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Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

» PRODUCT » Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

  • Exquisite energy storage container aerosol fire suppression system

    A dual activation thermo bulb and electronic activation aerosol fire suppression system is a space-saving fire suppression solution for energy storage containers.

    Correspondingly, lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishers are specialized fire extinguishing tools for lithium battery packs.

    • Specifications
    • Benefits and Features
    • Main Application Fields

    The energy storage container can be filled with electricity during the low valley hours and the device can be activated to release electricity during the peak hours, which can not only alleviate the gap between the peak power supply and demand of the grid but also save the high cost of electricity for the enterprises and ease the pressure of the electricity load.

    Due to the relatively closed working environment and limited heat dissipation conditions of energy storage containers, once a fire occurs, it will cause significant losses.

    The main cause of fires in energy storage containers is the thermal runaway inside the batteries.

    Due to the special material of the batteries in the energy storage container, when a fire occurs, the flame spreads quickly and lasts for a long time, accompanied by the release of toxic gases. Moreover, there is a risk of secondary reignition after the open flame is extinguished.

    At present, heptafluoropropane suppression system is commonly used as a fire extinguishing medium in energy storage container fire protection systems. However, this fire extinguishing medium is not only prone to damage to unfired battery packs, but also poses a risk to human health when the concentration exceeds 10%, and there is a risk of secondary combustion.

    Through repeated comparisons, researchers have found that aerosol fire extinguishing media can be well used for energy storage containers, so we recommend that users install our Minisol aerosol fire suppression system, based on the characteristics of 20-foot container and 40-foot container, we recommend using the following models: AW-QH-3000E/ST.

    Hereby below are the basic parameters of this product:

    • Description: Aerosol fire suppression system for every storage container.
    • Model number: AW-QH-3000E/ST.
    • Function: Monitoring and protecting the safety of energy storage containers.
    • Activation mode: Electrical activation and thermo bulb head activation.
    • Fire extinguishing agent content: 3000+20 grams.
    • Main extinguishing chemicals: Potassium nitration and strontium nitration.
    • Effective protective capacity: 30 cubic meters.
    • Spray time: 30 to 40 seconds.
    • Dimension of the aerosol body: φ220*325 millimeters.
    • Product net weight: 16.00 kilograms.
    • Product gross weight: 19.00 kilograms.
    • Installation methods: installation bracket with screws and 3M glue with a magnet.
    • Product service life: 10 Years.
    • Warranty period: 1 year.
    • Suitable indoor temperature: -40 to +55 ℃.

    The aerosol fire extinguishing system is known for its high efficiency and small size, Even in narrow spaces, it can be well installed, and during spraying, it can completely submerge and cover the protected space without dead corners.

    Aerosol generators can be used for fire protection of energy storage containers because of their unique characteristics and uniformity, Let's list more relevant benefits and features below:

    • The appearance material is made of 304 stainless steel, with excellent explosion-proof and anti-corrosion performance.
    • HFC free, because it does not contain any hydrofluorocarbons.
    • 100% environmentally friendly and with no oxygen displacement, it will not deplete oxygen during the discharge of aerosol extinguishing agents, furthermore, the ozone depletion and global warming potential value is zero.
    • The aerosol fire extinguishing agent is compressed into a solid, making it easy to install in small spaces, making full use of space for installing other accessories in energy storage containers.
    • The smoke-like particles emitted from the product are clean, non-corrosive, and residue-free, and will not damage the lithium battery pack and cabinet inside the container.
    • The product can be installed on the ceiling of the container, which is space-saving and does not require floor space.
    • It has no pipe network, which indirectly saves container space.
    • After the product is installed in one go, there is no longer the need for annual inspection work, and the system maintenance cost is almost zero. Moreover, its lifespan is very long, basically over 10 years.
    • The product has a certification guarantee and a free replacement guarantee within 1 year if there are any quality issues.

    Our aerosol fire suppression systems can be used for many different applications, no matter in traditional or emerging industries, sunrise or sunset industries:

    • Flammable liquid storage areas.
    • Process control rooms.
    • Computer, communication equipment, and monitoring room.
    • Chemical storage, railways, and telecommunication facilities.
    •  Security and Surveillance room.
    • Electrical power room.
    • CCTV server room.
    • Spare parts room.
    • Switchgear room.
    • Sock room.
    • PABX room.
    • Mobile communication base station.
    • Express cabinet.
    • Power swap cabinet.
    • Tour cars.
    • EV scooter.
    • High and low-voltage distribution box.
    • Marine engine room and machinery spaces.
    • Turbine enclosures.

    It has other applications that we cannot fully list, for more application cases, please inquire from us separately.

    Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

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