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Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

» PRODUCT » Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • Renewable Lithium Ion Fire Extinguisher

    Lithium Ion Fire Extinguisher is an Environmentally friendly and efficient fire extinguisher in energy storage and renewable industry, It uses aerosols as the extinguishing medium and can instantly extinguish lithium battery fires.

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    The global market has a huge demand for new energy products and lithium batteries, Currently, lithium batteries, energy storage containers, and photovoltaic products are the most exported products from China to foreign countries.

    From trade data, it can be seen that lithium batteries, new energy, and energy storage are currently the most popular products worldwide, Correspondingly, the related products of these popular products have also become popular, with a sharp increase in demand.

    Lithium-ion fire extinguishers are products related to energy storage and new energy, For example, a fire extinguisher needs to be installed on the photovoltaic inverter, and a lithium-ion fire extinguisher needs to be installed on the energy storage lithium battery packs, battery cabinets, and battery containers.

    Many manufacturers of new energy products and lithium batteries, as well as other related practitioners, know that new energy fire protection is a major challenge, but most of them do not know how to choose a fire extinguishing system or what type of fire extinguishing system can achieve the best results.

    Their choice of fire extinguishers and fire protection systems is confusing and unknown, As a professional fire protection manufacturer, our latest lithium battery fire extinguishers developed in the past two years, and can meet their needs and help them solve the key problem of lithium battery fire protection.

    The following are the basic parameters and configurations of our product:

    • Entry name: Lithium-ion fire extinguisher aerosol chemical based.
    • Function: suppress fire in lithium battery packs, electric vehicles, photovoltaic inverters, and others.
    • Available models: QRR0.04GW/S/SA (There are also other models to choose from).
    • Dimension: Diameter of φ98.5 mm, height of 27 mm.
    • Hole spacing for installation: φ4.5*110mm.
    • Extinguishing chemical: Aerosol dry chemical.
    • Chemical agent: 40 grams (other capacities available).
    • Chemical concentration: 100 grams per cubic meter.
    • Covering volumes: 0.4 m3 enclosure space.
    • Start mode: electric power supply and thermal activation.
    • Thermal cord rated temperature: 175℃±10℃ and 300℃±10℃.
    • Activation and safe current: ≥700mA and ≤150mA DC.
    • Power supply volt: 3 to 24 VDC.
    • Releasing time: 4 to 5 seconds.
    • Compatibility performance: compatible with fire alarm systems, independent systems, ventilation systems, etc.

    This series of products is used for energy storage packs, battery cabinets, EV scooters, and power station chargers, in small enclosure spaces; It should be noted that due to the large space of energy storage containers, So it is better to install Minisol Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher or other gas suppression system in the energy storage containers.

    We are experts in one-stop integrated solutions for energy storage and fire protection and are the source factory of automatic fire extinguishing devices.

    Please contact us promptly to learn about our products and services.

    Aerosol fire extinguishers can be applied to energy storage systems and lithium batteries in the field of new energy, because this product has its unique characteristics and features:

    • Aerosol fire extinguishing agents are highly concentrated and compressed into a mud-like object, Fire extinguishing agents can be assembled in narrow shells, which can compress their size.
    • Fire extinguishing agents will not leave residue after release and will not damage high-value equipment such as lithium batteries.
    • This product has dual start functions of automatic start and electric start and can be connected to other CAN systems, RS485 systems, alarm systems, ventilation systems, and signal feedback systems.
    • The product belongs to the latest fire extinguishing technology and is a fully submerged fire extinguishing system with high fire extinguishing speed.
    • Non-pressure stored fire extinguishing agents are maintenance-free over a 10-year lifespan.
    • The product process has been strictly polished, but the structure is simple and the installation method is also simple, using 3M double-sided adhesive or 2 small screws for installation.
    • EU CE certification support.
    • At present, there is no specific fire protection standard in the new energy field, and lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishers will become one of the standards for new energy fire protection products.

    The specific application scope of this lithium-ion fire extinguisher is as follows:

    • EV scooter, the model QRR0.012GW/S/SA with 12 grams of aerosol agent filling inside the cylinder, can cover 0.12 m3 space, very suitable for the EV scooter pack.
    • Lithium battery pack, if the pack is very very small, then we suggest installing square shape fire extinguisher model QRR0.012GW/S-AW; but if the lithium battery pack is neither big nor small, then we suggest the aerosol fire extinguisher model QRR0.03GW/S/SA, 0.04GW/S/SA, 0.05GW/S/SA and 0.06GW/S/SA.
    • Lithium battery cabinet, Suggest QRR0.06GW/S/SA or Minisol fire extinguisher 100 to 300 grams.
    • Lithium battery container, Suggest installing 304 stainless minicell capacity range from 500 grams to 3000 grams.
    • Electric motors, Suggest aerosol QRR0.03GW/S/SA.
    • Electric auto vehicles, Suggest aerosol QRR0.06GW/S/SA.
    • Electric charging station, Suggest aerosol QRR0.05GW/S/SA.
    • Electric forklift equipment, suggests Minisol aerosol range from 100 grams to 500 grams.
    • Other electric vehicles are also customized according to the specific model of the battery compartment.
    Lithium battery aerosol fire extinguishing system

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