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Aware Fire Technology Helps Safe Production of Mining Machinery-Scrapers

August 13, 2023

Mechanical safety has always been a concern for people, Especially in the past decade, it has been elevated to a very important position, and the development momentum of China’s mining mechanization is strong.

According to the 2023-2029 China Mining Vehicle Application Research Report released by market research institutions, the total production of mining vehicles in China reached 373000 units in 2018, and a large proportion of these mining machinery went to domestic mining, oil extraction, ports, and other fields; According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, the mechanization level of only large coal enterprises in China has increased to 98.95%.

With the popularization of mechanization in various fields, mechanical safety issues have become increasingly prominent, especially the fire safety issues of mining machinery, Due to the backwardness of firefighting equipment, inadequate firefighting safety work, and the special operating environment of mechanical equipment, fire safety accidents are common, posing a dual threat to personal and property safety for the people. Therefore, strengthening the fire safety protection of mining machinery is of great significance for improving the mining efficiency of mining enterprises and promoting the mechanization development of mining.

So, what kind of automatic fire extinguishing system does mining machinery need to install? Let’s first learn about mining machinery, taking a scraper as an example.

aerosol chemical based fire extinguisher for scraper fire protection.

The wheel tractor-scraper is one of the important equipment for achieving mechanization and modernization of coal mine production and is a large and complex model that integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. It has strong load-bearing capacity and flexible operational performance, and can efficiently complete the loading, unloading, and handling of various materials.

Hereby “the wheel tractor-scraper” we simply called it “scraper”.

However, due to the frequent exposure of scrapers to flammable materials and high-temperature environments during their operation, their fire prevention and control has also become a major challenge for mining enterprises.

Next, let’s learn about the fire-prone areas and causes of scrapers:

  • 1. Engine compartment: The engine compartment of a scraper is one of the high-risk areas for fires. Due to the need for the engine to burn fuel to provide power, fires may occur in situations such as fuel leakage, circuit failure, or overheating. In addition, there is usually a large amount of flammable substances in the engine compartment, such as lubricating oil, fuel pipelines, etc. Once a fire occurs, the fire is easily spread.
  • 2. Hydraulic system: he hydraulic system of a scraper is an important component of its operation, but it is also a potential source of fire danger; The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is flammable, and in the event of leakage, high temperature, or high pressure, it may cause a fire; In addition, hydraulic pipelines are also prone to leakage due to wear, aging, and other reasons, increasing the risk of fire.
  • 3. Electrical system: The electrical system of the scraper includes circuits, cables, batteries, etc; Due to prolonged use and external environmental influences, electrical systems may experience problems such as short circuits, aging wires, and overheating batteries, leading to the occurrence of fires; Especially in high-temperature environments, the fire risk of electrical systems is more prominent.
  • 4. Working device: The working equipment of a scraper includes buckets, lifting systems, etc. These components may come into contact with flammable materials during operation. If the ignition source on the working device is not effectively controlled, flammable materials may be ignited, leading to the occurrence of a fire.

In summary, the locations where scraper fires occur are mainly concentrated in the engine compartment, hydraulic system, electrical system, and working devices. Every ignition point is highly prone to fire accidents, and due to the special operating environment of the scraper, especially mining scrapers, once caught on fire, there are combustion aids such as coal powder and coal dust, which can easily spread and cause serious casualties and property damage.

Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of fires, targeted fire prevention measures need to be taken for key parts of the scraper.

vehicle fire extinguishing systems automatic for engine compartment

Aware Fire automatic fire extinguishing system is a fully automatic fire extinguishing product designed and developed by focusing on various types of mining machinery, special vehicles, and other heavy mobile equipment, taking into account factors such as the structure of mining machinery and vehicles, fire characteristics, and operating environment.

The system combines the actual fire prevention and extinguishing needs of heavy mobile devices to achieve point-to-point ignition detection and precise fire extinguishing.

The fire prevention and extinguishing performance has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough, changing the current situation of traditional fire extinguishing products facing heavy mobile equipment fires with poor fire detection ability, high error rate, slow fire extinguishing speed, and no protective effect on human beings.

In terms of fire prevention, our fire extinguishing system can continuously monitor the changes in real-time temperature by installing precise temperature-sensing fire source detectors in key parts of the scraper. The detectors can determine whether a fire has occurred through pre-set triggering temperatures and serve as triggering factors for system startup; When the temperature of key parts of the scraper is abnormal, the thermal sensitive element of the detector ruptures and triggers the system to start the system automatically; The application of this technology not only improves the accuracy of fire detection, but also greatly shortens the time from capturing fire to system startup consumption, which helps in early control and extinguishing of fires.

In terms of fire extinguishing, our fire extinguishing system adopts fine spray extinguishing technology, and the system pipeline is customized based on the actual body structure of the scraper. This not only effectively improves the efficiency and accuracy of fire extinguishing agent delivery, directly delivering the fire extinguishing agent to the interior of the fire source, but also greatly reduces the loss of fire extinguishing agent, achieving true cost reduction and consumption reduction; At the same time, the system adopts customized atomized nozzles, which not only expands the coverage area of the agent, but also ensures that the extinguishing agent is evenly released into the interior of the fire source in a fine water mist state and covers the fire source location. By quickly cooling down and isolating oxygen, the combustion process is quickly blocked.

The Aware Fire Minisol automatic fire extinguishing system has a stable structure and reliable fire extinguishing performance, which can meet the fire prevention and control needs of scrapers. In addition, the system adopts a pure mechanical start technology without electricity or pressure, which not only eliminates the interference of external factors such as power supply but also greatly reduces the risk of fire for operators in the fully automatic start mode, making firefighting more simple and safe. As a result, the system is increasingly favored by mining, energy, and engineering enterprises.

The application significance of our Minisol system for fire prevention and control of scrapers:

  • Monitor the fire situation of the scraper 24/7 days, which can monitor and alarm the fire at any time and in any environment, especially for timely detection of hidden and deep fires in the scraper.
  • With intelligent control, fast response, and the system can completely independently complete the entire process of monitoring, detecting, warning, and controlling fire extinguishing for scraper trucks without relying on human and power sources.
  • It can safely, effectively, and quickly complete fire extinguishing. The system uses fire extinguishing agents that are safe and environmentally friendly, with good flame suppression performance, and no secondary damage to people and equipment after extinguishing, making it very reliable.

automatic fire suppression system in vessel engine room


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