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Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

» PRODUCT » Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

  • Machinery and Vehicles Fire Protection System-Aerosol Extinguishing Units

    Dual activation of aerosol fire extinguishing unit, is a clean and environmentally friendly product, cause little damage to the machinery structure and vehicle engine compartment.

    It is really a perfect solution, many experts and installers in the fire protection industry like this product very much, we need to promote it widely across many industries and applications.

    • Specifications
    • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
    • Main Application

    The machinery and vehicles are enclosed volumes, if there is a fire, the first thing we should consider is to use clean extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire; foam and dry chemical extinguishing agent is too much dirty after releasing, carbon dioxide suppression system and other gas fire suppression system have pipe-network and have pressure, water and water-mist extinguishing agent will damage the machinery and vehicles equipment, So excluding these, aerosol extinguishing units are indeed the ideal choice for machinery equipment and various vehicles.

    Aerosol fire extinguishing agent is residue free, pipe network free and machine friendly, so aerosol is the guardian spirit of mechanical equipment and vehicles.

    Machinery including: computer numerical control machines, ATM machines, Agricultural machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, packing machinery, environmental protection machinery.

    Vehicles including: small car, bus, truck, coach, special purpose vehicle, military vehicles, tanks, ambulance, fire truck, sea vessel, yacht, airplane, electric motors.

    The internal structures of all these mechanical equipment and vehicles are very complex, so the requirements for installing fire extinguishing products are relatively high, the research shows that aerosol fire extinguishing system is the best overall solution.

    Below we specially recommend and our dual activation aerosol extinguishing units, its main data sheet and parameters as following:

    • Product name: Aerosol fire extinguishing system.
    • Start mode: Dual activation, electricity and mechanical activation with thermal line.
    • Chemical compound: aerosol agent with main oxidant of potassium and strontium nitrate.
    • Input power: 3 to 24 volt DC, 3 to 220 volt AC.
    • Thermal sensing rated temperature: 175℃ or 300℃.
    • Activation terminal: 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
    • Aerosol body cylinder: 304 stainless tube.
    • Cooling material: Ceramic Particles.
    • Cable: fire resistance rating 2 cores or 4 cores.
    • Spacer material: metal mesh.
    • Thermal insulation material: Top A grade rock wool.
    • Sealing materials: aluminum foil.
    • Ignition: electric head and thermal cord.
    • Product suppression time: 0 to 60 seconds depending on different model.
    • Model and code: 10 gram to 5700 gram, more than 10 models.
    • Extinguishing efficiency: 0 to 57 m³.
    • Product life: 15 years, at least 10 years.

    Dual activation of this products including two combinations, one is electricity activation with thermal cord, another is electricity with glass thermo bulbs.

    No matter which combinations, they have the following benefits, features and characteristics:

    • Non-oxygen depleting, and its green-house effect is nil.
    • HFC-free.
    • CFC-free.
    • Cause little damage to machinery and vehicles engine.
    • It is safe and healthy for human occupants and environment.
    • Long life span, reach 15 years.
    • Halon-alternative.
    • International certificates and approvals to support.
    • It could be used in a large number of industries and applications.
    • Its operation, installation and maintenance do not require pipe network system.
    • It is small in size, and can be easily installed with tools such as wrench and electric drill.
    • Compared with other fire extinguishing systems, its safety level is very high, because it is stored under zero pressure.
    • Moreover, its fire extinguishing efficiency is very high, its design concentration can reach 100g/m3.

    Research and practice show that its application scope is very wide, it can be installed in a large number of enclosed and semi-enclosed space, and even the open space, so its fire protective effect can involve many industries and equipment, hereby below we count out some of them:

    • Cable tunnel.
    • Studios.
    • Process equipment.
    • Automotive engine cell.
    • Modular data center.
    • Machinery room.
    • Rare book storage.
    • Control rooms.
    • Switch rooms.
    • Telecommunications hardware.
    • Li-ion battery storage.
    • Railway signal center.
    • Heritage sites.
    • Medical and laboratory equipment.
    • Petrochemical plant.
    • Power generation room and diesel generators.
    • Natural gas generators.
    • Steam turbines.
    • Transformers and substation.
    • HVO/LPG generators.
    • Healthcare facilities.
    • Marine vessel.
    • Nuclear facilities.
    • Oil and gas facilities.
    • Record storage.
    • Waste facilities.
    • Recycling facilities and its equipment.
    • Wind power generation.
    • Aircraft hangars.

    For more application and industries, please email or call our sales representative or sales manager, we will response your inquiries and questions in time.

    Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

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