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Aerosol Generator for Power Production and Distribution Field

August 23, 2022


With the rapid development of the global economy, electricity plays an important role in economic construction and people’s daily lives, this also indirectly exacerbates the fire caused by electrical equipment and its systems, this not only causes huge damage to life and property, but the same time, has a great impact on people’s life and production.

According to research statistics, the annual fire rate is super high, among them, fires caused by electricity are the most, about 40% of the total number of fires; fires caused by electrical causes, also about 40% of the total number of fires, and has been on the rise in recent years.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2011 to 2016, a total of 524,000 electrical fires occurred in China, resulting in 3261 deaths and 2063 injuries, and direct economic losses of more than 9.2 billion yuan; accounting for more than 30% of the country’s total fires and casualties; among them, there were 17 major electrical fires, accounting for 70% of the total number of major fires.
This shows the importance of fire protection in the power system.


Electrical fire and the following characteristics:

  • Initial fire characteristics: have thick smoke, low temperature, no flame, release a large amount of toxic and harmful gases.
  • The wire and cable arrangement is malleable, in case of fire, it spreads quickly and easily.
  • The power facilities are overlapped and concealed, therefore, electrical fire is not easy to find in time.
  • Easy to damage communication, monitoring alarm control, and other related lines.
  • Most areas are unattended, and the fire is difficult to find and put out in time.
  • High equipment value, great economic impact, and high replacement and maintenance cost.


After the fire of power facilities catch fire, the main economic losses are from power cables and power equipment itself,

After the fire of power facilities, the main economic loss is the loss of power cables and power equipment itself, the external economic losses caused by it are mainly related to other cables and equipment, such as data, communication cables, equipment, buildings, and trees, etc; once a fire breaks out, the loss is unimaginable.

Once the cable catches fire, it will cause power failure in relevant areas, and the collapse of the power supply system will cause huge economic losses.

It is very necessary to take effective engineering measures and set up the necessary fire monitoring systems and appropriate fire extinguishing systems in the power industry.


Nodes 1, Production

It is also named the power generation field, the key areas of power production enterprises shall be equipped with fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems, such as the power distribution room, control room, cable trench, equipment room, electrical cabinets, control cabinets, switchboard, etc.

Nodes 2, Transmission

Fire protection in the field of power transmission includes cable gallery, cable trench, cable well, and cable clamp.

Nodes 3, Dispatching

The protection objects of power dispatching include a power dispatching configuration room, control center, various distribution cabinets, control cabinets, and switch cabinets.

Nodes 4, Terminal

Power terminal protection objects include a terminal power distribution equipment cabinet, community power distribution room, and building power distribution box.

Nodes 5, Guarantee

Power guarantees include backup emergency power generation equipment, maintenance support vehicles, various electrical backup equipment, and warehouses, etc.


  • Confirms specifications and codes: the products comply with national and industrial fire protection standards, and international standards like KIWA K23003 etc; obtain relevant test reports and certificates.
  • Special for electric power: the product conforms to the structure and operation characteristics of power equipment, and there is no need to arrange a pipe network in the space,
  • The product conforms to the structure and operation characteristics of power equipment, and there is no need to arrange a pipe network in the space; the device is small in size, convenient for installation in small spaces, and can be flexibly configured.
  • Installation and maintenance: the system structure is simple in design, easy to install, use, and maintain in the later stage, and no need to refill the fire extinguishing agent.
  • Adapt to the environment: Meet the requirements of a long-term uninterrupted power operation environment under harsh conditions; the fire extinguishing device is stored without pressure, it has good high and low-temperature performance, moisture-proof performance, anti-corrosion performance, and electromagnetic compatibility performance; the equipment has reliable protection performance, and is not affected by lightning strikes, surges, and other false alarms.
  • High-efficiency fire extinguishing: for multi-type composite fire of electrical equipment, oil, and combustible materials A/B/E, the fire extinguishing must be fast and efficient.
  • Automatic operation: Intelligent detection and protection, system automatic control, no personnel on duty, with networking capability.
  • Combined detection: the combined detection device can detect and judge the real fire in a very early stage, and implement multi-level early warning and fire extinguishing control.
  • Agent performance: The fire extinguishing agent is green, non-toxic, and harmless, furthermore, no impact on electrical equipment and maintenance personnel.
  • No impact on electrical equipment and maintenance personnel.
  • Diversified startup modes: Dual startup mode of active and passive state, in case of loss of power supply, it can still start the fire extinguishing system passively.


Indoor Total Flooding Protection: the indoor space for electrical equipment operation is unattended because there are many electrical equipment, the structure is complex, and the electrical equipment operates uninterrupted for a long term, therefore, total flooding protection is adopted.
According to the internal space volume we set with floor-standing or wall-mounted aerosol 5000 to 10000 grams, or MINISOL aerosol 3000 grams, and also set with smoke detection, heat detection and thermal activation device, alarm bell, horn&strobe etc, and use the gas fire extinguishing control panel to feedback the fire suppression state systematically; when a fire occurs, the large-scale fire-extinguishing device are started to release a large amount of aerosol extinguishing gas, submerge the whole indoor space and put out the fire quickly.

There are many indoor facilities and cables, aerosol particles can bypass these cables and obstructions to suppress fire, so aerosol fire suppression is the first choice.

Local Protection in Electrical Cabinet: the electrical cabinet is an unattended space, due to the long-term operation of internal electrical equipment, so there is a risk of an electrical fire in the electrical cabinet, we suggest adopting local protection fire suppression, to suppress the initial fire in time.
According to its internal space volume, we set with small-size electric activation type of MINISOL aerosol device, model numbers are 30 grams, 60 grams, 100 grams, 150 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, and 500 grams; optional configuration of smoke detectors, heat detectors, and thermal activation device, etc.

This system can start the fire extinguishing device passively.

Power production and distribution is a key protection field, which needs everyone’s attention and efforts.

Aware Fire is a leading manufacturer and skilled specialist for aerosol fire suppression systems and related products, For request a quote or for reseller purposes, please contact us at


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