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Aerosol fire extinguisher is a lucky star for Transformer Fire Extinguishing

August 24, 2023

About Transformer and The Fire

Ttransformers as one of the core equipment in the power system, are mainly used for voltage transformation and transmission. It converts high-voltage electrical energy into low-voltage electrical energy, providing a stable and reliable power supply for people’s production and life.

Transformers are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, urban power supply, and other fields, playing an important role in economic development and social progress.

It has certain fire safety hazards during long-term operation. Common causes of fire include electrical faults, insulation aging, overload short circuits, etc. These factors can all cause internal fires in transformers, and once a transformer fire occurs, its consequences and impact cannot be ignored:

  • Firstly, a fire can cause a short circuit in the power system, causing power interruption and inconvenience to people’s production and life.
  • Secondly, fires may also cause explosions and spread, posing a great threat to the surrounding environment and personnel safety. In addition, fires can cause property damage and bring enormous economic pressure to businesses and individuals.

Therefore, it is crucial to do a good job in fire prevention for transformers.

Application Background And Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

At present, traditional fire prevention measures for transformers mainly rely on manual inspections and the use of manual fire extinguishers. However, this approach has certain limitations and drawbacks:

  • Firstly, there are blind spots and missed inspections in manual inspections, which prevent the timely detection of fire hazards.
  • Secondly, manual fire extinguishers require personnel to arrive at the scene to extinguish the fire, resulting in a certain delay in time and an inability to quickly and effectively control the fire.

Therefore, traditional fire prevention methods can no longer meet the needs of fire management for transformers. In this context, our company has developed and produced an automatic fire extinguishing system specifically designed for electrical equipment such as transformers, electrical control cabinets, substations, high and low-voltage distribution cabinets, charging piles, distribution rooms, battery boxes, database stations, computer rooms, etc. This system has unique application advantages in transformer fire prevention.

  • Firstly, it can achieve real-time monitoring and early warning of transformers without human intervention or power supply, quickly detect fire hazards, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of fire detection.
  • Secondly, it can achieve automatic control and extinguish the fires without manual intervention, and can quickly and effectively control the fire, reducing losses caused by fires.

Compared to traditional manual fire extinguishers, the MINISOL automatic aerosol fire extinguisher system has obvious advantages in fire prevention:

  • Firstly, the system has the characteristics of automation and intelligence, which can achieve automatic control and extinguishing of fires without manual intervention, reducing personnel risks and labor intensity.
  • Secondly, the system adopts advanced fire source detection technology, resulting in high sensitivity to fire, rapid response, and fast and efficient firefighting.
  • Thirdly, the fire extinguishing effect is good. The system uses a chemical mixed agent aerosol, which is green and environmentally friendly and can effectively extinguish initial fires and various types of fires (Class A, B, C, E, F).
  • Fourthly, the maintenance cost is low. The system adopts a fully stainless steel structure, which is sturdy and durable. The core components can be maintenance-free for 10 years.
  • Fifth and most importantly, no pressure storage and no pipe network operation.

Praise for The Application of Aerosol Fire Extinguishers in Transformers

The application of a minisol automatic fire extinguishing system in transformer fire prevention is of great significance for ensuring the fire safety of transformers; It has the functions of automatic fire detection, automatic alarm, and extinguishing, and has the characteristics of combining fire prevention and extinguishing, rapid extinguishing, simple operation, environmental friendly and safety; It can improve the efficiency of fire extinguishing, reduce losses caused by fires, and protect the safety of personnel’s lives and property.

At the same time, the system can also improve the reliability and stability of electrical equipment such as transformers, extend the service life of the equipment, and improve the operational efficiency of the power system.

Precautions for Installing Aerosols in Transformers

Transformers are equipment with high voltage current, so special attention should be paid to the following when installing fire extinguishing systems:

  • When installing, find a suitable location inside the transformer to avoid damaging its internal structure. You can choose to install with screws and brackets, or you can choose to install with 3M double-sided tape.
  • Ensure that the transformer has been powered off during installation to ensure the safety of installation personnel.
  • Choose the appropriate model based on the size of the internal space of the transformer, and it is best to use temperature sensing as the starting method, such as thermo bulb type, thermal cord activation type, thermal activation device style, etc.
  • When installing, it is necessary to carefully read the installation manual, product labels, and caution labels on the product.

Aerosol fire extinguisher is a lucky star for Transformer Fire Extinguishing, As long as the agent reaches a certain concentration, it can instantly extinguish transformer fires.

If you have any further doubts or questions, please consult our technical personnel and sales representatives promptly.


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