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Basic knowledge of hot aerosol fire extinguishing device in China

September 10, 2023

At present, many customers or distributors are not familiar with aerosol fire extinguishing devices in China, and we feel that it is necessary to popularize knowledge about it, Let’s introduce this question in a question-and-answer format.

1. What is the standard for hot aerosols in China?

Answer: The Standard for China aerosol generators is GB499.1-2010, and the system installation standard is GB50370-2017.

2. What is a condensed aerosol fire extinguisher?

Answer: The commonly referred to aerosol is a state of matter, which is a mixture of air as the dispersing medium and solid or liquid particles as the dispersing substance, it is a colloidal system with gas fluidity that can diffuse around obstacles. common aerosols in the natural world include clouds, smoke, fog, etc. The aerosols used for fire protection are chemical substances composed of strontium nitrate and potassium nitrate as the main oxidants and the small particles produced can be used for extinguishing fires.

3. What is total flooding fire suppression? Is it suitable for scenes with openings?

Answer: On the premise of a relatively sealed space, when a fire occurs, a specific concentration of fire extinguishing agent should be sprayed into the protective zone and evenly filled throughout the entire protective zone to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire.

For a protective zone with a small opening, the amount of extinguishing agent can be increased to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire.

For fully open spaces and certain specific fires, direct-to-source fire extinguishing methods can be adopted.

4. Can hot aerosol fire extinguishing devices extinguish fires in open spaces?

Answer: In open spaces, direct-to-source fire extinguishing can be considered, where the nozzle of the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device is aligned with the fire source, quickly extinguishing the fire in the early stage.

5. What are the startup methods for hot aerosol fire extinguishing devices in China?

Answer: There are normally 3 activation modes: thermo bulb, thermal cord, and electrical activation.
Thermal cord temperatures are 175℃ or 300℃.
Thermo bulbs also named glass bulbs, rated temperatures are 57℃, 68℃, 79℃ or 93℃.
Electrical activation also named electronic activation, with DC power 3-24 Voltage.

6. How to start an electrical activation type aerosol generator method without an external power source?

Answer: Without any external power source, we also can start the electrical activation type aerosol fire extinguisher by using a stand-alone thermal activation device, we called it “TAD” for short. When the ambient temperature reaches the operating temperature of TAD, TAD begins to operate, generating a small current to activate the fire extinguisher.

Other self-powered independent smoke and temperature sensors can also activate fire extinguishers.

7. Why is the thermal cord wire usually set at 175 ℃? Is there any standard to specify this temperature?

Answer: The temperature setting of the thermal cord wire is based on the “Technical Conditions for Thermal initiators Q/HXN02-26-2016”, which indicates that the thermal cord initiator can self-ignite and ignite under environmental conditions when the temperature reaches 170 ℃-180 ℃. Considering factors such as production safety, transportation safety, and storage safety, they cannot be changed arbitrarily. At present, the starting temperature of thermal sensitive lines in China is set at 175 ℃.

8. What should be paid attention to the electrical activation mode of aerosol fire extinguishing devices?

Answer: Fire extinguishing devices usually use dual electric initiators for electric starting, and the GA499.1 standard also has relevant requirements for this. The electrical starting of fire extinguishing devices usually uses dual electric initiators, and the GA499.1 specification also has relevant requirements for this. The safety current of a single initiator is 150mA/min, and the starting current announced by our company is 250mA. The fire extinguishing device uses dual initiators, and the starting current is 500mA.

Electric starting is mainly related to the current, and the usually selected voltage is 24V. Other voltages can be confirmed through testing.

There are no relevant national or industry standards for electric initiators. Its testing is conducted following the testing requirements of GA499.1.

9. What are the types of feedback signals after startup?

Answer: There are two, one is an N/O normal open feedback signal (pressure switch), and another is an N/C normal closed feedback signal (pressure switch).

10. What are the protection methods for each startup component?

Answer: For electrical wire, the protection cover is the flame retardant and insulated wires; for thermal cord, the protection cover is a Fiberglass tube; for thermo bulb, the protection cover is a specially made stainless steel protective cover.

Their main function is to prevent moisture and corrosion, prevent static electricity, and increase insulation.

11. What is the resistance of the aerosol fire extinguishing device?

Answer: The resistance of the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device is mainly the resistance of the ignition head, with a single ignition head having a resistance of 2.4 Ω to 3.8 Ω. To ensure the start-up rate of the device, each hot aerosol fire extinguishing device adopts a double ignition head, so its resistance is 1.2 Ω to 1.9 Ω.

12. What is the installation mode?

Answer: It has 2 activation modes, one is a 3M double-sided adhesive with a magnet, another is a bracket with screws.

13. Why is it maintenance-free?

Answer: Because the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device is stored at atmospheric pressure and uses our company’s unique fire extinguishing agent formula internally, it can ensure the effectiveness of the fire extinguishing agent. Therefore, there is no need to check the fire extinguishing agent. When it is in normal working condition, only the matching starting device needs to be checked to confirm that the circuit is normal. The fire extinguishing device itself is maintenance-free during its validity period.

14. What is the wiring method of the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device?

Answer: The starting circuit and feedback circuit wiring of the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device do not distinguish between positive and negative poles; When installed in the same protective area, for more than several fire extinguishing devices, the startup lines should be connected in series, and feedback lines should be connected in parallel; When the fire extinguishing device is connected to a traditional gas fire extinguishing controller, an intermediate relay should be added, Avoid direct connection and prevent the induced current of the gas fire extinguishing controller from mistakenly starting the fire extinguishing device.

15. What protective measures are required during product installation?

Answer: Before installing the electric starting circuit, it should be ensured that the circuit is in a short circuit state. When used in conjunction with the gas fire extinguishing controller, it is necessary to first debug the gas fire extinguisher and then connect it to the fire extinguishing device to avoid accidental startup of the fire extinguishing device during the debugging process.

16. Precautions for installation in strong electromagnetic environments and areas prone to lightning strikes?

Answer: The control part of the fire extinguishing system should be equipped with lightning protection and grounding measures. The control part and the fire extinguishing device should not be directly connected but should be connected by an intermediate relay. The system cables should be shielded cables. Ensure grounding protection during the installation of fire extinguishing devices.

17. Is a hot aerosol fire extinguishing agent effective for batteries and what types of battery fires can be extinguished?

Answer: Aerosol is effective for battery and energy storage fires, including Lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, battery cabinets, energy storage containers, etc.

18. Is the environmental adaptability of China’s hot aerosol fire extinguishing system good?

Answer: Very good, currently aerosol systems can be used in some high-temperature, low-temperature, high-humidity, and vibration environments.

19. What length of thermal cord wire or temperature sensing cable should I choose?

Answer: Both the thermal cord wire and temperature sensing cable are linear detection devices, and their working principle is that they operate due to the high temperature around them. Therefore, the thermal wire and temperature sensing cable should be arranged in positions that are prone to ignition. Therefore, the length selection of the thermal wire and temperature sensing cable should be based on the actual situation on site.
Generally, the length is between 0.3 meters and 3 meters.

20. Does the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device cause secondary damage to electronic equipment?

Answer: According to various research experiments, aerosol fire extinguishing agents do not cause secondary damage to electronic equipment and precision instruments.

21. Is the hot aerosol fire extinguishing device non-toxic to the human body?

Answer: According to the mouse experiment, after aerosol spraying, the mice were still alive for 3 days, It can be inferred that aerosol fire extinguishing agents have relatively little impact on the human body.

22. Is this product a dangerous good? How to ship smoothly?

Answer: According to the regulations of dangerous goods management rules, the product is a dangerous goods and belongs to level 9.1. When exporting, you need to apply for a dangerous package certificate from customs.



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