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Solution simple de protection contre l'incendie pour la station de pompage surpresseur

novembre 9, 2023

Overview of Booster Pump Station

The booster pump station belongs to the category of hydraulic engineering, is an important component of hydraulic engineering, and is the infrastructure of the national economy.

The booster pump station is a comprehensive water conservancy project that converts electrical (thermal) energy into water energy for agricultural irrigation, township water supply, flood disaster drainage, and cross regional water transfer. Pump station engineering has played a huge role in the development of industrial and agricultural production, as well as urban and rural water supply.

The main facilities in the pump station include: central control room, high-voltage switch room, chambre de transformateur, capacitor room, relay protection room, and main transformer area.

To ensure the fire protection of high-value facilities and equipment in the pump station, while considering the requirements of environmental protection and efficiency, we should install fire protection systems in these places, and nano particle aerosol fire protection devices have become the ideal choice.

Because aerosol fire extinguishing systems not only save costs, but more importantly, they can quickly extinguish fires, minimize property damage, and protect life safety.

Fire hazards of Booster Pump Stations

Water conservancy and hydropower systems worldwide are rapidly developing, and booster pumping stations are also constantly being constructed, But fire hazards also come with it.

The transformer room, relay protection room, fils et câbles, and other electrical equipment in the pump station are all located in enclosed and narrow spaces. If internal short circuits, equipment aging, and other phenomena occur, it is easy to cause a fire.

The pump station operates at high load 24 hours a day without interruption. If maintenance is not carried out in a timely manner, it will bring great safety hazards to the operation of the pump station.

The electrical equipment of the pump station caused a fire, principalement pour les raisons suivantes:

  • 1. The electrical equipment circuit of the pump station is short circuited, causing electrical leakage; Or single-phase grounding short circuit generates high temperature and ignites combustible objects, leading to a fire.
  • 2. Transformer internal short circuit or overload, insulation oil decomposes into a large amount of combustible gas under the action of high-temperature arc, causing a fire.
  • 3. Due to overload of electric machinery, three-phase imbalance, low voltage, poor heat dissipation, haute température, etc., the motor is burned down, resulting in a fire.

Suggested Fire Protection Solution for Booster Pump Station

Researchers compared heptafluoropropane, IG541, Carbon dioxide and aerosol devices. From a set of data centers, it can be seen that nanoscale aerosol fire extinguishing devices have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, maintenance free, and low cost, which are more in line with the fire protection requirements of booster pump stations.

The fire protection focus of the booster pump station remains on the prevention of electrical equipment fires, Our company has mature technology in the fire protection of electrical systems in enclosed spaces, including the design, installation, maintenance, and upkeep of fire protection systems in substations, cable trenches, generator rooms, salles de distribution, and other places.

Our Nami aerosol fire extinguishing device is very suitable for pump station fire protection, and can form a one-stop fire protection solution with independent starting systems, systèmes d'alarme incendie.

Component requirements for Simple Fire Protection Solution

The basic installation requirements for the fire protection system of the booster pump station are as follows:

  • Fire extinguishing agents should not cause damage to electronic equipment and high-value instruments.
  • Early fires can be detected and extinguished as soon as possible.
  • The system should be installed firmly and its operation should be stable and reliable.
  • Good compatibility and can be connected to other external systems.
  • The product must comply with relevant industry and technical specifications, such as XF499.1-2010, NFPA2010 etc.

The installation components are as follows:

  • Nano Minisol Aerosol generator.
  • Emergency Start Button (Release Station).
  • Thermal activation device.
  • 2-core wire and 4-core feedback cable.
  • Installation bracket and fixing screws.

Bien sûr, if you want to connect the aerosol gas fire alarm system, you also need to install other components, tel que: gas fire control panel, détecteur de fumée, détecteur de chaleur, déclencheur manuel, release station, horn and strobe, sonnette d'alarme incendie, maintenance switch, interrupteur d'abandon, gas release indicator etc.

The specific installation process is as follows:

  • Thermal activatiion device is installed at the top of the protected area space, and if there are multiple, they are installed in parallel, when the thermal activation device detect fire, it will cause a small current to the aerosol generator, so that to start the fire extinguishing device automatically and seperately.
  • Namo minisol aerosol generator install in the location of ceiling or wall, Multiple products in series.
  • The emergency start button is installed at the door. When people discover a fire, they can immediately press the start button to allow the fire extinguisher to spray and extinguish the fire. When the fire extinguisher is sprayed, the feedback signal will also be transmitted to the control center.


Advantages of Nano Simple Aerosol Fire Protection System for Pump Stations

This system can be installed well in the booster pump station, thanks to its following advantages:

  • The fire protection system is currently the most advanced clean fire extinguishing technology, with high efficiency of fire extinguishing agents and environmental protection without polluting the environment.
  • The fire extinguishing agent has no corrosive effect and will not damage electrical equipment and high-value machinery after spraying.
  • The system is easy to install and maintain, and a complete system can operate independently with only three components.
  • Without the need for any external power supply, the component can generate its own current after sensing the temperature, thereby activating the fire extinguishing system.
  • These components are small in size, saving weight and space.
  • The product comes with a feedback function for easy status monitoring.

Typical Installation Cases

  • The pump house of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station.
  • Pump room of Gezhouba Hydropower Station.


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