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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • Charging Station Fire Protection Devices

    60-gram Charging Station Fire Protection Devices for an enclosure space of 0.6 cubic meters.

    Smaller products with strong fire suppression capabilities in the renewable fields.

    • Specifications
    • Main Characteristics
    • Main Application Areas

    Charging station fire prevention and control areas of focus.

    Currently, various countries are not only making great efforts to develop charging stations but also looking for suitable solutions for charging station fire protection devices.

    Aerosol agent-type fire extinguishers will be the best choice in terms of efficiency and product size.

    As a company that has been in the fire extinguishing industry for more than 20 years, we recommend the use of aerosol-type charging station fire protection devices with a 60g extinguishing capacity.

    Aerodol Fire-fighting Device for Charging Station

     Basic Technical Data of the Charging Station Fire Protection Devices

    The product details are as follows:

    • Normal Name: Charging Station Fire Protection Device.
    • Type: Aerosol Type.
    • Model: QRR0.06G/S/SA, and sometimes QRR0.05G/S/SA, QRR0.04G/S/SA.
    • Description of extinguishing agent: Cylindrical shape, mud-like, non-pressurized.
    • Color: Black or Red.
    • Weight: 0.4 to 0.6 kgs.
    • Housing: aluminum or carbon steel.
    • Painting process: piano baking paint or painting.
    • Starting method: thermal, electric, or both.
    • Thermal cord length: 0.3 to 0.5 meters.
    • Length of electric starter cable: 0.3 to 0.5 meters.
    • Automatic start temperature: 175 degrees or open flame.
    • Electric starting voltage and current: 3 to 220 volts, 700mA.
    • Other parameters and matters: refer to the instruction manual for 60g lithium aerosol.

    Charging Station FIre Extinguisher Device

    This product is ideal for use in confined spaces, including power distribution cabinets, charging stations, car engines, and inside machinery and equipment.

    With the continuous construction of charging piles, this product is installed in charging piles in more cases, it can prevent potential charging pile fire.

    In China and around the world, there have been many charging pile fires due to the lack of a proper fire suppression system.

    Now, with this aerosol-type fire prevention device, it will be possible to secure the charging of vehicles and reduce the risk of fire.

    We have a wide range of models to choose from, with extinguishing ranges from 0.3 cubic meters to 3 cubic meters, so that we can meet the firefighting needs of charging stations of different sizes.

    Specific models can be selected from this Lithium Battery Extinguishers page.

    Aerosol Fire Suppression Generator for Lithium Battery Pack

    The reason for its global popularity is that it has the following main characteristics:

    • The shape of the product is circular and the dimensions are just right for installation in all kinds of charging stations and charging posts.
    • Charging stations and charging piles are generally enclosed environments, which allows for maximum aerosol fire suppression efficiency.
    • Based on data from European and American laboratories, it can be concluded that aerosol fire extinguishing agents are highly efficient fire extinguishing agents.
    • Fire extinguishing properties are 100 g per cubic meter, Please refer to this article for specific configurations.
    • The cooling device is made of special material, which allows the product to achieve the best cooling effect and short cooling time.
    • The performance of the product is very stable, non-pressure, non-corrosion, and harmless to the human body and the environment.
    • According to the scientific accelerated aging test, its life span can reach more than 10 years. Each year is maintenance-free.

    The above advantages make it possible to successfully apply it to charging posts.

    Its main application area is still in the renewable energy field, for example:

    • Charging Pile and Charging Station.
    • Energy Storage Cabinets.
    • Lithium Battery Packs.
    • Big electrical vehicles.
    • Electric forklifts.
    • artificial intelligence robot.

    Also, it can be used in other traditional areas as follows:

    • Electrical Cabinets.
    • Control Panel.
    • Financial Facilities.
    • Port operations machinery.
    • Goods-producing machinery.
    • Farm Machinery.
    Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system, PRODUCT

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