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New energy wind turbine automatic aerosol suppression solution

April 20, 2020

An aerosol suppression system is a good solution for wind turbines in the new energy industry, many countries have applied this fire suppression technology in the wind power industry, and the aerosol technology is very mature now.


Modern wind turbines originated in Denmark in the late 19th century, the Danes first invented the first wind turbine, and the United States designed and manufactured a 1250kw wind turbine in 1941.

At present the famous wind power producers are Vestas in Denmark, Gamesa in Spain, GE Wind in the USA, Suzlon in India, and Gnercon in Germany. In the wind industry, wind turbines are becoming larger and larger, and the unit capacity of wind turbines is continuously increasing, gradually becoming the most mature and large-scale technology among renewable energy in the world.

According to estimates, globally available wind energy resources are 20 billion kilowatts, about 10 times more than the available water resources.

With the exhaustion of traditional non-renewable energy and the development of the international new energy industry, the use of new energy is becoming the trend, wind power has become the most complete technology.

In recent years, more and more fires have occurred on wind power, and the safe operation of wind power systems is increasingly valued by the government and by the wind power regulatory department.

Fire will not only cause devastating damage to the wind power systems but also may cause environmental damage and personnel death and then bring greater social risk, So protecting the wind turbines and reducing damage is one of the necessary work for supporting and protecting the development of wind power industry.


The main causes of the wind turbine fire are as below:

  • Thunderbolt lighting causes fire.
  • Wheel oil leakage and transformer leakage.
  • Electrical short circuit.
  • Overheating of the braking system and aging or failure of electrical components.


Fire risks in the location of wind turbine cabin and analysis

Risk parts: Lubrication and cooling system, gearwheel box, brake systems, transmission cable, cabin base, control cabinet, grid cabinet, Converter cabinet.

The causes of fire in this location possibly are high-temperature operation, poor ventilation, Bad quality of electrical components, overheating or aging of the components, wheel oil leakage, brake adjustment, or bad weather.

Fire risks in the location of the blade and wheel hub

Risk parts: blade, Hub lubrication system, pitch motor and its control system, battery cabinet, and Capacitor cabinet.

The causes of fire in this location possibly are: the blade was struck by thunderbolt lightning, Pitch motor overload operation, bad quality of pitch control system components, aging of electric components, capacitor short circuit, and so on.

Fire risks in the location of the wind turbine tower base and tower cylinder

Risk parts: transmission control cable, Frequency conversion cabinet, tower base control cabinet.

The causes of fire in this location possibly are the control cabinet space being small, poor ventilation, overheating and aging of electrical cabinet, poor cable performance, etc.


  • How to discover early fire, because wind power facilities are normally in remote regions, so the fire extinguishing systems need to have superior sensitive detection and prediction functions.
  • How to control the fire in time and effectively, most fire flames in wind power spread quickly, and need to automatically extinguish and suppress fire in unguarded conditions.
  • How to prevent fires fundamentally, it’s required that the fire should be extinguished in the shortest time and in the nearest distance, to suppress the fire at its early stage.
  • How to maximize the fire extinguishing system to adapt to the surrounding environment, The wind power operation environment is complex, the fire extinguishing system is required to have good shock-resistance, anti-magnetic, and moisture-proof functions.
  • How to extinguish the fire most economically, when we choose fire extinguishing systems, we must achieve the best fire extinguishing effect at the lowest cost.


  • The fire extinguishing systems should be as small as possible, and better space-saving, should be easy to install and maintain, and should be able to work without an outer power supply.
  • Should be able to discover fire at the earliest stage in time, send out fire alarms in time, and suppress fire in time.
  • In a static environment, it should be anti-shock, windproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-magnetic, anti-smoke, etc.
  • In the absence of guards, should be able to provide continuous monitoring and protection within 24 hours per day.
  • It is recommended that the cost should be economic.
  • Should be able to prevent re-ignition effectively.


  • For wind turbine cabin and tower cylinders, we suggest setting two separate protection areas, using larger aerosol extinguishing devices for total flooding with functions of automatic, manual, and mechanical, and also working with fire alarm systems and their accessories.
  • For electrical cabinets and their control panels, we suggest using smaller aerosol fire suppression devices set inside them as a local application, it is a direct-to-source solution, with automatic fire detection and fire suppression function.


Part one: Solution for wind turbine cabin

wind turbine cabin needs to be protected by a total flooding solution, on the top ceiling of the cabin we installed the THERMAL ACTIVATION DEVICE with a rated temperature of 93℃, together with a heat detector and smoke detector, they a fire detection elements in the cabin, and in a suitable locations also install a fire extinguishing total control device, better inside cabin or in the bottom of tower; in a suitable locations inside the cabin install aerosol fire extinguishing device with larger capacity.

When a thermal activation device, heat detector, or smoke detector detects a fire, it sends a composite signal to the fire extinguishing total control device, the total control device sends out a normal-open signal, and then the control room can display fire alarm information in the computer, at this time it can be manual intervention when the fire alarm touches its highest level, the fire extinguishing control device can start-up the aerosol fire extinguishing device automatically. When people find fire occurs directly by eye-sight, he/she can stop the wind turbine manually, when cabin room temperature arrives at 93℃, the thermal activation device begins to work, and the aerosol extinguishing device begins to work and suppress the fire rapidly, after aerosol discharging the wind turbine can work as normal.

Part two: Solution for the electrical cabinet of wind turbine cabin and tower base

In every electrical cabinet, we install one thermal activation device and aerosol device with electrical activation and thermal cord activation; when the temperature in the cabinet rises to a rated temperature of 93℃, the aerosol device will be started by the thermal activation device; and when in the cabinet there is fire flame and ignite the thermal cord, the thermal cord will also start-up the aerosol device automatically and suppress fire quickly.

When aerosol is released it will cover all the cabinet space, so the fire will be suppressed rapidly, after aerosol extinguishing the wind turbine will work as normal.


After we describe our solution you will ask why aerosol can be able to apply in wind turbines, it is decided by its characteristics and features.

Aerosol extinguishing devices have characteristics and features:

  • Fast response.
  • Reliable start-up.
  • High in fire extinguishing efficiency, more than 4 times than that of halon 1301, and more than 8 times than that of other halon-alternative products.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Non-piping and not having a pressurized cylinder to work, and space-saving.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-conductive, does not have residue after discharging, does not do damage to precision instruments and electrical equipment, does not have a bad effect on the human body, Ozone Layer Depleting Potential is zero, Global Warming Potential is zero, and ALT is low.
  • Automatic work and no need for any outer power supply.
  • The system can be applied in bad weather, it is moisture-proof, dust-proof, temperature resistance, corrosion-resistance, and anti-static.

One big wind turbine equipment costs millions of dollars, this precious equipment once a fire is knocked down, with the development of fire technology, aerosol suppression device, and its relative accessories will help stop a fire occurring in the wind turbine.

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