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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • Electric Bicycle Fire Extinguisher

    20 grams small aerosol generator is the nemesis of electric bicycle fires.

    Install it on the battery of an electric bicycle, so you don't have to worry about catching fire no matter how far you ride it.

    • Specifications
    • Basic Features
    • Basic Applications

    With the emergence of lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery-type bicycles continue to become popular.

    Many people nowadays choose electric bicycles for short trips, although it’s a short trip, fire safety still comes first, So many car owners choose to install a small fire extinguisher on their electric bicycles.

    So far, a fire extinguisher called aerosol has become the main installation material.

    Below, we will focus on recommending a model QRR0.02G/S/SA.

    • Function: Fire suppression for electric bicycle.
    • Extinguishing lithium battery type: LifePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery.
    • Ability: 0.2 to 0.3 cubic meter space.
    • Delay time: 1 second.
    • Activation mode: Electronics and thermal cord.
    • Cover material: Carbon steel spray molding.
    • Product dimension: diameter 60 mm, height 25 mm.
    • Aerosol compound: 20﹢2 grams.
    • Concentration range: 60 grams/m3 to 100 grams/m3.
    • Releasing time: less than 4 seconds.
    • Working temperature: -50℃ to +90℃.
    • Signal switch function: yes.
    • Compatibility with gas fire extinguishing systems: Yes.

    It has the following basic exceptional features:

    • The size is small enough to be installed in a narrow space.
    • Clean, non-toxic, and pollution-free.
    • Fast, fire extinguishing fast, start, spray fast.
    • Sensitive detection, fire detection components can quickly sense the surrounding fire situation.
    • NFPA 2010 and CEN15276 compliant.
    • Easy, Easy to operate, and easy to install.
    • Saving, Space saving and cost saving.
    • Long time service life, and long time warranty date.
    • Fine craftsmanship, the product undergoes spray molding and brightening treatment.
    • Reasonable design of the nozzle not only allows for the complete discharge of the agent within the specified time but also achieves the best spraying effect.
    • The smallest aerosol generator can protect the smallest enclosure of 0.01 m3, while a single unit of our largest one can protect a space of 71 m3. remark: the 71m3 one is a large-scale floor-standing aerosol, which is filled with 10 kilograms of aerosol-forming agent inside.

    Since the product is so small, it must be commonly used in areas with limited space, such as the following:

    • Meter box.
    • Air conditioning system.
    • Lithium battery pack.
    • Electric motors.
    • Express delivery cabinet.
    • Charging and exchange cabinet.
    • Portable energy storage power supply.
    • Washing machine.
    • The refrigerator.
    • Printing machine.
    • Capacitor bank.
    • Computer host chassis.
    • Strong and weak current boxes.
    • Cell Monitoring Unit.
    Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

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