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One article to know about China strontium aerosol fire suppression system

July 3, 2020

“How the aerosol fire extinguisher works?”, “What is the principle of aerosol generator?”, “Where does aerosol fire extinguishing systems can be applied?”, “What is the disadvantages of aerosol suppression device?”, “Are aerosol fire grenade effective?”, People are always ask about those similar questions.

When we talk about aerosol fire suppression systems, many people are remember of Firepro, Statx, DSPA and Pyrogen, but actually there is another china style aerosol fire suppression system, which is with main oxidation chemical of Strontium Nitrate Compound (S type), in which Firepro’s are with main oxidation chemical of Potassium Nitrate compound( K type), the main oxidant chemical is the main difference between china aerosol and Firepro, Statx, DSPA and Pyrogen’s, so this article is to describe of China style of strontium nitrate compound of aerosol fire extinguishing system, to let you have a basic concept of china aerosol.


Aerosol is a clean agent which in China is strontium nitrate based, we called it “S Type”, and in Europe and America manufacturers is potassium nitrate based, we called it “K Type”, please see another of our article “differences of K type and S type aerosol compound” and “what is new S type aerosol fire extinguishing device” to know more about the concept of S type aerosol and their differences.
S type aerosol is China style aerosol, in which compared with k type aerosol, S type aerosol is more clean and cause less residue after releasing, also do less corrosion and less damage to the protected objects, but for fire extinguishing ability the China S type aerosol is a bit lower than K type aerosol, where S type is 100 grams per cubic meter, but K type is about 50 to 70 grams per cubic meter, at most 100 grams.


Aerosol suppression system is to suppress fire by removing fire flame free radicals and suppress fire without depleting oxygen.

Aerosol suppression agent is to suppress fire predominantly by inhibiting the chain chemical reactions present in combustion on a molecular level.

Aerosol suppression agent removes the flame free radicals and extinguishes fire without depleting oxygen. Normally in a typical fire, atoms and fragments of unstable free radicals react between them in the presence of oxygen. This continues until the burning fuel is depleted or the fire is suppressed by other means.

On activation of the S type Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing Device and its solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding condensed aerosol consisting mainly of Strontium Nitrate salt-based and Potassium Nitrate Salt-based SrCO3, H2O, N2 and CO2.

The gaseous type 3D properties of the condensed aerosol particles facilitate their even and fast distribution as well as their flow into the natural convection currents of combustion.

The solid particles of Strontium Nitrate salts and Potassium Nitrate salts, a few microns in size are suspended in an inert gas, and display an extremely high surface to reaction mass ratio that increases efficiency thus reducing the quantity of material required.

Once the condensed aerosol reaches and reacts with the flame, The Strontium Nitrate radicals Sr* and Potassium radicals K* are formed mainly from the disassociation of SrCO3 and a little K2CO3.

The S*s and K*s bind to other flame free radicals (OH-) forming stable products such as Sr(OH)2 KOH etc. This action extinguishes fire without depleting or absorbing the ambient oxygen content. Sr(OH)2 and KOH reacts further in the presence of CO2 and forms SrCO3 and a little of K2CO3.

please see below a simple photo to more understand.


China aerosol fire suppression system is calculated by Chinese Standard GA499.1-2010, which the china standard is similar with NFPA2010, UL2775, ISO15276, but China aerosol have its own calculation formula.

The calculation formula are as below:
Hereby M is aerosol quality in kg, Da is design application density in kg.
And in design it is normally use design density of 100 gram cover per 1 cubic meter, for example, a 100 gram of china strontium nitrate aerosol compound cover 1 cubic meter space, 250 gram cover 2.5 cubic meter, and so on.

The aerosol agent and its components are together gathered into a 304 stainless steel or red painted steel cylinder, the cylinder is set with extinguishing nozzles for let aerosol discharging out when it works, also in installation is use installation brackets and screws, or mount by magnetic and 3M brand of glue.


Firstly china S type aerosol and other Europe suppliers’ K type aerosol have the following advantages:

  • It is non-toxic.
  • It is have little residue after extinguishing.
  • It is non conductive.
  • It is Zero in Global Warming Potential, Zero in Ozone-layer Depletion Potential, Low in Atmospheric altitudes , and so it is environmentally friendly.
  • It works with non-pressurized cylinders, not have pressure to work.
  • It is compact and light weight.
  • It is easy to install, and easy to do system debugging and installation, it is easy to do maintenance, and no need yearly of inspection.
  • Fast rapid to suppress fire.
  • It is with 10 years life span.

Secondly compare with k type aerosol, China S type aerosol have the following advantages:

  • Have less residue after extinguishing.
  • Have less conductive to protected objects.
  • More environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, compare with K type aerosol, China S type aerosol have the following disadvantages:

  • Design density is a bit low then k type. S type in concentration in design is 100 to 140 gram per cubic meter, and k type is about 50 to 100 gram per cubic meter.
  • In production more complex than K type and production cost a bit high.
  • In some places it not be able to use in places of:
  • Chemicals that can oxidize quickly without air (nitrocellulose, gunpowder etc) and chemical substances that can decompose on their own (hydrazine, some certain metal peroxides etc).
  • Lively metal (potassium, sodium etc), Metal hydride (potassium hydride, Sodium hydride etc), Strong Oxidants (Nitric Oxidant, fluorine etc), and spontaneously combustible substance (phosphorus etc).
  • Deep fire of Combustible solid matter.


Even though the production cost is a bit higher than k type, but we our china aerosol is much more cheaper than that of other k type (potassium nitrate based), china aerosol type is almost 50% to 80% price than that of K type, because china aerosol at present not have so many international certificates to support, and so china aerosol is with low profit than that of those K types in Europe and Americas.

So if you want a aerosol which need many certificates to support, then turn to ask those Europe manufacturers for price, but if you are not very care about certificates but want a better price, then turn to ask our china aerosol for inquiries, we would be happy to response you a better price, but you should tell how many quantity needs, or just tell me to help design aerosol for you.


We know that FM-200 gas suppression system is the world’s most famous fire suppression system, some people want to compare aerosol with FM-200, now hereby we helps to compare with you, their differences are below:

  • Aerosol agent is normally solid compound and HFC-227ea agent is liquid when store in cylinder.
    2. Aerosol is without pressure and no need pressurized cylinder to load, and HFC-227ea is have pressure need pressurized cylinder to load.
  • Aerosol is non toxic but HFC-227ea will have a little toxicity.
  • Aerosol start-up have 4 ways of electrical activation, thermal cord, glass bulb, liner heat detector activation; FM-200 device is with Nitrogen gas or Electronic start-up.
  • Aerosol device is work without pipeline, but normally FM-200 system need piping, special steel cylinder, pressure cylinder and valves to work.
  • Aerosol device not have problem of leakage, but FM-200 may have problem of leakage.
  • Aerosol device is easy to install, low cost in maintenance, instead FM-200 system maybe more complex.
  • ALT value of aerosol is zero and Global Warming Potential value of aerosol is zero, but ALT value of FM-200 is 31 years and Global Warming Potential value of FM-200 is 2050.

Their commons points are below:

  • Low in Ozone layer Depletion Potential value.
  • Both fire extinguishing ability and fire extinguishing speed are high and fast.
  • Both belongs to gas suppression system.


Just the same with K type aerosol, china S type aerosol is widely apply in the following fields:

  • Telecommunication Facilities.
  • Computer Rooms.
  • Server Room.
  • UPS Rooms.
  • Control Rooms.
  • The generator.
  • Power distribution rooms.
  • Control Rooms.
  • Museums.
  • Historical Archive Storage.
  • Art Galleries.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities.
  • Record Storage Facilities.
  • Computer Numerical Control Machining Tool.
  • ATM machines.
  • Transport and automobiles.
  • Battery energy storage rooms.
  • Engine Closures and many other specific application fields.

Above is a main description of China aerosol fire suppression system for those people who still not know about China strontium nitrate based aerosol fire extinguisher, and after a view of this article we think you will have a more better idea on China styles.

Its strontium nitrate based and potassium nitrate based.
In terms of composition ratio, the strontium nitrate take about 40% to 50%, and potassium nitrate take about 8% to 20%.

The mainly chemical content is strontium nitrate, so we normally called it ” S type strontium nitrate aerosol“.


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