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Portable aerosol fire extinguisher

» PRODUCT » Portable aerosol fire extinguisher

Portable condensed fire extinguisher fire gone alike

portable aerosol based fire extinguisher is hand-held product, it is a kind of fire extinguisher fine gone alike, but its cylinder is filled with aerosol compound.

Compared with common foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, and water fire extinguisher, the aerosol fire extinguishing device has higher fire extinguishing efficiency.

  • Specifications
  • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
  • Aerosol Application

Fine gone brand aerosol fire extinguisher is well know for its perfect performance in fire extinguishing and is based on liquid aerosol agent, but hereby our product we recommend is solid powder based aerosol fire extinguishing agent, which is non-pressurized and environmentally friendly.

Unlike fine gone, carbon dioxide, foam, dry chemical and water based fire extinguisher, the solid aerosol based of our portable aerosol fire extinguisher has its own specifications and advantages.

Hereby we list out its specifications as below:

  • Solid powder aerosol agent: 45 grams, 80 grams.
  • Model Number: PSE-1(PFE-1), PSE-2(PFE-2)
  • Size and dimension: for PSE-1, 52 millimeters in diameter and 340 millimeters in length; for PSE-2, 52 millismeters in diameter and 387 millimeters in length.
  • Trigger mode:  Piezoelectric Ceramic.
  • Fire extinguishing distance: 3 meters.
  • Time of discharging: 10 ±1 seconds.
  • Color of the products: red black, white black, green black, and any other special design color.
  • Material of fire extinguisher cylinder: high quality of steel with color painted.
  • Gross weight: for PSE-1 is 350 grams each one; for PSE-2 is 860 grams each one.
  • Product service time: can reach 10 years.
  • Fire extinguishing rating and type: Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class F.
  • Working pressure: not have.
  • Test pressure: not have.
  • Working temperature: -40 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius.
  • Packing size: 47 mm*42 mm*30 mm or equivalent.
  • Quantity per carton: 20 pieces
  • Quantity per 20″ container: 480 cartons or 9600 pieces.

solid powder based aerosol fire extinguisher is have the following features and characteristics:

  • EN 3, GL and CE certificated and approved.
  • Easy to operate, just 3 steps to trigger the fire extinguisher.
  • Easy to take, just take it in hand or tie it to the waist.
  • Easy to install, just put it anywhere you want, or install it on the wall by installation bracket with screws, but must keep it far away from the child.
  • Size is small and aerosol fire extinguishing compound is compact, it is very versatile.
  • Highly cost effective and perfect in fire extinguishing performance, with the latest advanced and innovative aerosol technology.
  • ODP=0, ALT=0, GWP=0.
  • Non-toxic, non corrosive, non conductive, not have residue after discharging, obviously it is environmentally friendly product.
  • Its cylinder without any pressure.
  • Extremely fashion in appearance.
  • Variety of color you can choose.
  • Low in maintenance.

It is widely used in many industries and fields below but not limits to:

  • Kitchen.
  • Workshop.
  • Family hall and dinning room, bed room, living room.
  • Office.
  • Power distribution and generator room.
  • Government organization.
  • Wine bars.
  • Bank and financial department.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Hospital and health care center.
  • Other public places.
  • Transport vehicles, such as bus and public bus, coach, cars, truck, heavy duty, steamship, yacht.
  • Fire emergency kits, for police station and policeman.
  • Super market and shopping mall.
  • Oil field.
  • For fire fighters.
  • And other public places and facilities.

Attention! this products is also have its application liminations listed below:

  • Keep it far away form the child, forbidden children to play with it.
  • Never aim it to the human body at anytime, when you operate it.
  • Don't touch it after it discharging, because cylinder is super hot, otherwise you will get hurt.
  • Don't detach it with easy.


Portable aerosol fire extinguisher, PRODUCT

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