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Aerosol is energy storage system fire protection solution

April 24, 2023

Energy storage systems are now the focus of global development, Currently, various high-tech companies and new energy companies are vigorously developing their energy storage business.

Correspondingly, at the national level, government agencies at all levels are also formulating policies, vigorously advocating the development of energy conservation and storage, and building new energy cities.

Therefore, all countries and cities are vigorously developing new energy and new energy energy storage.

For the moment, energy storage mainly depends on lithium battery energy storage, so lithium batteries, lithium battery clusters, lithium battery containers and their surrounding supporting facilities are constantly developing.

What this article aims to explore is: lithium battery energy storage related products – aerosol fire protection systems.

As we all know, lithium battery energy storage can be divided into four levels: lithium battery, lithium battery pack, lithium battery cluster, and lithium battery container; and the lithium battery new energy storage fire protection system also has three levels, there are: lithium battery pack fire protection, lithium battery cluster fire protection, lithium battery container fire protection (or lithium battery room fire protection).

In fact, aerosol fire extinguishing devices can be used as protection for all levels of energy storage systems above. Let’s describe them one by one below:

Energy Storage System- Micro aerosol for lithium battery pack.

Lithium battery pack is a very narrow space, and inside the lithium battery box contains many batteries, as well as some circuit connectors and cable connections, Lithium batteries are a key fire monitoring and protection object, so micro aerosol fire extinguishers needs to be installed in the pack.

Pack space is very small, which requires aerosols also has small size and can fit into the gaps of the pack, also requires it easy installation.

For the aerosol installed in lithium battery pack, we recommend 12 grams of square aerosol.

This square shape aerosol is only in size of 49*32*20 mm, which can be installed in any type of lithium battery pack very well, and can cover about 0.2 cubic meters space.

Energy Storage System- Small Capacity Mini aerosol for lithium battery cluster.

Mini aerosol is also named “minisol”, which is a small to medium-sized aerosols with very flexible applications. its capacity range from 20 grams to 3000 grams, For applications in battery cluster, the range is generally between 20 grams and 500 grams, 20 grams can cover 0.2m³ and 500 grams can cover 5m³ difference.

There are usually several battery packs in the battery cluster, so monitoring and protecting the battery cluster, from another perspective, is also protecting the battery pack.

We usually install Minisol aerosol on the top of the battery cluster cabinet to protect those battery packs.

Hereby for installing lithium battery pack, we recommend of mini aerosol, of course, for the convenience of installation, we can also make the shape of this aerosol square.

Note: This product can also be applied to the lithium battery box of new energy bus vehicles.

Energy Storage System- Large Capacity Mini aerosol for lithium battery container.

The aerosol with capacity over 250 grams is very suitable for protection the lithium battery container where full of battery clusters.

In the 20″ or 40″ container we can set with fire suppression system and fire detection system, for fire suppression system, we can choose FM200 fire suppression, NOVEC 1230 fire suppression or aerosol fire suppression, hereby as this article is talk about aerosol system, so in the container we choose large capacity of aerosol, it can be installed in the corner of the container and near the door.

As the container is a whole protection room, we also need to set with fire alarm systems, their components include: gas fire alarm panel, manual call point, strobe&horn, abort button, alarm bell, heat detector, smoke detector, gas release warning sign etc.

Alternatively, if you want to simplify the detection system, you can choose an independent exclamation and smoke detection system and install an independent fire starter, which needs to be selected and customized by the owner.

In addition, it should be noted that the heptafluoropropane system and NOVEC1230 system are also very suitable for use in lithium battery containers, which we will focus on discussing in future topics.

Aerosols are very suitable for energy storage systems

Why aerosols are very suitable for every grade of energy storage systems? because except their small size and ease of installation, aerosols also have other chemical and physical properties:

  • Fire extinguishing agents are clean, non-toxic, corrosion-free, and residue free.
  • It will not damage lithium battery components.
  • The product itself comes with a very sensitive detection system that can detect and extinguish fires at the early stages.
  • The product is resistant to high temperatures and can be installed in various harsh temperatures and environments.
  • The life-span is longer than that of lithium batteries and their components, and they do not require frequent replacement.

From the above description, it can be seen that aerosols are almost the nemesis of lithium-ion battery fires. From lithium-ion batteries to battery boxes, and even to battery rooms, aerosol fire extinguishers can be installed almost everywhere.

Small capacity solid automatic fire extinguisher members

People know that the challenge of lithium-ion battery fire protection is that the vast majority of fire extinguishing systems currently have no effect on lithium-ion battery fires, And when we discover that aerosols are the appropriate solution for lithium-ion battery fires, we will feel lucky.

So far, the vast majority of lithium battery systems in China have been equipped with this aerosol. In foreign countries, many new energy storage companies have also begun to cooperate with us, installing our products on their lithium battery boxes, new energy vehicles, and charging stations.

So many installation cases indicate that aerosols are energy storage system fire protection solution.

Regarding issues related to new energy, lithium batteries, lithium battery fire protection, and industrial fire protection, please feel free to contact and consult us at any time. We can provide a response and provide excellent solutions.

Knowing of how aerosol acts to suppress fire, please feel free to inquiry from us we will send you the real demonstration and videos.


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