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Description and Features of Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Our aerosol fire suppression systems divided into 4  types: Mini Aerosol Series, Floor Standing Series, Wall-mounted Series and Portable Series.

About Mini Aerosol


Mini Series, Mini series of aerosol can be with five style of activation mode (actuator mode), there are: electrical (electric start) activation mode, thermal cord activation mode, thermo bulb activation mode, electrical plus thermal cord activation mode, electrical plus thermo bulb activation mode.
Firstly, Electrical activation mode mini aerosol, This use a electrical cable as actuator to start the minisol aerosol fire  extinguishing device. power supply from power source could be 3 to 24 VDC or 3 to 240 AC, and could be work with a standalone power supply and temperature detection elements called “Thermal Activation Generator TAG”(Also called Thermal Activation Device TAD).
Secondly, Thermal cord activation mode mini aerosol, this use a  rated temperature of 175℃ or 300℃ thermal cord as actuator to start the minisol aerosol fire suppression device, it is automatic to detect fire and automatic to suppress fire.
Thirdly, Thermo bulb activation mode mini aerosol, this use a rated temperature of 57℃,68℃,79℃ or 93℃ thermo bulb as actuator to start the minisol aerosol generator, it is also automatic to detect fire and automatic to put off fire.
Fourthly, Electrical plus thermal cord activation mode, this is combined electrical activation and thermal cord activation together in the device and have features and functions of both.
Fifthly, Electrical plus thermo bulb activation mode, this is combined electrical activation and thermal cord activation together in the device and also have features and functions of both.

Mini aerosol fire extinguisher is mostly use in Electrical panel, vehicles and wind turbine, so people also will name it “electrical panel fire protection system“, “vehicle fire suppression systems” and “wind turbine fire extinguishing systems“.

About Floor Standing Aerosol

Floor Standing Series, Floor standing Series of aerosol is placed on the floor, it is with cuboid shape cylinder with silver-white or red color painted, with electrical activation  mode and power supply could be 3 to 24 VDC or 3 to 240 AC; it mainly for some medium size or large size of project, such as telecommunication room, computer and data processing room, power distribution and generator room, cable tray and cable well etc.

About Wall-mounted Aerosol

Wall-mounted series, Wall-mounted series of aerosol is an style which is to with cylindrical shape cylinder with red or silver-white color, also with electrical activation mode and power supply could be 3 to 24 VDC or 3 to 240 AC also; it also mainly for some medium size or large size of project, such as telecommunication room, computer and data processing room, power distribution and generator room, cable tray and cable well, storage facilities etc.

About Lithium Battery Pack Aerosol 

Lithium battery pack is a special hazard which is hard to make a fire protection in such as narrow and limited space, so for lithium battery fire protection, we specially developed a new style aerosol for lithium battery energy storage system, we have different model with different capacity, there are range from 7 grams to 60 grams.

This small size product also can be applied in electric motors, electric bike and small electrical cabinet.

About Manual Operation Aerosol 

Manual operation aerosol also named manual throwing aerosol extinguisher, it is generally used by special departments, such as: firefighters, police and people’s army, so we normally not have stock in our workshop, if interest, this product needs to be customized.

About Portable Aerosol

Portable Series, Portable series of aerosol is a new  invention in aerosol fire extinguisher, it is with portable,compact and with small size, it is developed to extinguish small fires in some specific places like offices, government office, family car, hotels, storage facilities etc.

Above aerosol fire suppression system are with strontium nitrate based third-generation aerosol agent, it is clean and green products with the below listing features:
1. Environmentally friendly, which is ODP=0, GWP=0,ALT=0, and no residue after releasing, and it is halon alternative.
2. Non pressurized system, it work without any pressure.
3. Long life span, it is life span can be 10 years more product life.
4. High in fire extinguishing ability, its extinguishing density is 100 to 150 gram per cubic meters.
5. Flexible and smart to install in every industry in many small, medium or large protection room and spaces.
6. Simple system and easy to install, even a unskilled person can do it; and easy removal.
7. Not have damage to or destruction of machines, facilities and equipment by aerosol fire extinguishing agent.
8. Minimal Down times.

Aerosol suppression system have its advantages and features which other gaseous fire suppression systems not have, all over the world many projects become like to search for aerosol system as their first choice suppression systems.
As it mainly could be applied in the following fields, but not limits to:
Industrial, Off-shore, On-shore oil and gas, Government, Power generation, Telecommunications, Mining, Electrical cabinets and racks, Land transport, Marine, Warehouse, Computer Numerical Control  machines, ATM machines, Machinery, Financial institutions, Data centers, Cultural heritage (Archives, Museums), Manufacturing and storage facilities etc.

The aerosol system not only can total flooding the protection hazards, but also can direct-to-source local application in the protection hazards, for example, in a computer room, we could install some large size of aerosol device for total flooding and also can install some smaller size of aerosol device in the electrical cabinets to make local application.

But aerosol system is not suitable for installation in the following locations:
1. Crowded place with a lot of people over there.
2. Metal hydride fires such as potassium hydrogen and sodium hydrogen
3. Fire of chemicals such as nitrocellulose, sodium nitrate etc.
4. Living metal fires such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, zirconium, and uranium etc.

Aerosol fire protection system start from Russia and some Russia company develop the
potassium nitrate based aerosol suppression systems in 20th century, we called it the first generation of aerosol system; and from these period some aerosol fire suppression manufacturer occur, like Firepro, Statx, Dspa, Pyrogen, we called them the second generation of aerosol system manufacturer; and in china we are the earliest company to start to develop condensed aerosol based fire extinguishing system, furthermore, we produce the strontium nitrate based aerosol system, which compared with potassium nitrate is more clean, and more environmentally friendly, we called our aerosol suppression system as the newest third generation of aerosol systems in the world.

Till now, aerosol fire suppression system is very popular all over the world that some international organization have published their standard for it, such as: KIWA, ISO15779, CEN/TR15276-1, NFPA2010 and china GA 499.1-2010 etc, these standards shows aerosol system is recognized and recommended by official authority, and could be apply in everywhere all over the world.

Many projects all over the world will more better choose to use aerosol system, for details we welcome any of you to contact us and discuss details.

Be AWARE of FIRE, Because it can be happened everywhere!

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