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Floor standing aerosol fire suppression systems

» PRODUCT » Floor standing aerosol fire suppression systems

  • CE certificated floor type aerosol fire extinguishing systems

    Floor standing type of aerosol fire extinguishing systems are outdoor air-conditioner shape of aerosol-generating units, which inside cylinder refilling with innovative
    the technology of condensed aerosol-forming compound; however, it is more space-saving than those piping network gaseous fire suppression systems such as hfc-227ea fire suppression systems, carbon dioxide fire suppression, ig55 fire suppression, ig100 fire suppression and ig541 fire suppression, foam suppression, water spray, and water mist system.

    • Specifications
    • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
    • Aerosol Application

    Floor-standing aerosol fire extinguishing systems device is larger than our minisol products, it is out very suitable to install in very small spaces, but it is mainly for some projects of rooms and stations that need to design a fire suppression system to make protection.

    The basic specifications of floor aerosol are listed below:

    • Design density: 130 gram to 150 gram per cubic meter, normally 140 gram per cubic meter.
    • Product Size: 400 millimeters in length, 300 millimeters in width, and 430, 630, or 830 mm in height.
    • The basic color of our cylinder: is silver white or red color.
    • Working Temperature: ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius.
    • Activation Mode: power supply DC 3-24 voltage or AC 3-220 voltage, work with a fire alarm system or TAD thermal activation generator.
    • Wire connection terminal: 5 cores.
    • Storage Pressure: Normal.
    • Extinguishing time: when aerosol mass weight is more than 1 kilogram, then the extinguishing time is less than 120 seconds; and when aerosol mass is less than 1 kilogram, then the extinguishing time is less than 40 seconds.
    • Downtime: less than 30 seconds.
    • The device’s outlet temperature during discharging: is not more than 180 degrees Celsius at a 5 mm distance.
    • The device’s shell temperature: is not more than 100 degrees Celsius.
    • Direct current resistance: 1 to 8 ohms.
    • Start-up current and time: 1 Ann in every 5 milliseconds.
    • Maximum safety current and time: 150 milliamps every 5 minutes.
    • Minimum start-up current and time: 250 milliamps every 5 milliseconds.
    • Aerosol-forming compound service lifetime is about 7 to 10 years.
    • Connection between devices: series connection.

    Main materials Description:
    Most China aerosol fire extinguishing systems are based on strontium nitrate chemical, whose molecular formula is Sr(NO3)2, and CAS No. Is 10042-769, also with some other chemicals like potassium nitrate, coolant, binders, etc to form the strontium-based aerosol extinguishing agent, why we call it “strontium-based” because in this chemical formula, almost 40% to 50% of chemicals is it it strontium nitrate. Strontium nitrate-based aerosol chemicals will cause less harmful substances to the nature and environment, so we almost use strontium nitrate as the main oxide in our aerosol suppression device. This is also called the “Third Generation” of aerosol extinguishing systems in the world, which is the latest technology, we normally name it “S Type”.
    Also, we have a potassium nitrate-based chemical aerosol device, the aerosol formula is without strontium nitrate, almost 40% to 60% of the oxide chemicals are potassium nitrate, and the potassium nitrate molecular formula is KNO3 and CAS No. Is 7757-79-1, with some other chemicals like coolant, binders, etc it can form a potassium nitrate-based aerosol extinguishing agent; this we call it “K Type”, K type aerosol has a bit more harmful substances to the nature and environment, so we normally not produce K Type aerosol; we also call K type aerosol as “Second Generation” of aerosol technology, now over the word a few Europe workshops, a America workshop, a Australian workshop and a Korea workshop still produce this K type of product.
    But indeed K type is more efficient in fire suppression, for example, to cover one cubic meter of space, one needs an S-type aerosol compound of about 100 grams, but a K-type only 30 to 80 grams; but S type is cleaner and does less harmful substances to the environment and human body, so S type is more ECO-friendly.

    Standard to Obey or refer to:
    Our aerosol extinguishing device is as per China standard GA499.1-2010 Aerosol fire extinguishing system, and this China standard refers to EU standard 15276-1-2009 and NFPA standard NFPA 2010 for fixed aerosol fire-fighting systems.

    External and internal structure:
    The external structure of this floor-standing aerosol device also called “housing” or outer cylinder, is designed by our technicians like an outdoor air conditioner, it is almost made up of material of iron steel with silver-white or red color painted, left and right sides with handle, and front side with shutter style of the spout (outlet).
    The internal structure is made up of an aerosol generator, aerosol compound, coolant, asbestos, electric trigger, spacer ring, separator grid, etc.

    Floor standing aerosol model available:

    • 5(five) kilograms of aerosol covering about 35 cubic meters each.
    • 7.5(seven point five) kilograms of aerosol covering about 53 cubic meters each.
    • 8(eight) kilograms of aerosol covering about 57 cubic meters each.
    • 10(ten) kilograms of aerosol covering about 71 cubic meters each.
      For other quality aerosol, the model needs to be specially designed as requested.

    Attention for installation:

    • The installation job of floor-standing type aerosol should be done by professional staff or by skilled persons.
    • The installation will not be affected by location(position), but better next to the wall, when installing it in front of its back side, left side, and right side within a 0.2-meter distance there should not be any obstacles, and in front of its front side within 1-meter distance, there should be not have any obstacle.
    • Please do not cover any other substances when installing it.
    • Do not install it near the wind, vents, doors, windows, and other opening entrances.
    • Do not install it in places in which easy to get rain and water, and do not near the flame of fire.
    • Do not install it in places in which easy to get shocked, impact, and corrosion.
    • Do not install it in the evacuation exit and entrance.
    • When installed in underground sites, non-window rooms, or fixed window areas, it requires to have mechanical ventilation equipment for ventilation also.
    • The device’s activation(trigger) wire should be twisted pair wire or dual-core metal shielded wire, and the wire diameter should be 1.5 square millimeters or even more.
    • About wire connection terminal should be:
      a. Activation requirement at 24 VDC power supply with about 1 milliampere current.
      b. For several or more sets of devices working together, these devices should be better with a series connection, the number of devices better not more than 10 sets; and if the protection zone is very big and needs to have more than 10 sets of aerosol devices, then you should consider to increase the current to 5 Ampere, or add additional circuit and make these circuits in parallel.
      For more details about the wire connection terminal please also try to read our “INSTRUCTION MANUAL“.

    Transport and storage:
    When transporting this cargo, take measures to make sure of rain-proof, moisture-proof, and handled with care.
    Store it in a dry and ventilated place in the warehouse.

    After-sales service:

    • Product Lifespan is 7 to 10 years, and product warranty time is 1 year, as per China government fire department and rules, during this period if any quality problems we will replace them for free.
    • Offer with guide to teach how to install and how to do system debugging, for how to install also refer to “INSTRUCTION MANUAL”.

    Floor-standing style aerosol fire extinguishing systems are for some bigger spaces and mainly projects/programs, it is not as space-saving as the Minisol type because it is more larger and needs to be placed on the ground at the wall side or in the corner.

    Except above, floor aerosol also has the following features and characteristics:

    • Outdoor air conditioners are alike, it is fashionable in shape, good look in appearance, and material with high quality of high-quality steel with silver-white color or red color painted and coated.
    • CE-certificated products from the EU.
    • Ozone-layer depletion potential value is equal to zero, and global warming potential value is equal to zero, so it is ecologically safe and environmentally friendly
    • Extremely cost-effective fire extinguishing compound, it is design density for floor type ranges from 130 grams to 150 grams per cubic meter.
    • Very easy to install and maintain, when do installation just place it on the ground at a wall size or a corner of the protective room space, with the right wire connection and with power on, also it is very easy to do maintenance and easy to do system debugging.
    • Non-pressurized containers and not have significant pressure built up.
    • No piping system and no nozzles are required.
    • non-toxic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and recognized as a halon alternative for non-occupied spaces.
    • not cause residue after discharging and do not do damage to any sensitive instruments and equipment.
    • life span is long and low in maintenance.
    • Total flooding to cover the whole protection zone, and suppress fire very rapidly.

    It widely applies in the following fields but is not limited to:

    • Manufacturing industry.
    • Government facilities and infrastructures.
    • health-care facilities.
    • Energy and new energy industry.
    • Power industry.
    • Telecommunication sectors.
    • Offshore industry.
    • Aviation industry.
    • Mining industry.
    • Transportation industry.
    • Underground Industry.
    • Heavy industry.
    • Computer and server rooms, and data processing centers.
    • Storage room.
    • Generator and engine rooms.
    • Electrical cabinets and switch gears.
    • Control rooms.
    • UPS and battery rooms.
    Floor standing aerosol fire suppression systems, PRODUCT

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