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Waterproof Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

» PRODUCT » Waterproof Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

  • Waterproof Fire Suppression System in Automobile Engine Compartment

    Aerosol generators have been proven to be a good kind of automotive fire suppression system in the engine compartments of the auto vehicles, many famous vehicle manufacturers have recognized this product and seeking cooperation with us.

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    The engine compartment generally includes the engine, air filter, battery, engine exhaust system, throttle valve, water tank replenishment tank, relay box, brake booster pump, throttle cable, window washer fluid reservoir, brake fluid reservoir, fuse, etc.

    Many people in the automobile industry complain that they are not able to find the right fire suppression systems to install in their vehicles, according to their surveys and research, at present, the main automotive fire protection products on the market are: water-based, foam-based, or dry chemical-based.

    The water-based type makes it easy to make the engine compartment and the metal components get corrosion after use.

    Foam-based type and dry chemical-based type will make the vehicles get dirty after release.

    Most importantly, all of them are large and have low extinguishing efficiency.

    So in the past of years, a kind of fire detection tube became popular to install in electrical cabinets and engine compartments of auto vehicles. the representative companies who produce this product are BLAZECUT and FIRETRACE; but the fire-detecting tube also has its defect, that is: it uses Hfc-227ea gas and NOVEC1230 gas as suppression medium and needs pressure to work, which makes the product not safe for the environment of vehicle engines, people are afraid of their vehicles being damaged after installing it.

    Aerosol systems already have become BLAZECUT alternative and FIRETRACE alternatives.

    In later years a kind of waterproof non-pressurized vehicle fire suppression system was published, it is aerosol based vehicle fire protection unit, which is compact in size and strong in fire extinguishing ability, people don’t need to consider its safety factor, because it a non-pressurized products with clean aerosol compound-the strontium nitrate chemical.

    The Aerosol extinguishing generator is like a strong robot, It is very powerful and can cover any field, It has many advantages:

    • 304 stainless steel as a cylinder, it is waterproof and high quality.
    • Can reach small spaces.
    • Discharge evenly and 360-degree direction.
    • Releasing out aerosol compound without pressure, with long spray distance.
    • Notoxic when people inhale it.
    • Long life span, up to 10 years in wet areas and up to 15 years in dry areas.
    • It is a waterproof and dust-proof product, that can be stored for a long time.

    At present, many brands of cars have installed this innovative suppression product, such as Volvo, Benz, BMW, Ford, Porsche, etc. These cars usually use their car battery to connect the aerosol, and then install an automatic control device in the cockpit, so that a complete set of auto fire extinguishing systems can travel. People no longer need to worry about the car fire when driving.

    In the same way, trucks, school buses, buses, subways, high-speed trains, etc. can also be installed with this product. The installation and fire extinguishing principles are the same.

    Most people think that it is unnecessary to install fire extinguishing devices in automobile engines, and they are also worried that the installation of fire extinguishing systems will have a bad impact on the performance of the engine. This worry is unnecessary because, at present, the agent of fire protection products that can be installed in automobile engines is clean and non-toxic.

    When driving, life safety comes first. It is a happy thing to install a good fire extinguishing product to protect your travel safety.

    It has unique characteristics and features for vehicles:

    • Take effective fire suppression in unoccupied vehicle compartments and engine rooms.
    • Eco-friendly to sensitive electronic equipment and computers.
    • It is both total flooding hazards and direct-to-source application in local applications.
    • Its structure is reasonable, it consists of a cylinder, initiation actuator, aerosol-forming compounds, cooling element, spacer, and nozzle plate.
    • Work standalone, non-piping network required and safe for transportation.
    • Widely used in closed fields and unoccupied areas.
    • After spraying, within a few minutes, the white-smoke-like aerosol medium will disappear, leaving little residue over there.
    • Friendly to the earth's atmosphere, the key pollution indicators are all zero.
    • 304 stainless steel cylinder and tightly sealed, it is waterproof and dustproof, we have got the IP67 test report for it.
    • It has a variety of start-up methods and many choices: electric start, thermal sensing start, and multi-function start.
    • It is the joint research result of Tsinghua University and our company.
    • It has different capacities with our different model numbers.
    • It obeys not only China standard GA499.1-2010 but also international standards: NFPA2010, ISO15779, and CEN/TR 15276.
    • Compared with a small-size NOVEC1230 fire extinguisher, the aerosol system is much more smaller and compact.

    Aerosol is a clean product, many industries need it:

    • Motor control centers.
    • Storage vaults.
    • Computer rooms and data centers.
    • Wind generators, turbine enclosures.
    • Solar systems.
    • Telecommunication equipment.
    • Automotive and vehicles.
    • Marine engine.
    • Electronic equipment and cabinets.
    • Power distribution facilities.
    • Goods production facilities.
    • Coal mining equipment.
    • Oil extraction equipment.
    • House construction facilities.
    Waterproof Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

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