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Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

» PRODUCT » Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

  • Solid Aerosol Based Fire Suppression System for Mining Machinery

    Mining machinery is prone to fire when working outdoors for a long time in a harsh environment; Under this circumstances, a set of good fire suppression system can prevent it from getting thermal runaway.

    • Specifications
    • Product Advantages
    • Other Applications and Precautions

    Mining is a very difficult job, and workers generally work in a difficult environment, usually workers need to operate or drive many types of equipment, which we call them “mining machinery”, or even can name them “heavy duty equipment”.

    They are many types of mining machinery, normally include:prospecting equipment, mining equipment and mineral processing equipment, Lets list them out separately.

    • For prospecting equipment, there are: placer exploration drill, gold panning machine, gold chute, welding machine, ball rubbing machine etc.
    • For mining equipment, there are: Open-air and underground drilling rig, rock drill, mining excavator, front loader, rock rate, loader, drum shearer, oil production machinery, bridge transfer machine etc.
    • Mineral processing equipment, there are: crusher, ball mill machine, spiral classifier, sand maker machine, vibrating feeder, mineral chute feeder etc.

    These large and small size mining machinery, like that of railway locomotives and on-road and off-road vehicles, are easy to get thermal runaway and cause fire.

    The solid aerosol based fire suppression system is recommended, the system includes components of aerosol fire extinguisher body, start button, connecting electric wires, thermal cord wire and power supply equipment, their specific parameters are as follows:

    • Generator capacity: about 250 to 1000 grams.
    • Coverage area in cubic meters: 2.5 to 10.
    • Extinguishing compound: solid aerosol-forming agent.
    • Design density: 100 gram per cubic meter.
    • Safety factor and compensation index: 1.3 to 1.4.
    • Ingress protection Class: IP67.
    • Cylinder material: 304 stainless steel.
    • Explosion proof grade: I class.
    • Start button: Normal.
    • Electrical wires: 2*1.5mm2 or 4*1.5mm2.
    • Thermal cord rated temperature: 175℃.
    • Power supply equipment: Vehicle battery 3 to 12 Volt.
    • Pressure switch function: Optional.
    • Installation mode: bracket or magnetic adsorption.

    For above 1000 grams Larger Capacity of Aerosol For Mining Machinery, please refer to the Instruction Data Sheet.

    Why this product is a good solution for mining machinery (mining equipment)? this is because it has below advantages that other suppression system not have:

    • Pass salt spray test, it is non-corrosive and non conductive.
    • Pass the small mouse test, it is non-toxic to human body and non-polluting to the atmosphere and environment.
    • Pass the water-proof and dust-proof test, it is generally difficult for moisture to immerse into the aerosol generator body.
    • Since the aerosol forming compound is stored in a sealed stainless steel tank, it has a long service life, which can last more than 10 years.
    • It can be firmly installed to avoid the negative impact of mechanical vibration.
    • The materials used for connecting aviation plugs are military grade and of high quality.
    • It is pressure free and will not be explosive, which is very important for mining equipment.
    • It has no messy pipe-lines, simple installation and simple structure.

    Except used in mining equipment, the product also have some other applications:

    • On-road vehicles.
    • Off-road vehicles.
    • Manufacturing machines.
    • Financial and banking machines (ATM machine etc).
    • Auditing machines.
    • Power generator and transmission machine.
    • Rolling stock.
    • Marine vessel engine.
    • School bus.
    • Elevator room.
    • Discharge cabinet.
    • Land transportation.

    However, we also remind you of the following matters:

    • The installation job requires professional personnel, preferably those who understand the circuit and installation prince.
    • Ensure that the circuit is disconnected during installation.
    • If the product is started by careless operation, escape immediately, and do not touch the product body after spraying, because the temperature of cylinder is super hot.

    Aerosol fire suppression systems offer great all-around fire protection.

    Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

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