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Lítium akkumulátoros aeroszolos tűzoltó rendszer

» TERMÉK » Lítium akkumulátoros aeroszolos tűzoltó rendszer

  • Téglalap alakú EV robogó tűzoltó készülék motorkerékpár lítium akkumulátorhoz

    QRR0.012-XR is a small size and compact aerosol fire extinguisher, Being special designed for narrow space fire protection in the battery pack of EV scooter and motorcycle, It is smaller than a palm and can be installed anywhere.

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    Lithium batteries are widely applied in EV scooters, electric bicycle and motorcycles around the world now, the rapid development of new energy technology makes lithium batteries widely used and promoted, ugyanabban az időben, it also promotes the development of new energy battery fire extinguishing.

    Lithium-ion batteries often get thermal runaway under high temperatures, ezért, how to prevent lithium battery fire is a commonplace topic, it is better to extinguish the lithium battery fire at the initial stage.

    Every year, many people in the world die from lithium battery fires of electric vehicles, ezért, how to reduce the risk of lithium battery is a topic which often discussed by many experts and technicians.

    A rectangular shape and small size aerosol fire extinguisher developed by our company can be installed on the battery pack.

    With the continuous emergence and development of energy storage products, this product will become more and more popular, ugyanabban az időben, the development of power generation, power transmission and power distribution will also drive the sales volume of this product to increase.

    Below are the main parameters and technical data of it:

    • Item number: QRR0.012GW/S-XR
    • Size: 49*32*20 mm.
    • Installation hole spacing: φ4*40 mm.
    • Aerosol agent quality: 12 gramm.
    • Hővezeték hossza: 300 nak nek 1200 mm adjustable.
    • Startup mode: electric and thermal line.
    • Concentration: több mint 60 gramm köbméterenként.
    • Védő hangerő: kevesebb, mint 0.2 m3.
    • Thermal cord rated temperature: 175± 5 ℃.
    • Releasing time: kevesebb, mint 4 másodperc.
    • Ambient temperature: -40 to +95℃.
    • Life span: 10 évek.
    • Pressure switch function: have.
    • Compatibility: Included.
    • Approvals: CE and other professional certificates.

    For installation manual please refer to Installation Manual of Rectanguar aerosol QRR0.012G-XR

    Compare with other aerosol manufacturer in the world, this product is almost the smallest fixed suppression system, as it is dimension is only 49*32*20 mm, much more smaller than a child's palm.

    Továbbá, it has the following many features and characteristics:

    • Easy and Do-it-yourself to install this device.
    • Small size, very compact and light weight.
    • Highly efficient, because its design density is only 60 gramm köbméterenként, small aerosol compound cover larger area.
    • Flexible installation, you can use a small 3m glue to adhere it, even it can be installed by 2 small screws.
    • Automatically, it can automatic to detect fire by thermal cord and can suppress fire quickly.
    • Conform to international standard, such as NFPA 2010, UL 2775, ISO 15276.
    • More Eco-friendly, because it has a chemical of Potassium Nitrate, which is a clean chemical.
    • Most important, it leave no residue and other bad chemical to damage the parts of small vehicles.

    This little guy is usually installed in a narrow space, and it is a closed space, mint például:

    • EV Scooter.
    • Electric motorcycles.
    • Meter box.
    • Small electrical cabinet.
    • Small size control box.
    • Lithium-ion battery pack.
    • Switchboard box.
    • Strong current box and weak current box.
    • Safe box.
    • Computer machine box.
    • Middle Electric bike.
    • Middle Motor.
    • Electric Bicycle.

    It is a rectangular shape fire extinguisher, if you not like its shape, then we can recommend a round shape fire extinguisher, which is the same capacity, but it is round only.

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    Lítium akkumulátoros aeroszolos tűzoltó rendszer

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