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Frequently Asked Questions on Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

May 21, 2023

During customer inquiries or daily communication with customers, customers often ask questions about condensed aerosol fire suppression systems, Some are frequently asked questions, while others are relatively rare. Below we will list some of them:

One: What is the aerosol fire suppression system advantages and disadvantages?

  • The answer: Aerosol is a clean product, it has advantages of non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-piping network, non corrosive, no residue and cause no damage to machinery and equipment; The disadvantage is that it cannot be used on flammable substances.

Two: Do you have aerosol fire suppression systems pdf files?

  • The Answer: Yes, we not only have PDF, also have .ppt, .xls, .doc, .dwg and .cdr, .ai files, as your special request.

Three: Can you tell me the aerosol fire suppression cost and price?

  • The Answer: Sorry we can not be able to give you the cost, it is our business secret based on our BOM material list, But what we can give you a definite answer is that our materials are all made of high-quality materials.

Four: Aerosol fire suppression system vs FM200, which is better?

  • The Answer: There is no comparability between them, as FM200 is mainly used for large spaces, while aerosols are more suitable for slightly smaller spaces. To be sure, both of these products are excellent.

Five: What is the composition of aerosol fire suppression?

  • The answer: The specific compositions are the secrets of each manufacturer. What we can tell you is that the ratio of our main oxidant strontium nitrate to potassium nitrate is 50% -70%.

Six: Can aerosol fire extinguisher be installed in lithium-ion battery packs?

  • The answer: It is able to install in lithium battery packs, furthermore, it also can be installed in energy storage systems, battery cruzers and battery containers.

Seven: What type of certificates do you products have?

  • The Answer: At present we have certificates of CE, ROHS, DNVGL, IP67, CSC, and in future we will make more products includes VDS, UL etc.

Eight: What is the shelf life of the product?

  • The answer: Under normal circumstances, his lifespan can reach 10 years.

Nine: How much seconds it works?

  • The Answer: small capcity of aerosol generator works for several seconds, and for large capacity of aerosols works for several tens of seconds, but normally all not over 120 seconds.

Ten: How many models and sizes do you have for your product?

  • The Answer: we have several tens of models and size, and also can offer with labelling service OEM.

Eleven: Can you do private service label service?

  • The Answer: Yes we can do, we normally not have stock, When you place an order, we can customize it for you.

Twelve: Price FOB, EXW or CIF, which one is better for you?

  • The Answer: which one is acceptable, as your request.

Thirteen: I saw similar products in my country and market, how can we win?

  • The Answer: Our product quality is excellent, we have certification support, and we can also provide excellent after-sales service. I believe we can have a large market share in your country.

Fourteen: Are the aerosol fire extinguisher re-chargeable after releasing?

  • The Answer: fter releasing, the metal shell of aerosol generator will change, so the cost of refilling is similar to replacing a new device, so it would be better to replace it with a new one.

Fifteen: Where can it normally be applied?

  • The Answer: It has a very wide range of applications within a space range of less than 2000 cubic meters, such as auto vehicles engine, wind turbine, lithium battery pack and containers, electrical cabinet, cable well, underground pipe gallery etc.

versatile vehicle fire suppression systems in car engine room

Sixteen: Can it be activated automatically and manually?

  • The Answer: Yes, the aerosol device can be activated automatially and manually, by using special design of activation device.

Seventeen: What about the maintenance cost, does it high?

  • The Answer: the maintenance cost of aerosol is almost zero during its lief-span, because after installation, it not requires any yearly maintenance.

Eighteen: Is there any standard for aerosol fire extinguishing systems?

  • The Answer: There are many international and local standard: ISO15779-2011, UL2775, CEN 15276, NFPA2010, GA499.1-2010, KFI etc.

Nineteen: Have aerosol system suppress fire in the real world?

  • The Answer: Yes, our aerosol system have succesfully suppress 3 fires, one in Tarim wind farm in Xinjaing of China, one in electrical cabinet in Southern Power Grid of China, one in Huawei Energy in China.

Twenty: Can aerosol spray be delayed?

  • The Answer: The delayed spraying function is possible as long as it is connected to the fire extinguishing control system or the delay module.

Twenty One: Do you need to ventilate the site in a timely manner after aerosol spraying?

  • The Answer: 20: Sure, Timely ventilation can better protect the site.

Twenty Two: How to store aerosol fire extinguishing systems?

  • The Answer: Generally stored at a room temperature of 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, maintain ventilation and dryness to avoid wind, rain, and sun exposure.

Twenty Three: What if we don’t know how to install it after purchasing?

  • The Answer: It is easy to install and can even be DIY installed. We have installation technical guidance. If you really don’t understand, we can send technicians to help you install, but installation requires a fee.

Twenty Four: Is your product qualified?

  • The Answer: Before leave the factory, all our products have been pass strictly inspection by 3 quality inspection personnels, need to pass multiple inspection processes, so it is qualified.

Twenty Five: How long is the warranty time?

  • The Answer: We follow international common practice for one year, If reasonably requested, it can be extended to 2 years.

Twenty Six: Is the aerosol fire extinguishing system easy to exit?

  • The Answer: Because it is solid, without any pressure, without power and battery, without magnetism, and not a powder or gas.

Twenty Seven: Can we be your distributor for this product?

  • The Answer: Welcome to apply to become our distributor, but there is a prerequisite before becoming a distributor, which is to complete a certain amount of sales tasks before applying for distributor qualification.

Twenty Eight: Can we have a detailed understanding of the types of your products?

  • The Answer: our various products will be published on the aerosol product page, and you can also send us private emails or SNS messages to request more detailed information about these products.



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