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Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

» PRODUCT » Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

  • Stainless Aerosol Extinguisher for Drilling Rig Machinery

    Due to the harsh working environment, a drilling rig requires the installation of a set of fire protection devices. After multiple comparisons, we believe that aerosol fire extinguishers are the most ideal solution.

    • Specifications
    • Features and Benefits
    • Application Areas

    A drilling rig is a mechanical device that drills holes in the ground, it can be used to sample underground deposits or to install underground production equipment. e.g. underground machinery, apparatus, pipes, and shafts.

    In modern times, it generally refers to equipment for drilling the Earth’s crust layer. The composition of the drilling rig includes a lifting system, rotating system, circulation system, power system, transmission system, and control system; the power system is the most important and valuable part, which contains the engine. Therefore, we usually recommend installing a feasible and affordable fire extinguishing system, From the perspective of fire extinguishing efficiency and economics, aerosol extinguishers are the best choice.

    Because the engine size of this machine is generally relatively large, based on our experience, it is recommended to install an aerosol unit that can extinguish 5 cubic meters. The specific model is AW-QH-500E/TH.

    The following is a list of specific product parameters:

    • The name or description of the commodity: stainless affordable aerosol extinguisher.
    • Installation objective: engine compartment of the drilling rig machinery.
    • Models: AW-QH-500E/TH.
    • Aerosol compound weight: 500 grams.
    • Total weight: 4500 grams.
    • Coverage volume: 5 cubic meters.
    • Discharge time: 22 seconds.
    • Number of fire extinguishers required per machine: 1 or 2 Pieces, decided by machinery engine room size.
    • Fire extinguisher activation mode: automatic thermal cord and electronic activation.
    • Product activation temperature: 175℃.
    • Product activation voltage and current: 3 to 24 Volt at 0.25mA.
    • Product resistance value: 1.0 to 2.0 ohm.
    • Dimension or size of the product: diameter 0.127 meters, height 0.185 meters.
    • Shape and color of the product: Cylindrical shape, with stainless steel color.
    • Materials and main parts: 304 stainless steel cylinder, aviation plug, aerosol extinguishing agent, cooling agent, screen mesh, Insulation ring, insulation cotton, installation bracket, screws, etc.
    • Environmental temperature and humidity requirements: -50℃ to +70℃, 95% relative humidity.

    It should be emphasized that it can also be installed on other mining machinery and equipment. please refer to the Anti-vibration fire extinguishing system for mining excavators

    This minisol aerosol extinguisher is based on environment-friendly strontium nitrate chemical powdered aerosol technology, which is the latest fire protection technology in the world.

    It is listed as halon alternative fire protection equipment because it has features and benefits that we count out as follows:

    • The product is made of 304 stainless steel material, seamlessly welded, with a protection level of IP67, suitable for harsh outdoor and mining environments.
    • The product is resistant to high temperatures and can be installed in environments ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius, so it can be installed in the engine room of drilling rig machinery.
    • The product has undergone strict anti-aging testing and has a minimum lifespan of 10 years in harsh environments.
    • The product adopts the latest environmentally friendly formula and production process, which is environmentally friendly, does not damage the atmospheric ozone layer, and is not harmful to human health, so it is a halon alternative.
    • This aerosol generator was originally developed for fire protection of precision instruments and high-end equipment, so the extinguishing agent would not damage any electrical equipment, including the engine.
    • After the fire extinguisher is sprayed, it will not corrode any components.
    • According to the mouse experiment, after the product is sprayed, the mouse will not die within 3 days, indicating that it is human-friendly.
    • The product has been certified and tested by international and foreign authoritative testing institutions, meets international standards, and has excellent performance.
    • The designed dosage is 100 grams per cubic meter, with strong fire extinguishing performance and fast fire extinguishing speed, which can instantly eliminate fires in the early stage.
    • It is Small-Safe-Simple. A piping network is not required.
    • After the product is installed once, it is maintenance-free for life, After installation, maintenance becomes almost zero.
    • The product cost is relatively low, and extremely Cost Effective.
    • He is a versatile person who can extinguish various types of fires, For Class A-B-C-K(F) Total Flooding Applications and direct-to-source local applications.

    The application range of aerosol fire extinguishing systems can cover almost all industries and all equipment, let us describe the application areas below:

    • CNC machine, inside the machine.
    • Air compressor.
    • Drilling equipment, in the engine.
    • Mining equipment, in their engines.
    • Various types of transportation for travel and loading, like cars, trucks, and buses, are in their engine compartments.
    • Various electrical cabinets were installed internally.
    • Power generator station, power distribution station, and substation.
    • Diesel generator room.
    • Lifting room of a high-rise building.
    • CCTV server room.
    • Low voltage and high voltage room.
    • Lithium battery pack, lithium battery room, and energy storage containers.
    • Locomotives for subways and high-speed trains.
    • Wind turbine cabin of renewable energy.
    • Cable wells, cable tunnels, and urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery facilities.
    • And other enclosed and semi-enclosed places.

    Use the built-in installation accessories of the product to fix it anywhere you want to install it, Accessories include brackets, screws, 3M brand double-sided adhesive, high-strength magnets, etc.

    For the application field, there are many other special scenarios. If you are unsure whether you can install our fire protection products, please contact us promptly to request technical support.

    Typical cases of our product installation include SANY Heavy Industry, Volkswagen, Siemens Gamesa, etc.

    Aerosol Suppression System for Mining Equipment

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