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Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

» PRODUCT » Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

  • Anti-vibration fire extinguishing system for mining excavators

    What fire extinguishing devices do mining machinery need to be installed with?-It is aerosol fire extinguisher, a fire extinguishing device that can withstand severe vibrations.

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    Mining excavators are indispensable large-scale operating machinery in the mining field, Both open air and underground coal mines require it.

    Regardless of the climatic conditions, mining excavators work diligently in mines every day.

    Mining excavators often encounter problems, such as expiration of their lifespan, but the most important issues are fire safety and fire protection, On the one hand, mining excavators that work for a long time are prone to get thermal runaway due to issues such as circuit breakers and high temperatures; On the other hand, due to the complex structure of the engine and the numerous lines and pipelines, it is very difficult to install a suitable fire extinguishing system.

    For a long time, people did not know how to choose the most suitable fire extinguishing system for it, Many European companies have developed fire extinguishing systems based on fire detection tubes and pressurized containers, but these systems have water or dust residues after spraying chemicals, and require complex pipe networks and nozzles, also as have pressure, so it is not a safe and ideal fire protection system for mining machinery.

    Previously, there were no better alternative products, so mining excavators generally used this type of fire extinguishing system. However, the emergence of our Anti-vibration fire extinguishing system has changed this situation.

    What kind of product is the mining aerosol fire extinguishing system? Let’s first list some of its characteristic parameters, and then list its advantages in subsequent columns:

    • Product Name: aerosol anti-vibration fire extinguishing system
    • Model: 250ETH or 500ETH.
    • Capacity: 250 grams or 500 grams.
    • Qty for one mining excavator: 2 or 4 sets.
    • Design concentration: 100 grams per cubic meter.
    • Extinguishing time: less than 30 seconds.
    • Storage pressure or working pressure:zero.
    • Function of auto fire detection: have.
    • Function of manual start-up: have.
    • Function of electrical activation: have.
    • Fire extinguishing agent: aerosol based with strontium nitrate and potassium nitrate as main oxidant.
    • Environmental protection level of chemicals: special grade, ODP is zero, ALT is zero and GWP is zero.
    • Pipeline network and pressure: Not have.

    Remark: Mining Machinery includes: mining equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment, lifting equipment and blasting equipment etc.

    For new aerosols, please refer to this article for more information.

    Why can aerosol based fire extinguishing systems be anti-vibration and an ideal choice for mining machinery fire protection? so it depends on its advantages:

    • Non-pressurized agent storage cylinder, the cylinder made up of material of 304 stainless steel, furthermore, it is non-pressurized, and so it is safe, Will not harm personal and property.
    • Without pipe network, aved pipeline network and optimized structure. because of this, the aerosol suppression system is easy to install and maintain, and not require yearly inspection. Save manpower and material costs.
    • Clean and environmentally friendly, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, ODP=0,ALT=0,GWP=0, cause little residue after spraying.
    • Long life span, while other systems is only 3-5 years life, this aerosol system can reach 10 years life circle.
    • No leakage. Other fire extinguishing systems have the risk of pressure leakage and powder leakage, but aerosols do not, as aerosol agents are solidified and stored in a muddy state, not in a gas, liquid, or powder state.
    • Extinguishing the fire quickly takes only a few seconds to extinguish it in its embryonic state.
    • Simple structure, Easy to operate and do wire connection.
    • Certificates to support, CE, RHOS, IP67, ISO, CSC, CNAS, GL etc.
    • Anti-vibration, anti-magnetic, water-proof and dust-proof.

    This fire extinguishing system is not only used in mining machinery, but can also be used in the following fields:

    • Truck.
    • Bulldozer.
    • Drilling machine.
    • Shield machine.
    • Fracturing equipment.
    • Cementing equipment.
    • Agricultural machinery.
    • Loading truck.
    • Bucket wheel truck.
    • Spading machine.
    • Shipping boat.
    • Wind turbine.
    • Production machinery.
    • Financial equipment.
    • Medical equipment.

    For more other applications, please refer to the scope listed in our instruction manual.

    Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

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