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Overview and solutions for fire protection in computer rooms

November 20, 2023

A Computer room refers to a room or place dedicated to storing computer equipment and performing computer operations, management, and maintenance.

Definition of Computer Room

For over a hundred years, the application of computer technology has involved various high-tech fields, no matter what type of high-tech equipment it is, there are computers inside the machine. therefore, a computer room refers to a room or place dedicated to storing computer equipment and performing computer operations, management, and maintenance.

Government, finance, healthcare, education, transportation, electricity, military, and other industries are planning, constructing, and renovating their computer rooms

The data in the computer room is various civil, government, and commercial data, which is very important, So the protection of computer rooms, especially fire protection, is particularly important.

China strontium nitrate ground floor aerosol fire suppression system with red color

Classification of Computer Rooms

There are many types of computer rooms, generally classified by industry:

  • 1. The microwave room of the broadcasting and television transmission tower, Including the mibo machine room, power transformation and distribution room, and uninterruptible power supply room.
  • 2. The switching room, data room, base station room, optical transmission room, monitoring room, and distribution room of a telecommunications operation company.
  • 3. Computer rooms for national artificial satellites and aerospace facilities.
  • 4. Communication, data room, and control room, power room in the Power Dispatch Command Centre.
  • 5. Communications, data, and power distribution rooms for the army.
  • 6. Railway communication, power distribution, and data room.
  • 7. Medical facility computer room.
  • 8. Government agency computer room.
  • 9. Educational institution computer room.

The functions of the computer room

The computer room is used to store computer equipment and mainly has the following functions:

  • The computer room provides a secure environment and appropriate equipment for storing hardware equipment such as computer servers, hosts, and network devices.
  • The computer room provides necessary power and network resources for starting, running, and managing computer systems, including operating systems, software programs, and databases.
  • The computer room can provide data storage equipment and backup services to ensure the security and reliability of data.
  • The computer room provides network connections and communication equipment, enabling computer devices to communicate with each other and access external networks, meeting the needs for information sharing and transmission.

Design and Requirements for Computer Rooms

The design and requirements of the computer room need to consider the following aspects of space and layout:

  • The computer room should have sufficient space to accommodate computer equipment and related supporting facilities, and be reasonably arranged to ensure the normal operation of equipment and the passage of personnel.
  • Environmental control: The computer room needs to provide appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions to meet the working requirements of computer equipment and prevent overheating and damage.
  • Power supply: The computer room requires a stable and reliable power supply, including backup power and overload protection equipment, to ensure the normal operation of computer equipment.
  • Protective security: The computer room needs to take appropriate security measures, including access control systems, video surveillance, fire prevention measures, and data security protection, to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and data leakage.

Fire in the Computer Room

There are many electrical equipment and circuits in the computer room, which are prone to fire during long-term operation, After investigation by professional institutions into fire accidents, they found that the main causes of fires in computer rooms are as follows:

  • A fire is caused by combustible materials such as wood, plywood, and plastic in the room.
  • The ventilation duct of the air conditioning system caught fire due to heating.
  • The lack of fire separation in cable shafts, cable ducts, etc. leads to the introduction of external fires or the spread of internal fires.
  • The aging, loosening, or open circuit of the wiring in the computer room can cause fires.
  • The fire was caused by static electricity generated by staff in the computer room.
  • The fire was caused by mechanical failure of computer equipment.
  • Fire is caused by interference from other human factors.

In short, there are many possibilities of fires caused by computer rooms. The damage caused by a fire in a computer room is devastating, and the worst scenario is that almost all computer equipment will be burned down, the calculation data will disappear completely, and there will be injuries and deaths to personnel.

Computer Room Fire Solution

Basic Requirements for Fire Solutions

Because computer equipment is precision instruments and data equipment, while preventing fires, we need to pay attention to the following items:

  • Fire extinguishing media should not cause damage to electronic equipment.
  • It is best to have no residue in the extinguishing medium, and if there is residue, it should also be non-corrosive.
  • Require reliable quality and performance of the alarm system in the computer room.
  • Adequate design of fire extinguishing agents to ensure sufficient fire extinguishing time.

From the above system requirements, it can be concluded that using an aerosol fire extinguishing system and supporting an alarm system is the best solution.

Design methods for fire extinguishing systems:

  • 1. Measure the size of the defense area and determine the size, length, width, and height of the room.
  • 2. Based on the space size of the computer room, calculate the dosage of aerosol fire extinguishing agent using a calculation formula.
  • Select the correct aerosol model and determine the quantity.
  • Calculate the number of smoke and temperature sensors, as well as the installation location of the controller, based on the size of the room.
  • Tiny aerosol fire extinguishers need to be installed separately for computer hosts, distribution cabinets, etc. in the computer room, and the model depends on the size of the space.


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