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L'application de l'extincteur à aérosol dans les machines d'exploitation portuaire

Octobre 16, 2023

Les ports sont des carrefours de voies navigables intérieures, océans, routes et autoroutes et sont d'importants centres de distribution de marchandises où les navires sont concentrés.

Les terminaux portuaires disposent d'un grand nombre de chantiers contenant de grandes quantités d'explosifs, corrosif, matières et marchandises radioactives et autres. Ces matériaux et marchandises sont chargés, déchargé, stored and trans-shipped at the port by a variety of large and mobile machinery. Par conséquent, in the event of a fire accident, it may lead to a major explosion, which will have a large negative impact on the national economy and pose a great threat to the safety of people’s lives and property.

In the daily operations of the harbour, it has always been the case that large machines and mobile machines work in conjunction with each other. Mobile machinery and equipment is an important infrastructure in port operations, so its good functioning is directly related to the normal operation of the terminal. Such as: grues, loaders, ship unloaders, ship loaders, stackers, stacker cranes, and belt conveyors.

Mini type aerosol fire extinter suppression system for installing in port machinery in their engine bay.

Most of these machinery and equipment are outdoor and frequently operated; the constant operation of electric motors, coupled with the humid environment of the port production and various types of dust, will easily cause electrical equipment and electrical wiring leakage, overloading, excessive contact resistance and disconnection and other faults, which will lead to a fire.

Fire has become a key factor in the fire safety of dangerous ports and the safety of operators, Donc, strengthening the fire safety of mobile machinery in ports has also become a key to the safety of port production.

In order to reduce the probability of port mobile machinery fires and ensure the safety of port mobile machinery use, major ports have begun to increase the intelligent process of port mobile machinery fire protection construction, promoting more integrated automated fire extinguishing devices to enter the market.

Minisol aerosol fire extinter in port operation mobile machinery, It integrates the functions of automatic fire detection, automatic fire warning and automatic sprinkler extinguishing; it is a representative product of intelligent fire fighting in harbours.

The system automatically detects cables through thermal sensitive wires, and the temperature control device quickly activates the fire extinguishing device, achieving comprehensive detection and protection of mechanical equipment.

Automatic aerosol fire extinguishers can truly realize the unmanned prevention of fires in various states of mobile machinery in ports as well as effective emergency treatment. Through a combination of prevention and extinguishing methods, or sub ah extinguished in the early stages, to a greater extent to protect the port mobile machinery from damage, escorting the smooth operation of the port.

Protective Advantages of Automatic Fire Extinguishers

  • Continuous 24-hour fire monitoring and multi-faceted protection. Regardless of the state of the harbour mobile machinery, it is under the protection of the system, which monitors in real time the fire situation in every flammable space inside the equipment and reacts to the fire the moment it occurs; D'un côté, an autonomous warning alerts the operator to the presence of a fire, while on the other hand, the fire is directly extinguished by the system’s built-in self-starting aerosol fire extinters. The whole process does not require human intervention or power supply, so even if the equipment is unmanned, the fire suppression system can still be activated normally to extinguish the fire, guarding the fire safety of mobile machinery and equipment.
  • One-to-one customized design, high quality protection. Our systems can be professionally customized according to the type of mobile machinery and the size of the protected area, making the system more compatible with the protected space and allowing the overall protection effect to be more optimal.
  • Interpersonal interaction, dual mode activationmultiple protection guarantees, The system not only has the mechanical unmanned autonomous start-up ability to extinguish fires, but also has a manual start-up device, which can also be used to extinguish fires directly by manually starting the system manually, which has the advantage of more long-term effective fire safety protection.

Actuellement, with the popularity of smart firefighting in ports, Minisol automatic fire extinguishing system also began to play an increasingly important role in the world’s major ports, instead of more other fire protection products to complete the port mobile machinery fire safety protection, fire prevention and extinguishing a high degree of cooperation to enhance the port mobile machinery to prevent and control the actual fire ability to really help the port wisdom of the fire building development.

About Installation Matters

In terms of installation, due to the complex installation environment of port mobile operation machinery and the different engine positions of the machinery, it is necessary for the installation personnel to understand the mechanical structure in advance before proceeding with the installation work.

For specific installation of the product, prière de se référer à: Installation Manual of Mini Aerosol Fire Extinter.

Special Remarks

Aerosol extinguishers are particularly suitable for use in all types of machinery and equipment, as they provide 360 degree coverage and can be used in completely enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces.

In addition to port machinery and equipment, the following machinery and equipment can also use aerosol fire extinguishers as a protective medium:

  • CNC machine tools.
  • Banking machine or CNC machine.
  • machines agricoles.
  • Mining machinery.
  • Military machinery and equipment.



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