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  • कार फायर सेफ्टी गार्जियन एक्सपर्ट-एरोसोल

    Model AW-QH-250E&TH is a 250 gram aerosol generator with dual activation, it use thermal cord as automatic fire detection and use electricity as manual operation medium.

    In case of a fire, you can start the fire extinguisher from the cabin by press down a "शुरू" button, In the event of a manual start failure, the thermal sensitive line will assist in restarting the fire extinguishing system, which is a dual guarantee.

    Only electrically activated aerosols can be used for vehicle fire suppression, but there is only one starting method.

    • विशेष विवरण
    • सुविधाएँ और लाभ
    • आवेदन और सावधानियां

    Car is a small vehicle used to load people for travel, and people use it every day when they travel.

    Till 2023, Car ownership in China reached 417 million and in the world reached 3000 million. this is a huge amount of data.

    Accordingly, the more cars there are, the more car fires will occur; according to statistical analysis, every 10000 cars will have fire, the fire accident rate is relatively high.

    From the perspective of travel safety and fire safety, we recommend a car Fire Safety Guardian Expert calledMinisol aerosol”, which is especially for vehicle fire protection.

    We recommend installing it on the car engine and using a combination activation of thermal sensitive wire automatic starting and electrically starting.

    250 grams of aerosol forming agent will be enough for the car engine fire protection.

    Hereby below are its specific parameters and configurations:

    1. प्रोडक्ट का नाम: car fire extinguisher aerosol based.
    2. Model and item: AW-QH-250E&वां.
    3. Operation mode: electrically activated and thermal cord start.
    4. Operation temperature: -20℃ to +108℃.
    5. आयाम: φ127mm, height 148mm.
    6. Cover area: 2.5 एम 3.
    7. समय निर्वहन: within 30 सेकंड.
    8. Fire type: कक्षा, बी, सी, ए, एफ.
    9. Length of electric starting line: 0.5 meters adjustable.
    10. निवेश शक्ति: 3 सेवा मेरे 24 VDC.
    11. Input current: 1 एम्पेयर.
    12. Product resistance: से रेंज 1 सेवा मेरे 2 Ω.
    13. Length of thermal cord line: 0.3 meters adjustable.
    14. Rated temperature of thermal cord: 175℃, and 300℃ available.
    15. Nozzle and quantity: 7 nozzles on the bottom, sealed with aluminum foil paper.
    16. Accessories: screws, 3M glue, L shape bracket and round clamps.
    17. Production process: edge grinding, bending, drying, polishing, slicing etc.
    18. पैकिंग: standard export carton box, blue color 7-layer corrugated cardboard box.
    19. Delivery time: half a month.
    20. Warranty: 24 महीने.

    टिप्पणी: compared with white color non-cylinder fire detection tube, aerosol system is more safe for people, because fire detection tube have 1.0mpa pressure and aerosol fire extinguisher not have any pressure.

    Aerosol can be used for small car fire protection, mainly because it has advantages and features that other similar products do not have:

    • Small enough in size, Because the space of the car engine is very narrow, other products are large in size, while aerosols are small in size, making it easy to install on the engine.
    • The aerosol agent is clean, गैर विषैले और हानिरहित, just like that of HFC-227ea and NOVEC 1230 agent.
    • It will not cause damage to the engine compartment and other mechanical components.
    • It has no residue and does not need to clean the engine after spraying.
    • इसे स्थापित करना आसान है, what you need to do is to put it on the car engine.
    • It has dual start mode and dual guarantee, making people safer and more secure when driving.
    • It is currently the most advanced fire protection technology, capable of instantly spraying and extinguishing fires.
    • International CE certification ensures that the product is safe and safe to use, The CE certification body is the famous Ente Certifficazione Machine Srl.
    • Exquisite production process and strict pre delivery quality inspection ensure that the product is absolutely safe.

    Aerosol fire safety guardian can be applied in various industries, and its application range is very wide.

    The following we list our its specific application areas:

    • Nuclear plant.
    • Electricity authorities.
    • Petrochemical, oil and gas fields.
    • Rolling rock.
    • Paint room.
    • Battery storage room.
    • Telecommunication facilities.
    • The army and military facilities.
    • Computer control room.
    • Engine compartments.
    • Flammable and combustible liquids and gas storage.
    • Health-care center and hospitals.
    • Automobiles vehicles, include the car engines.
    • Grid and power companies.
    • Hotel and hospital facilities.
    • कार्यालय, government and school buildings.
    • Commercial and industrial structures.
    • Nautical use.

    Generally speaking, the fire extinguishing principle of aerosols is "fighting fire with fire",so there are some precautions:

    • Please keep away from personnel when spraying aerosol particles, as inhalation of particles may cause discomfort or fainting.
    • The temperature of the aerosol tank after spraying is very very high, and cannot be touched by hand, otherwise it may be scalded.
    • Ensure that the aerosol is installed without power, otherwise it will start incorrectly.
    • Aerosols are suitable for protecting spaces with a volume of less than 2000 घन मीटर. If the protected space exceeds 2000 घन मीटर, we recommend using other gas fire extinguishing systems.
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