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Installation and Design of Fire Protection System in Generator Room

November 27, 2023

The installation and design of the fire protection system in the generator room play a crucial role in electricity. Today, we will describe a simple solution for fire protection in the generator room


With the development of society, there are more and more types of electrical equipment nowadays, When the municipal power grid cannot provide independent power, diesel generators, as an efficient and practical temporary power source, play a crucial role in improving the reliability of electricity consumption.

Generators are widely used as backup and supplementary power sources in people’s production and daily life.

The generator has the following main features:

  • The principle is simple: The working principle of the generator is based on the law of electromagnetic induction, which generates induced electromotive force through the interaction between the magnetic field and the coil, thereby achieving the conversion of electrical energy.
  • Efficient and reliable: Generators have the characteristic of efficient energy conversion, which can efficiently convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. At the same time, the structural design of the generator is reasonable, the operation is stable and reliable, and it can stably output electrical energy for a long time.
  • Strong regulation performance: The generator has certain regulation performance and can adjust the output voltage and current according to the load requirements. In general, the generator is equipped with a governor or voltage regulator to achieve a stable output of electrical energy by adjusting the speed or magnetic flux.
  • Multiple types: Generators can be divided into DC generators and AC generators based on their working principles and structural forms. Among them, DC generators have a simple structure, good regulation performance, and are suitable for small power and precision equipment; The AC generator is suitable for high-power power supply and long-distance transmission.
  • Multiple energy drives: Generators can be driven based on different energy sources, including oil-fired generators, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, solar generators, etc. This diversity enables generators to adapt to different scenarios and demands, providing reliable solutions for power supply in various fields.
  • High degree of automation: With the development of technology, modern generators have automated control systems that can achieve remote monitoring and automatic regulation. This highly automated feature makes the operation of the generator more convenient and efficient, reducing the need for manual operation.
  • Multiple application areas: Generators are widely used in various fields, such as power industry, construction sites, transportation, agricultural production, etc. Whether used for backup power supply, emergency power supply, or conventional power supply, generators can meet various needs.

These characteristics make generators play an important role in modern society, providing stable and reliable power supply for various industries.

A generator room is a house that houses generators or oil storage equipment, it is generally a relatively small enclosed space, where is the generator set equipped with diesel as the main fuel.

The generator room consists of generator sets, oil storage equipment, cables, control panels, distribution boards, exhaust ducts, smoke exhaust ducts, batteries, sound insulation equipment, etc.

The generator room plays a very important role in daily life, especially for indoor generators in high-rise buildings, engineering, and hotels.


For the generator room, there are mainly generator sets, electrical equipment, and public oil supply facilities in the room, the following types of fires may occur:

  • Liquid fires and fires involving melting solid materials, Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, crude oil, methanol, and ethanol.
  • Gas fires, such as gas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, and hydrogen.
  • Electrical fires are fires caused by charged objects and precision instruments.

Oil leakage, mechanical overheating, and short circuits in equipment circuits can all cause fire accidents in the generator room.

For generator rooms, which are relatively enclosed and narrow spaces with a large number of electrical equipment and storage of oil-burning objects, it is easy to catch fire.

The generator room can choose an inert gas fire protection system, chemical gas fire extinguishing system, and aerosol fire extinguishing system, and the aerosol arc extinguishing system is relatively simple in the structure.

Typical installation case of Special hazard fire protection


Basic system requirements:

  • Fire detectors and control devices are required.
  • The fire extinguishing system should have two or more control modes, automatic control and manual control.
  • Fire extinguishing agents should not cause damage to electronic equipment in the generator room.
  • The system should operate stably and reliably, and be able to automatically extinguish early fires.

Simple components required for system composition:

Please request the overall construction plan from our sales personnel.

The expected fire extinguisher model to be used is AW-QH-3000E.


The water system is most commonly used in the field of fire protection, but there are many of electrical equipment in the generator room, and it is not suitable to use water to extinguish the fire. Gas fire extinguishing systems are possible, and aerosol fire extinguishing systems also belong to the gas fire extinguishing category, so they can be used in generator rooms.

Our company’s aerosols have been extensively installed in generator rooms both domestically and internationally, mostly used in high-rise buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

Consult us promptly for specific installation performance, installation pictures, and plans.



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