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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • Charging Pile Fire Extinguisher

    10 to 30 grams Aerosol Fire Extinguishers for household charging piles, and 150-300 grams for Commercial and Industrial charging piles.

    They have a positive effect on fighting fires in the power charging pile.

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    Charging piles(Charging Stations) are charging and discharging facilities that can be found everywhere in residential areas and public places.

    With the popularity of lithium batteries and electric vehicles, we can see various types of charging piles everywhere.

    Charging piles are generally classified into household charging piles and commercial and industrial charging piles.

    Household charging piles generally do not exceed 0.3 cubic meters in size, while commercial and industrial charging piles do not exceed 2 cubic meters in size.

    In this case, if they are to be protected from fire, then for household charging piles, a fire extinguisher with an extinguishing capacity of less than 0.3 cubic meters will suffice, while for commercial and industrial charging piles, a fire extinguisher with an extinguishing capacity of less than 2 cubic meters will suffice.

    The following are two types of charging pile fire extinguishers:

    Household Charging Pile Fire extinguisher

    • Available Models: QRR0.012G/S/SA, QRR0.03G/S/SA, QRR0.02G/S/SA, QRR0.1G/S/SA.
    • Corresponding Protection Volume: 0.1 m3, 0.12 m3, 0.2 m3, and 0.3 m3.
    • Appearance and housing material: Round, iron, or carbon steel material.
    • Surface treatment process: painting or plastic spraying.
    • Activation method: electric start, thermal start, or a combination of the two.

    Commercial and Industrial Charging Pile Fire Extinguisher

    • Available Models: QRR0.15G/S/SA, QRR0.3G/S/SA, QRR0.2G/S/SA, QRR0.25G/S/SA.
    • Corresponding Protective Volume: ranges from 1.5 m³ to 3 m³.
    • Appearance: Square Shape.
    • Housing Material: Iron, or carbon steel with the red color of paint.
    • Trigger Method: Electrical start, thermal cord start, or a combination of the two.

    300 grams lithium battery cabinet fire extinguisher

    Both of these different types of aerosol products are designed for a concentration of 100 grams per cubic meter.

    The biggest difference is the volume of space covered by fire extinguishing, the amount of extinguishing agents below 30 grams is suitable for household charging piles, while the amount of extinguishing agents above 150 grams is suitable for slightly larger sizes of commercial and industrial charging piles.

    Typical Product Recommendations

    Fire extinguishers that can be used on charging posts need to have the following characteristics, features, and functions:

    • The dimensions of the product need to be relatively small, suitable for installation in the smaller space of the charging pile cabinet, and in special cases, need to be specially customized.
    • Products need to be able to resist high temperatures and corrosion.
    • The extinguishing agent can be stored for a long time and the extinguisher is maintenance-free.
    • Highly efficient in extinguishing fires.
    • Environmentally friendly, does not damage the various components in the charging pile, and is ECO-friendly.
    • Sensitive detection of incipient fires in charging piles, effectively extinguishing initial fires.
    • Products require multiple start-up methods: Electric, thermal, or even glass bulb activation.
    • The product is equipped with a coolant (chemical), which reduces the temperature of the housing after the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed.

    Charging piles belong to the new energy field products, accordingly, charging pile fire extinguishers can also be applied to other related facilities and equipment:

    • Lithium Batteries Pack.
    • Energy Storage Containers.
    • Energy Storage Cabinet.
    •  Electric  Vehicles.
    • EV Scooter.
    • E-Bikes.
    • E-motors.
    • Electric forklift.
    • Electric work machines.
    • Hybrid solar inverter protection.
    • Other battery-powered equipment.

    Charging piles, especially commercial and industrial charging piles, are installed in complex environments, which require fire extinguishers to be able to use complex environments, including installation environments.

    Note the following when installing the product:

    • Read the installation manual first before installation to understand the installation steps and precautions.
    • Do not point the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at the precision components of the charging post during installation.
    • Installation in the open area of the object to be protected, with screws or 3M double-sided adhesive mounting.
    • Installation as well as commissioning is carried out by professionals.
    Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

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