply in office, kitchen, police station, fire fighters, cars, fire emergency kits etc, but this portable aerosol “fire extinguisher” is much more high in fire extinguishing ability and small, and so more easy to take and to operate.
Its main models are PS(F)E-1 (8B) and PS(F)E-2 (13B).

Battery Compartment Aerosol fire extinguishing units, which is installed inside the battery pack to protect the lithium batteries and energy storage components, as lithium battery compartment is a an limited small enclosure space, so require the fire extinguisher with small capacity and highly efficiency, the aerosol chemical based products is the ideal solution.

Aerosol Fire Suppression Grenade, It also called “Throwing type Aerosol Fire Extinguisher”, this is a product that mainly used for firefighters in fire department, when there is a emergency rescue mask from a fire, then firefighters can use this throw type aerosol fire extinguisher to suppress fire first by throwing it into the fire hazard, within a few seconds of time delay it will suppress fire automatically.
Each of this device can cover no more than 100 cubic meters space.

And we are research some particular aerosol fire suppression system accordingly to different market and industrial requirement.

We are always strive to create new things, and convinced that there are better ways to safeguard people, property and business assets, we are committed to produce innovative products with our strong research and development ability, our engineering ability, our high-quality manufacturing ability and our good after-sales service.

Our slogan is “we do all for safety, for a safe world”, with over 50000 square meters of production base and with many years of development, now our company is be able to produce kinds of fire suppression system or fire extinguisher and accessories across china and we export to overseas market Africa, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia area; we also have ability to offer with Original Equipment Manufacture and Original Design Manufacture production service.

Now our company have get some CE, ROHS, GL, ISO9001, CNAS and some test report, water proof approvals to support our products get global marketing.

We implement ISO standards and produce goods as per ISO process, we have ISO 9001,14001 and 18001.

We have thousands of projects and installation case in china and overseas market, we have several tens of honors and business patent in the past years.
We make better in quality, price, after-sales service and market strategy, to ensure of our clients trust us all the time and make a win-win cooperation for a long time.

We have our own brand and have standard production process, we also can provide with OEM/ODM service as per customer’s requirement, as per label, logo and other information provided, but for OEM/ODM service we have a Minimum Order Quantity requirement for order in every deal.

Every of our products is with strictly quality control and every product after finished have to be tested by at least three quality control staff.
We have a completely Quality Control Systems by using a special quality control software and its process.

We have a R&D development department with 15 staff and which can help clients design different new products as per their requirement.
we never stop our steps to develop new products and explore new technology of fire suppression and protection systems.
We have the fire research lab and fire test facilities and cooperate with research Institutes and Universities.

Every of our products is with intact packing and as per international packing standard, in case of any damage on the products.




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