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Ceiling mounted aerosol generator installed in underground pipe gallery

October 1, 2022


Ceiling mounted aerosol generator in another words is: wall-mounted aerosol fire extinguishing system, it is a round shape aerosol generator with large aerosol compound filled inside, we normally fill in 5 kilograms or 7.5 grams or 8 grams of solid aerosol chemical powder inside its cartridge.

Just like the ventilator in the highway tunnels, this product can be well installed in the underground comprehensive pipe gallery.

What is underground comprehensive pipe gallery? it is construction and development direction of urban underground pipelines, is one of the symbols of the modernization of municipal infrastructure; The underground comprehensive pipe gallery selectively centralizes the water supply, drainage, power, telecommunications, optical cable, heat, gas and other pipelines and their ancillary equipment in a large pipe gallery for joint construction and management or joint construction and branch management, so as to avoid repeated demolition and construction in the future, and reasonably and effectively use the underground space.

Every country over the world are striving to build underground integrated pipe gallery, they should build auxiliary facilities such as fire protection, power supply, lighting, ventilation, water supply and drainage, video, signage, security and alarm and intelligent management.
Improve the level of intelligent monitoring and management to ensure the safe operation of the pipe gallery.


After the fire of pipe gallery facilities, the economic losses mainly include power cables, communication cables, adjacent buildings, and other related cables, facilities and equipment.

The cable laid in the pipe gallery covers a large area, which will cause power failure in relevant areas and even collapse of the entire power supply system in case of fire.

The cable laid in the pipe gallery covers a large area, which will cause power failure in relevant areas and even collapse of the entire power supply system in case of fire; Due to fire, the data cable and communication cable in the pipe gallery fails, it will have a huge impact on economic production and people’s daily life.

The design and positioning of products specially used for underground pipe gallery as follows:

  • The fire extinguishing device shall adapt to the underground humid environment, shall capable of moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and electromagnetic compatibility.
  • The product shall be able to put out fire efficiently, as the electrical fire will spread rapidly, so for class E fire, it shall be put out quickly and efficiently.
  • It should be protected in an all-round way, because cables in the underground pipe gallery are shielded, so the fire extinguishing agent must completely submerge the whole space of the zone.
  • The dimension or size shall be as small as possible, without occupying too much space, so as to be suitable for hanging installation in the pipe gallery.
  • Under the conditions of ensuring effective fire suppression, the product more lighter more better.
  • The product structure should not be complex, and the installation bracket hole should be reserved.
  • Try to design in round shape, and take red as the home color.
  • In terms of starting mode, it supports automatic starting under passive conditions and manual or system electric starting under active conditions.
  • Complex pipe network shall not be set, installation shall be as simple as possible, and maintenance shall be convenient.
  • The fire extinguishing agent can be released within 30 seconds, efficiently and quickly.
  • The products shall have system feedback function and provides normally open or normally closed signals.
  • It shall have system compatibility and be connected to the fire control system; it can automatically detect and start the fire extinguishing device.
  • For the product life cycle, it should be more than 10 years.
  • Because of the uncertainty and diversity of fire in the underground comprehensive pipe gallery, the fire extinguishing system needs to be of excellent quality and reliable performance.


The underground pipe gallery is an unattended enclosure space, the source of fire is mainly electrical fire and solid material fire, in order to facilitate cleaning and avoid secondary damage to electrical equipment, fire extinguishing media can be selected from condensed aerosol, superfine ABC dry chemical, heptafluoropropane and water mist; Because the gas system has pressure, it needs to supplement the pressure regularly, the volume and weight of water mist are not convenient for the use of electric equipment, and the super-fine ABC dry chemical leaves so much residue after releasing, which is difficult to clean, In comprehensive consideration, aerosol should be the most ideal fire extinguishing agent.

Because the aerosol extinguishing agent is:

  • leaves no residue after spraying.
  • No pipework and with zero pressure.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Long life span, can reach over 10 years, with maintenance free.
  • Not harmful to environment, people and underground cable equipment.


A complete set of underground integrated pipe gallery fire extinguishing solution should include the following components:

  • 1. Fire detection assembly, such as: fire control panel, linear heat detector, heat detector, smoke detector, infrared and ultraviolet detectors, very early suction detector and thermal activation device.
  • 2. Emergency fire fighting, portable aerosol fire extinguisher can be set inside the pipe gallery to facilitate handling of sudden fire during personnel patrol inspection or temporary maintenance.
  • 3. Fire suppression units, hereby what we recommend for underground pipe gallery is our ceiling hang aerosol generator(wall-mounted aerosol fire extinguishing unit), it meets the installation requirements of underground pipe gallery.

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