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Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

» PRODUCT » Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

  • Gas Turbine Fire Protection Systems

    We provide one-stop aerosol fire suppression solutions for gas turbines.

    It is better to install a suitable fire extinguishing system to secure the gas turbine.

    • Specifications
    • Advantages and Benefits
    • The Applications

    The gas turbine is an internal combustion engine that uses continuously flowing gas as the working fluid to drive the impeller to rotate at high speed, converting the energy of fuel into useful work.

    It is a type of rotating impeller thermal engine.

    Gas turbines are used in many industrial settings, such as ships, power plants, chemical plants, etc.

    A gas turbine has a complex structure and a relatively large volume, and due to its numerous circuits and complex wiring, it is also prone to fire.

    A good fire extinguishing device can protect the safe operation of the entire gas turbine.

    We suggest installing aerosol fire extinguishing devices and supporting fire alarm devices as gas turbine fire protection systems.

    Energy Storage Container Fire Extinguishing Device System

    The aerosol device uses 2500 kilograms of fire extinguishing agent, and the startup mode is a thermosensitive glass bulb with an external power supply.

    Technical Specifications of Gas Turbine Fire Protection Systems

    The technical specifications of the product are as follows:

    • Name of products: Gas Turbine Fire Protection Systems
    • Chemical formula: Aerosol extinguishing compound with strontium nitrate oxidant.
    • ID Number: AW-2500E/ST.
    • Density: 100 grams per cubic meter, See this technical article for the exact calculations
    • Trigger mode: electric activation and thermo bulbs.
    • Protective Room Volume: 25 cubic meters.
    • Electric Resistance: 1.0 to 1.5 Ω.
    • Recommended Power Voltage: 3 to 24 VDC.
    • Ignition current: ≥500 mA.
    • Connector Interface: Aluminium Alloy Aviation Plugs.
    • Duration of aerosol fire suppression: 32 seconds.
    • Full weight: 15 kilograms.
    • Operating Temperature Range: -50℃ to +95℃.
    • Response characteristics: no significant lag.
    • Storage: Cool and dry.
    • Assembling: Bracket and Screws.
    • Shelf life: 10 years.
    • Fire Class: A, B, C, F.
    • Protection Class Range: IP67 with the test report.
    • Transport classification acc. to the ADR/RID, IATA, and IMDG: Class 9.

    Remark: If the storage container exceeds 25 cubic meters, we recommend installing a 3000g aerosol.

    Minisol Aerosol Generator for Lithium Battery Pack

    Advantages and Benefits at a glance are as follows:

    • It is a complete fire suppression system integrating fire detection and fire suppression.
    • It is both a networked system and a stand-alone system, as it can be activated electrically or automatically.
    • There are a variety of models ranging from small 20 grams to large 5700 grams.
    • The system is rich in accessories and easy to install.
    • Wide range of applications, from aerospace to marine vessels.
    • The products can be temperature controlled, with a wide range of temperature control options, and can be specially customized.
    • The products are formulated with the latest aerosol technology and have been tested and certified by internationally renowned organizations.
    • The waterproof and dustproof grade of this product is IP67, which can better isolate the external air improve the storage life of the aerosol fire extinguishing agent, and maintain a product life of more than 10 years.
    • The extinguishing agent is non-conductive, non-corrosive, gas turbine friendly, and will not damage the electrical equipment inside.
    • Both electrical and thermal releases are available.

    This is the world's most popular aerosol fire suppression system, which has a wide range of applications covering a variety of industries.

    Below we list the most basic and popular application areas:

    • Lithium Battery Pack.
    • Energy Storage Container.
    • Energy Storage Cabinet.
    • Electric Forklift.
    • Vehicles and Transportation.
    • Wind Turbines.
    • Machinery Equipment.
    • Banking Equipment.
    • Electrical Cabinet.
    • Agricultural Machinery.
    • Construction Machinery.
    • Electric Power Facility.
    • Cable tunnels and cable shafts.
    Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

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