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Firefighting accessories

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  • Thermal ignitor cord

    The thermal ignitor cord is also called "thermosensitive wire", It is the triggering element for the fire extinguisher to start, containing gunpowder components that can activate the fire extinguishing system through self-combustion.

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    The abbreviation for thermal ignitor cord is “thermal cord”, it is made of temperature-sensitive and self-igniting materials, it is a high-tech temperature-sensitive component, which is composed of multi-core or single-core wires covered with thermosensitive materials on the surface. When the ambient temperature reaches the starting temperature of the thermal cord, it will self-ignite, thus starting the fire extinguishing device.

    Thermal ignitor cords belong to military products in China, and only qualified military enterprises can manufacture this product, so this product is very rare.

    It can be manufactured with different detection temperatures, and the color varies depending on the detection temperature. Generally, blue is 175 degrees and red is 300 degrees. Other temperature ranges can also be customized and labeled with other colors such as white, yellow, black, etc.

    The basic configuration of this product is as follows:

    • Alias name: Thermal ignitor cord, thermal cord, thermally sensitive wire.
    • Model number: NX01-175C, NX02-300C.
    • Appearance: blue rope shape, smooth surface, triangular cross-section.
    • Rated temperature: Under a standard atmosphere, when the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature (175 ℃± 5 ℃ etc), it can naturally ignite.
    • Mounting: Plastic Tie Mount.
    • Application scenarios: fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, and other military products.
    • Function: Accessories for fire protection systems, matching dry powder and aerosol systems.
    • Typical application case: Minimal fixed aerosol fire compression units.

    For more descriptions and technical parameters about thermal wires, please read the article here-Description on spontaneous combustion thermal cord detector.

    Everything has its unique characteristics, and the thermal ignitor cord is no exception.

    The characteristics of thermosensitive wires are as follows:

    • Belonging to gunpowder products, they are generally produced by military enterprises and require special control.
    • The combustion rate is very fast, but it can be customized, and it can activate the fire extinguishing system by burning within a few seconds.
    • Strong bending strength, can be bent arbitrarily, suitable for a variety of lap joints.
    • Stable combustion performance can burn freely even in water.
    • The starting temperature and color can be customized, and different colors represent different starting temperatures.
    • It has a wide range of applications, suitable for various places, power distribution rooms, auto vehicles, electrical cabinets, cable tunnels, archives, museums, communication base stations, computer rooms, ships, etc.
    • Generally used as a supporting component of the fire protection system, it is fixed and installed with plastic ties.
    • It can be arranged in a small space, for example, as a starting element for lithium battery aerosols, a thermal cord can be set inside the lithium battery pack.

    Thermally sensitive wires are gunpowder products, and the following precautions need to be taken:

    • Military products are prone to ignition and should be kept away from open flames during production. Smoking is prohibited.
    • During transportation, specialized dangerous goods transport vehicles or transport containers are required for transportation.
    • Store in a dry, ventilated, and cool warehouse with a temperature not exceeding 40 ℃.
    • Prohibit wind, rain, and direct sunlight exposure.
    Firefighting accessories

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