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Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

» PRODUCT » Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

  • New Sensitive Thermal Activation Generator

    newly designed, simple, and highly sensitive thermal activation device.

    Supply to the power industry, wind power industry and new energy generation industry.

    • Specifications
    • Key Advantages
    • Fields of Application

    Thermal Activation Generator, also known as Thermomagnetic Power Generator or Thermomagnetic Generator, is a simple device that uses mechanical principles and magnetic fields to generate electrical energy.

    The working principle of the temperature-sensitive magnetic power generation module is to use the magnetic material to produce changes in the magnetic field under the action of mechanical movement.

    In a circuit connected to the magnetic material through wires or electrodes, the changing magnetic field generates an induced current, which results in the conversion of electrical energy.

    The temperature-sensitive magnetic power generation module is used in a wide range of application scenarios, including unsupervised base stations, wind turbine nacelles, and energy storage stations.

    And other places where there is no external power supply or where access to power is difficult, its purpose is to activate small-scale automatic fire extinguishing systems, such as suspended dry powder extinguishers and hot aerosol fire extinguishers.

    Our company has developed a more portable thermal activation generator, which is smaller in size and produces more current than the old one.

    New Sensitive Thermal Activation Generator

    The Specific Parameters of The Thermal Activation Generator

    Its specific parameters are as follows:

    • Model: AW-TAD
    • Dimension: 81*64*90 mm.
    • Activation Temperature: 45℃, 70℃, 93℃, 110℃.
    • Output Current:≥ 2A.
    • Duration Time: ≥ 3 mS.
    • Temperature-sensitive component material: fusible metal.
    • Operating Temperature Range: From -60℃ to +95℃.
    • Gross Weight: 200 grams.
    • Safety Pin Setting: Turn left means “closed”, and turn right means “Open”.
    • Product line length: 0.1 meter adjustable.
    • Mounting: screw-fixed mounting.
    • Housing Colour: Red.
    • Housing Material: High-temperature-resistant ABS material.
    • Explosion-proof grade: Explosion-proof grade.
    • Lifetime: 10 Years.

    This product is small in size but fully functional, and its main components contain:

    • 1. Shell.
    • 2. Safety components.
    • 3. Temperature sensing metal.
    • 4. striking rod.
    • 5. mounting bracket.
    • 6. copper coil.
    • 7. magnet.

    Together with a fire extinguisher, the thermoelectric sensors form a simple stand-alone fire extinguishing system that is not only convenient but also practical.

    This combination of fire suppression systems is currently used in a wide range of power systems and new energy generation systems.

    Download the PDF file, please go to pages of the Operating Manual of Thermal Activation Generator.

    Thermomagnetic Power Generator

    This product is a precision power generator and starter, which has the following characteristics:

    • The product is made of a high-strength plastic shell, strong and durable.
    • This device can generate power independently, without an external power supply, and human operation.
    • The temperature-sensing probe is very sensitive and can sense different. temperature ranges.
    • It has its maintenance switch and maintenance safety guarantee.
    • Various start-up temperatures are available.
    • It has an activation feedback output and communicates with the fire controller and other communication devices.
    • Shock-resistant, it can withstand 5 g acceleration.
    • It is very compatible with fire extinguishing devices and can instantly activate the extinguisher after generating an electric current.

    Thermal activation generators are used in a wide range of applications, especially with the development of new energy sources, Thermal activation generators are increasingly being used in the field of power generation, wind power, and energy storage.

    Some of the applications are listed below:

    • Energy Storage Container.
    • Lithium Battery Cabinet.
    • Wind turbine nacellese.
    • Electrical Cabinet in Wind turbine Nacelle.
    • Power distribution cabinet.
    • Diesel generator room.
    • Small power generator and distribution room.
    • Strong and weak cabinets.
    • Outdoor switchgear cabinet.
    Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

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