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Electrical cabinet and control panel fire protection systems

» PRODUCT » Electrical cabinet and control panel fire protection systems

  • Condensed Aerosol Fire Protection Systems for Electrical Cabinets

    Condensed Aerosol Fire Protection Systems Minisol for Electrical Enclosure Cabinet, recommended capacity range from 30 grams to 250 grams.

    More similar application fields: meter box, control panel, lithium battery pack.


    • Specifications
    • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
    • Aerosol Application

    Minisol is really a perfect fire protection system that you can trust, because it could be applied everywhere, even it can install in your household appliances, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, dishwater, Sterilizer etc, overall, its application is very wide.

    It is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing tools that can be installed in any enclosed or semi-enclosed place.

    It can be installed in many styles of electrical cabinets very well also, and so many people also have a special named for our minisol, they call it ” electrical panel fire fire extinguisher”.

    Before this product was published, many project for electrical cabinet fire protection use dry chemical powder or AUTO FIRE OFF as main application, but after our this product was published, many clients become to use our aerosol based electrical cabinet fire extinguisher instead, because they recognize that this product is much more better.

    Why we could belief this minisol is better product for electrical cabinet fire protection? please read the following described advantages and reasons:

    • Inside the electrical cabinet are a variety of precision electronic components, aerosol is not have any damage for them, except NOVEC 1230 and HFC-227ea, other fire extinguishing media are more or less corrosive.
    • Any single electrical enclosure is a small and narrow space, in such a narrow space will require a fire extinguisher that is small in dimension, aerosol is the small-size guy for it.
    • Aerosol is cause little residue to the electrical cabinet, after aerosol act to releasing, you will no need to sweep the cabinet.
    • Most importantly, it is easy to install, just use a small L shape bracket and several screws to fix it inside the electrical cabinet, then connect the cable wire on it, then the job is well done.

    Recommended models for electrical enclosure are: 30 grams one, 60 grams one, 100 grams one, 150 grams one and 250 grams one; for details please refer inquiry from us for installation manual, technical data sheet and brochure.

    Another brother product called Lithium-ion Battery Aerosol also can be applied in electrical space, and more smaller space.

    Specification details please check our Installation manual or technical data sheet.

    As a leading fire safety system service workshop, we also can be a Original Equipment Manufacturer for you if you like.

    The minisol aerosol is amazing, because not only can be applied as a total flooding solution, but also a local application, furthermore, it is really a ECO-friendly product, hereby below are the features and characteristics:

    • 304 stainless cylinder with high quality sealing glue, it is water proof and dust proof, and the IP rating is IP67 according to our official test report.
    • Aerosol chemical is mixed with over tens of high quality chemicals made from brand material suppliers, include potassium nitrate, strontium nitrate, Dicyandiamide, epoxy resin etc, which makes the aerosol agent can be fully released in average, and also makes it Eco-friendly, and not have harmful substances to the atmosphere.
    • Aerosol is fine particles, and can reach any narrow space, this features makes it can install in everywhere where its space is an enclosure.
    • Design density is about 100 gram per cubic meter, this is a very good index, it means every 100 gram aerosol agent can cover one cubic meter space, so it is cost effective and perfect in fire extinguishing performance.
    • The Plug-in style boot device is use aviation grade material, also waterproof, and can be unplugged and plugged tens of thousands of times.
    • In the bottom sealed with food grade aluminum foil, not only water proof but also Eco-friendly.
    • Reasonable product structure design, the texture and aesthetics are reflected from the aerosol body.
    • Military grade special chemicals as cooling system, allows product to cool faster after discharge.
    • This fixed aerosol fire suppression system is designed as per GA499.1-2010, and reference from international standard: NFPA2010, ISO15779, UL2775.

    It would be able to install in many narrow space:

    • Electrical Cabinets.
    • Control Rooms.
    • Meter Boxes.
    • Car Engine Rooms.
    • Bus Engine Compartments.
    • Vessel Engine Rooms.
    • ATM Machines in the bank.
    • CNC and grinding machines in the factory.
    • agricultural machinery.
    • Intelligent automatic trash can in the city.
    • Air conditioner.
    • refrigerator.
    • Washing Machines.
    Electrical cabinet and control panel fire protection systems

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