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Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

» PRODUCT » Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

  • Stand alone thermal activation device

    Thermal Activation Device is a special temperature sensing components, which is different from normal heat detector, normal heat detector not have function of causing small current to start the suppression device, but this TAD have, and it can work completely stand-alone.

    • Specifications
    • Main Features and Characteristics
    • Application and Matters

    Thermal Activation Device AW-101 is an accessory of the aerosol fire extinguishing system, it is a new style of temperature sensing fire detection element, which mainly has two basic functions: one is to detect fire, another is to start the aerosol system to suppress fire.

    It senses changes in ambient temperature using the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a pulse current and, at the same time, transmit a feedback signal to the fire alarm host.

    It works stand-alone, and Instantaneous current can be generated automatically during operation.

    It can well match aerosol and superfine dry chemical fire suppression because both of them require a small current to act.

    For its structure, please refer to our AW-101 INSTALLATION MANUAL, and for its working principle as below:

    • When the ambient temperature exceeds the rated temperature, the thermal element fusible metal begins to deform and release the moving pole with spring.
    • Under the action of spring, the magnet in the moving pole passes through the induction coil and makes the coil generate current.
    • The pulse current is output to the fire extinguishing device through the output terminal, and the feedback signal terminal which is non-polarity changes from the normal open state to the normal closed state.

    Main Specifications

    Technical data sheet and specifications are as below:

    • Product Name: Thermal Activation Device, also named ” Thermal Activation Generator”.
    • Part Number: AW-101.
    • Dimension: φ65±1 mm, H:84±2 mm.
    • Weight: 175 grams.
    • Effective current generation time: more than 2 ms.
    • Induction Temperature: 72±5℃, 93±5℃, 110±5℃.
    • Ambient Temperature: -50 to +85℃.
    • Life-Span: more than 10 years.
    • Feedback signal state: Set a normal open or normal closed.

    Installation and Commissioning

    before doing the installation job please read the installation manual carefully, and inspect each thermal activation generator one by one according to the following methods, and can be put into use after confirmation:

    • Inspection method: check the integrity of housing, the housing or shell shall be free of obvious indentation, deformation, and fracture; the thermal element (fusible metal) shall not all off or deform; accessories should be complete.
    • Installation method: Wire and cable connection to the activation terminal and signal feedback terminal, it should be connected by using of “o” shape crimping terminal to connect; pull out the safety pin carefully, install the device, and install it in the specified location; connect the wire or cable with the fire extinguishing system; installation size as per INSTALLATION MANUAL.
    • Installation Precautions: 1. Forbidden to use violence to pull out the safety pin; 2. After pulling out the safety pin, check whether the thermal element is fastened, forbidden to use in case of serious looseness; 3. the wire (cable) should be shielded with flame retardant wire; 4. forbidden to pull out the safety pin after the wire connection, should be before wire connection; 5. during installation and use, forbidden to touch the thermal element (fusible metal).

    Transportation and Preservation

    • During transportation of the original factory package, all means of transport are available.
    • During transportation and preservation, please take measures to avoid mechanical damage, heat, rain, moisture, avoid corrosion.
    • It is allowed to be stored in a place without heating equipment, and ambient temperature between -50 to +50 ℃.

    Maintenance and Repair

    • Dust and dirt shall be removed regularly according to the environment, if any damage is found, it shall be replaced in time; don’t hit or touch the thermal element (fusible metal) during cleaning.
    • During the service lift time, it is not necessary to carry out a quality inspection for it.
    • The lifetime of the device is 10 years, during this validity period it is maintenance.


    • This product is qualified to leave the factory and could be put into use.
    • The product can be reused after startup but needs to replace a new thermal element (fusible metal).
    • For more details or any questions please feel free to contact us directly.

    It is have below main features and characteristics:

    • The thermal probe has 4 temperatures available for customers to choose from, there are: 45℃, 72℃, 93℃ and 110℃.
    • can work stand-alone, also can work with gas fire alarm control panel.
    • its temperature sensing accuracy is very high.
    • The probability of wrong operation is very low.
    • Long life span.
    • Strong adaptability to environment.
    • It have explosion proof capability.

    Below is the main application field:

    • Petrochemical Warehouse.
    • Flammable and explosive hazardous area.
    • Electrical cabinet.
    • Engine room of automotive and vehicles.
    • Wind power engine room.
    • Vessel engine room in navigation industry.
    • Some other small enclosed space.

    Precautions for safe use

    • We have right to know about the application fields and status of this thermal activation device.
    • If the housing and thermal element is damaged, it is forbidden to use.
    • Do not do installation and maintenance under the condition of wire connection job has been finished.
    • Forbidden to touch it with any hard objects during installation and use.
    • During installation, make sure of the device keep far away from the outlet of air conditioning opening, lighting equipment and other heat source.
    • Forbidden to conduct any various tests without the permission of the manufacturer's representative.
    • The device can not be able to connect with thermal activation aerosol and thermo glass activation aerosol, only can work with electrical activation type aerosol which need current to startup.
    Thermal Activation Device for Aerosol Generator

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