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Aware Fire Attend China International Energy Storage Conference

March 12, 2023

As confirmed by the Organizing Committee of China International Energy Storage Conference, Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co., Ltd. decided to focus on supporting the 13th China International Energy Storage Conference in 2023, The theme of the conference is “promote the construction of new energy system and promote the high-quality development of energy storage industry”. The conference will be held at Intercontinental Hangzhou Hotel on May 24 to 26, 2023.

We are a professional fire protection enterprise that can provide solutions for electrochemical fire protection systems. We focus on integrated solutions for new energy fires.

One of the company’s businesses is to serve new energy (lithium-ion power battery, electrochemical energy storage power station, electrochemical energy storage outdoor cabinet, power exchange cabinet, etc.) fire detection and fire control, Distributed fire detection and extinguishing of wind power generation, Intelligent fire protection device system, Urban intelligent fire management system.

The company’s products for new energy and energy storage systems include electrochemical detection control modules, electrochemical energy storage fire control systems, aerosol fire extinguishing devices, micro automatic fire extinguishers, power battery fire suppression systems, passenger car cabin automatic fire extinguishing systems, Class D metal dry powder fire extinguisher, automatic fire detection, etc.

We provide one-stop services such as fire protection product production, fire protection technical consultation, fire protection system construction, operation, and maintenance. we are a manufacturer integrating research and development, production, and technical services.

Electrochemical Fire Control System

The electrochemical fire control system is equipped with a 7-inch touch LCD screen to display the real-time status, data, communication, and other information of each detector, each protection zone, and fire extinguisher group in real-time. The alarm threshold, logic judgment, protection zone, and other functions can be set or manually controlled through touch manipulation.

This system can collect and process information such as data collected by the detector in real-time, monitor and judge the status of the protected space in real-time, judge the fire situation in the defense area after intelligent simulation and processing, and distribute fire extinguishing agent to the electrochemical fire protection system in zones and times as required, and carry out multiple output precise suppression fire extinguishing.

Fire Extinguishing System of Energy Storage Power Station

For the fire extinguishing of the energy storage power station, we can install MINISOL aerosol to realize the total flooding fire extinguishing and install a fire alarm system outside and inside each container of the energy storage power station to realize the overall linkage and early warning.

Small capacity solid automatic fire extinguisher members

PACK Level Fire Extinguishing Device

For the PACK internal fire extinguishing scheme, we can provide more miniature aerosols, adopt pulse fire extinguishing technology, and rapidly generate pulse shock waves to push the flame away for suffocation and fire suppression while cooling.

The micro aerosol is small in size and easy to install. It can instantly spray the mist extinguishing agent to achieve point-to-point fire suppression.

Customer Service

Since its establishment, we have served more than 10000 enterprises, such as ZTE Energy, Bangladesh Telecom, Iraq Oilfield, Huawei Technologies, Goldwind Technology, China Tower, Dongfang Electric, Ningde Times, State Grid, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, etc., as well as local emergency management bureaus and fire brigades. In addition to abundant product supply, we are more to provide customers with systematic solutions to help users improve the safety of fire-fighting equipment.

We have a professional after-sales support team to provide users with product operation training, and a team of experienced engineers who have served in energy storage power stations, energy storage cabinets, power exchange cabinets, power pipe corridors, libraries, archives, data centers, and other application scenarios.

CIES2023 China Energy Storage Conference

China International Energy Storage Conference (CIES), as an international exchange and cooperation platform actively promoting the sustainable development of China’s energy storage industry, has become one of the most influential events in the global energy storage industry, and has been listed as the wind vane for observing the development of the energy storage industry by domestic mainstream financial media.

CIES2023 has 16 special forums. At that time, more than 200 leaders, academicians, experts, and outstanding enterprise representatives from the industry competent departments will make theme reports, and 40+ enterprises will release new energy storage products. At the same time, 180 first-tier energy storage manufacturers and upstream and downstream enterprises will participate in the exhibition with the latest energy storage products and technical solutions.

Up to now, the cooperation between upstream and downstream industrial chains has been promoted through the CIES platform to exceed 100 billion yuan. This not only highlights the aggregation effect of the sharing platform of the China International Energy Storage Conference, but also deepens the collaborative cooperation between the energy storage industry chain and the supply chain, and also plays an important role in building the energy storage industry cluster, serving the local economy and promoting the high-quality development of the energy storage industry.

During the three-day conference, the organizer will invite more than 300 industry-university-research institutions to jointly support the conference. During the period, the organizer will also release the White Paper on the Development of China’s New Energy Storage Industry in 2023. At the same time, at CIES2023’s “Energy Storage Night and Award Ceremony”, honor awards will be awarded to enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the new energy storage industry during the year.

The sponsor of CIES2023 will invite heavyweight domestic and overseas energy storage industry experts to explain the development trend of the global energy storage industry in detail give insights into the hot topics related to the safety, market, and business model of the new energy storage industry; Build a high-end industry-university-research exchange dialogue platform to communicate with industry elites face to face; Learn the successful experience and concepts of leading enterprises in the industry, and build a supply chain and ecological chain for large-scale energy storage applications. It is estimated that more than 3000 industry colleagues from government agencies, scientific research institutes, power grid companies, power generation groups, system integrators, energy storage system device enterprises, energy service providers, project development enterprises, and investment and financing institutions will attend the meeting and exchange.

CIES2023 hot topics include the opening ceremony of the conference and the academician/expert theme report, the special session on the new path of energy storage industry development under the “double carbon” goal, the special session on the overall solution of new power system and energy storage system, the special session on energy storage security and system integration, the special session on the independent shared energy storage station, the special session on the integrated solution of new energy storage system, the special session on energy storage and virtual power plant at the user side, the special session on energy storage security and fire protection system There are 16 special forums, including long-term energy storage technology and application, energy storage detection, certification and standard, lithium-ion battery and energy storage system design, household solutions and portable energy storage, energy storage capital market, energy storage and power market, northwest China energy storage market, temperature control system and electrical equipment.

For a long time, CIES has played an important role in promoting the establishment of policies and market mechanisms, the transformation of new energy storage technology achievements, the cooperation of energy storage projects, the docking and service of energy storage capital, the innovation of energy storage system solutions and business models, the establishment and improvement of safety and standards, and international cooperation. This conference will continue to adhere to the requirements of high specification and high quality, give full play to the platform’s powerful resource advantages, and contribute more “Chinese wisdom and strength” to the sustainable development and energy transformation of the global energy storage industry!

Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co., Ltd, as a member of the China Energy Storage Conference, actively participates in and supports it every year.


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