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to write more articles to describe something about our products, our industries and our marketplace.
to describe our views on fire protection and on fire fighting industry etc.
the reader can read more valuable contents from our blog from which can get more knowledge about fire protection industry and about aerosol fire extinguishing systems and its relative products.

Aerosol Suppression System Apply in Wind Turbine

Aerosol Suppression System Apply in Wind Turbine

RESEARCH BACKGROUND Environmental protection and sustainable development have become a global consensus, unclean and heavily polluting industries are gradually being shut down, under this background, clean and renewable wind power generation is rapidly emerging, behind the rapid development of this industry, safety has become and important issue that plagues and hinders the development of this new energy industry. Recent years, …

Small capacity solid automatic fire extinguisher members

What is aware brand minisol fire extinguisher and why it becomes popular

Our company aware fire has publish its Minisol fire extinguisher almost ten years ago, and now is almost the Standard for aerosol suppression system in China, according to the recommendation of China Fire Protection Association. We have many series of this product, like Floor standing type, Wall mounted type, Portable type, but we are become well-known from our mini type, …

One article to know about China  strontium aerosol fire suppression system

One article to know about China strontium aerosol fire suppression system

“How the aerosol fire extinguisher works?”, “What is the principle of aerosol generator?”, “Where does aerosol fire extinguishing systems can be applied?”, “What is the disadvantages of aerosol suppression device?”, “Are aerosol fire grenade effective?”, People are always ask about those similar questions. When we talk about aerosol fire suppression systems, many people are remember of Firepro, Statx, DSPA and …

New energy wind turbine automatic aerosol suppression solution

Aerosol suppression system is a good solution for new energy wind turbine, many countries have apply this fire suppression technology in wind power industry, the aerosol technology is very mature now. HISTORY AND SUMMARY Modern wind turbines originated in Denmark in the late 19th century, the Danes first invented the first wind turbine, the United States designed and manufactured a 1250kw …

Differences of K type and S type Aerosol Compound

K type aerosol compound is short for “Potassium Nitrate Based Aerosol” and S type aerosol compound is short for “Strontium Nitrate Based Aerosol”. When people talking about the difference of K type and S type aerosol, the main difference between them is because of main oxidant, S type with main oxidant of strontium nitrate and K type with main oxidant …

What is new S type aerosol fire fighting system

Here we recommend about “what is new S type aerosol fire fighting system“, for explain this topic, we have to know and describe its technology history first. HISTORY Aerosol fire extinguishing technology was developed since from 1960’s, and Russian army first use this technology based on its pyrotechnics, its integrated with the oil tank so at that time people also …

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