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Fire broke out in the optical storage project in Corsica of France

June 11, 2022

Recently there is a fire broke out in the optical storage project in Corsica of France, fortunately, there were no casualties.

It is said that dated June 3 of 2022, a photovoltaic power plant in a small village called “Poggio-Di-Nazza” got fire, it happened inside a energy storage container which is full with lithium-ion batteries.

The power plant is belching out thick smoke, the fire spread rapidly and last almost for one day, the local government have asked people not to move around, avoid going out near this area, and do not exercise in this surrounding area.

Ghisonaccia Rescue Center has strengthened peripheral surveillance, Ensuring the safety of people’s lives.

According to incomplete statistics of China’s energy storage network, This is the 17th energy storage fire event all over the world in 2022.

Furthermore, in this year, there are some other similar fire in the energy storage fields, we have count them out and list out below:

  • Dated January 12th, Location in South Korea, fire broke out in the battery energy storage building, in SK energy company in Ulsan south district.
  • Dated January 13th, Location in China, a truck loaded with energy storage system suddenly caught fire on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway.
  • Dated January 17th, Location in South Korea, a fire broke out at the new Valley Solar Power Station in Niubao Country, Gyeongsang Hokkaido Military Commission, South Korea; The equipment which on fire is the supporting energy storage facility.
  • Dated January 21th, Location in South Korea, fire occurs in positive material manufacturer EcoPro BM.
  • Dated January 23th, Location in China, a fire broke out in a laboratory in Changsha base of BASF Shanshan battery materials Co.,Ltd.
  • Dated Februrary 13th, Location in America, fire occurs at MOSS Landing energy storage plant in California, This is the second fire in this project; the first fire in this project was dated September 4th of 2021.
  • Dated February 13th, Location in Australia, a fire broken out in a domestic battery storage system in a garage in northern Adelaide of Australia.
  • Dated February 18th, Location in China, a fire broke out in an energy storage project in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.
  • Dated February 23th, Location in Nigeria, The battery inverter in the basement of the Federal Ministry of Finance Building in the central business district of Abuja caught fire and caused a small explosion.
  • Dated March 10th, Location in Germany, a fire broke out in the battery storage of a family in southern Germany area.
  • Dated March 13th, Location in USA, a fire broken out in a family at the corner of East Madison Avenue and Depew street, fire comes from faulty lithium battery.
  • Dated March 13th, Location in Taiwan of China, fire broken out at LongJing energy storage station of Longgang Road Industrial Research Institute, Longjing District, Taichung City, Taiwan, China.
  • Dated April 15th, Location in America, fire broke out in the Terra-Gen battery energy storage project of Valley Center in California.
  • Dated April 18th, Location in America, a fire broke out at the energy storage facility at the Salt River substation in Arizona.
  • Dated April 25th, Location in America, fire occurs in Salt River Project lithium-ion battery energy storage system (10MW).
  • Dated May 8th, Location in Germany, a fire broken out in a photovoltaic energy storage system in Althengstett, Karf District, Germany.
  • Dated June 3th, Location in France, Fire broken out in the energy storage container of Corsica Photovoltaic power plant.

Till June 12th, there are over 17 fires occurs in this new energy industry, and to choose a good  New Energy fire suppression system is very necessary, reach us for discuss about it and help you make a completely solution.

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