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Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

» PRODUCT » Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

  • Thermo bulb cheap fire extinguishing aerosol generators approvals

    Thermo bulbs are thermally actuated release elements for automatic sprinklers, smoke vents, fire dampers, fire suppression systems and other release devices, it also can apply in our fire extinguishing aerosol generators, for details please see our description of this products.

    • Specifications
    • Aerosol Features and Characteristics
    • Aerosol Application

    Thermo bulb sensing of fire extinguishing aerosol generators use thermo bulbs as fire detecting and sensing elements to start-up aerosol generator automatically, and furthermore, without work with any fire alarm systems, so it is automatic and standalone system.

    This trigger style of minisol aerosol have the following specifications:

    • Start-up type: thermo bulb sensing and automatic fire detection and extinguishing, work without outer power supply and without fire alarm panels.
    • Aerosol mass in quality: from 30 grams to 3000 grams, 12 to 15 more models for choice.
    • Aerosol mass concentration: 100 gram per cubic meters.
      Aerosol cover volume: 0.3 m³, 0.6 m³, 1.0 m³, 1.5 m³, 2 m³, 2.5 m³, 5.0 m³, 7.5 m³, 10.0 m³, 15.0 m³, 20.0 m³, 25.0 m³, 30.0 m³.
    • Fire suppression safety distance: about 0.3 meter.
    • Distance for people’s safety: people should stand more than 1.5 meters far away.
    • Discharging time: less than 30 seconds.
    • Product life-cycle: 10 years time.
    • Product weight: details please as per our “technical data sheet“.
    • Product size and dimensions: details please as per our “technical data sheet”.
    • Thermo bulbs material: glass bulb and particular chemicals, for details please refer to JOB THERMO BULBS. we use JOB THERMO BULBS from Germany as our thermo bulbs for our minisol aerosol fire extinguishing generators, so our product quality is excellent.
    • Thermo bulbs sensing rated temperature: 57 degree Celsius, 68 degree Celsius, 79 degree Celsius, 93 degree Celsius, 141 degree Celsius, 182 degree Celsius, 260 degree Celsius, for more details of thermo bulbs rated temperature please refer to “JOB THERMO Bulb’s official website, links is share above.
    • Type of fire suppression: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class E and even Class F.
    • Outlet nozzle temperature in the bottom after aerosol compound releasing: no more than 200°C in about 5 millimeters location distance form the nozzle.
    • Housing temperature after aerosol compound releasing: no more than 100 degree Celsius.
    • Housing main materials: silver white color top quality of 304 stainless steel.
    • Environmentally temperature: -40 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius.
    • Operating voltage: it is automatic, not require of any power supply.
    • Relative relative humidity: no more than 95%.
    • Minimum actuator current: more than 250 milliampere per 5 milliseconds.
    • Maximum safety current: less than 150 milliampere per 5 minutes.
    • Connection of the aerosol generator: better series connection.
    • Installation methods: Use installation bracket plus screws, or use magnetic with 3M brand of glue, and 3M company is a famous company located in USA.

    Remark 1: thermo bulb is also called glass bulb.

    Remark 2: Fusible metal ignition type aerosol fire extinguisher with rated action temperature at 70℃(158℉), 93℃(203℉) and 123℃(254℉) available, This is a customized model that requires a certain order quantity to be produced for you.

    Fire extinguishing aerosol generators and its system is could be able to compare with other fire extinguishing in fire suppression and protection because of its excellent fire extinguishing ability, aerosol have unique features and advantages:

    • Perfect in fire suppression: its design concentration is about 100 grams per cubic meters, in another words, for a 1 cubic meter space fire protection, just use 100 gram of aerosol mass will done.
    • Environmentally friendly and user friendly: ozone layer depletion is zero, global warming potential is zero, atmospheric lift time is low, not toxic, non conductive, non corrosive, easy to install and no need yearly of maintenance, no need pipeline network, most importantly, it is not have any residue after releasing, obviously it is precision instrument friendly and user friendly.
    • Long life span: accordingly to a research test report issued by our Tianjin Fire Research Institute of China, by doing a aging test on our aerosol compound, it shows our aerosol life time can be reach about 10 years time, its a long life time for fire suppression products.
    • Certificates and approvals to support: we have get some of international certificates, test reports and approvals to support this products.
    • Long warranty time and good after sales service: the warranty time of our aerosol products is one more years, and during the warranty time if have any product default or quality problem we can replace for free; after we sell we will teach dealer how to install our products and offer with necessary help any time.
    • Innovative aerosol technology to support, our company is ISO9001, ISO14001 certificated company and have very experienced research and development staff, we use strontium nitrate as main oxygen, in which other supplier use potassium nitrate as their main oxygen only, from a real test, it shows that strontium nitrate aerosol compound is more clean than that of potassium nitrate of aerosol compound, we are with advanced and innovative new aerosol technology.

    This minisol aerosol generator can be widely apply in variety of industries including the following but not limits to:

    Data Processing and communication, like: hosting centers, server centers, TV transmitters stations, radio transmitters stations, telecommunications room, computer suites.

    Storage Facilities, like: stock rooms, archives, warehouses, libraries, museums.

    Power Generation, like: wind power plants and wind turbine engine compartments,  power supply system, Decentralized power generating system.

    Electronic technology facilities, like: generator stations, measuring stations, distributing centers, switching gear and cabinets, transformer stations, control stations.

    Machinery and Machines, like: CNC machines, printing machines, machining center, workshops.

    Transportation, like: Lorries, buses, cars, coaches, railways, ships, air crafts, heavy duty, and their engine compartment.

    Government, like government's electrical facilities.

    Kitchens - kitchen hoods.

    Aerosol system can both use for total flooding system and local application system (direct-to-source system), but the space should be enclosure space or almost enclosure space.

    For more application case if you have an idea or interest to know please feel free contact and discuss with us.


    Mini Automatic Aerosol Fire Extinguishers, PRODUCT

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