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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

Lithium Fire Extinguisher

The aerosol-type lithium battery fire extinguisher is a customized small space fire extinguishing tool specifically designed to extinguish fires in lithium battery boxes.

Lithium battery fires are currently the most difficult type of fire to extinguish in the world, and our fire extinguisher is one of the excellent solutions.

  • Specifications
  • Benefits and Features
  • Main Application Fields

The lithium industry has become popular all over the world, and almost every corner of the world is using lithium-related products, Accordingly, the development of the lithium industry has led to increased awareness of the fire protection of lithium products, and many people are beginning to realize the importance of a good lithium fire extinguisher.

Take the lithium battery pack as an example, a compact household lithium battery pack requires a tiny lithium fire extinguisher to implement the protective measures.

12 grams square shape Lithium Fire Extinguisher

The basic requirements for lithium fire extinguishers for lithium battery packs are:

  • Compact size enables installation in confined energy storage spaces.
  • High-quality extinguishing agent and high fire-extinguishing efficiency.
  • The fire extinguishing agent has no pressure and good safety performance, with excellent environmental performance.
  • The product can automatically start when a fire is detected without human intervention.
  • There is no secondary damage to lithium batteries.

The aerosol fire extinguisher based on aerosol fire extinguishing technology, as the latest fire protection product, fully meets the requirements listed above and is the most suitable fire extinguishing product for lithium batteries.

The following are the specific technical parameters of the classic model:

  • Product Name: Lithium-ion fire extinguisher.
  • Part Number: QRR0.012G/S/SA-F.
  • Local Standard: GA499.1-2010.
  • International Standard: UL2775, ISO15779, NFPA2010.
  • The Length, width, and height: 68*85*20mm.
  • Installation mode: screw installation and double-sided adhesive installation.
  • Screw installation hole spacing: φ4.5*85*30mm, Details refer to the design drawings.
  • Fire extinguishing powder type: Aerosol chemical strontium and potassium salt based.
  • Design density of the fire aerosol extinguishing agent: less than 100 grams per cubic meter.
  • Basic Protection Volume: 0.1 to 0.12 cubic meters.
  • Thermal start elements: Thermal cord with a rated temperature of 175℃.
  • Length of ignitor wire: 0.3 to 1 meter adjustable.
  • The release time of the aerosol compound: is less than 5 seconds.
  • Room Temperature: -50℃ to +95℃.
  • Life span: 10 years.
  • Compatibility:  Compatible with other electrical and live facilities.
  • Main features: environmental protection, automation, unmanned, 24-hour protection.

Our lithium battery fire extinguishers come in many shapes, among which circular lithium battery fire extinguishers are the most popular style.

Lithium-ion battery aerosols are produced according to the latest American standard for energy storage fire protection “NFPA855 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems“.

This product can be customized if you have special needs.

The extinguishing agent and shell of this lithium-ion fire extinguisher are pressed using special molds, and it has the following features and benefits:

  • For better installation, the product has been made flat, which can better adapt to the installation environment of the lithium battery compartment and facilitate better installation.
  • The extinguishing material is a highly concentrated aerosol chemical mixture, with extremely high extinguishing efficiency, ensuring maximum and rapid extinguishing the fires in lithium batteries.
  • The product is fully functional, equipped with automatic start, electric start, and signal feedback functions, and can be compatible with other related electrical supporting equipment.
  • The installation method is very simple, usually using 3M double-sided adhesive for installation; In special circumstances, it can also be fixed and installed with two small screws.
  • Widely applicable, it can be installed not only in the field of new energy but also in other fields such as electricity and transportation.
  • We can make various sizes according to the order quantity to meet the installation needs of different protective spaces.

This product is mainly used in relatively small areas.

A 12g fire extinguishing agent can be installed in enclosed spaces with a volume of less than or equal to 0.12 cubic meters. The following are its main application areas:

  • Electric meter box.
  • Household weak current box.
  • Electric bicycle battery compartment.
  • Lithium battery pack.
  • Energy storage container system.
  • Small electrical control panel.
  • Sodium and lead batteries.
  • Small switchboard.
  • Small communication chassis.
  • Computer host chassis.
  • Charging pile.
  • Switching cabinet.
  • Express locker.

Its most classic application scenario is the household energy storage lithium battery box.

Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

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