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Bình chữa cháy khí dung tự động mini

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  • 500 hệ thống phòng chống sol khí xe buýt tiêu chuẩn gram

    Aerosol system consist in super-fine particles of strontium nitrate and potassium salts, these chemicals are ECO-friendly to electrical equipments and bus vehicle engine, so a 500 grams aerosol forming agent generator is ideal for the bus fire prevention.

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    500 grams aerosol is standard bus fire prevention system, because 500 grams can cover 5 mét khối không gian, which is enough for total flooding the bus engine compartment or lithium battery pack in the bus.

    The perfect combination of electric starting and thermal wire starting makes it 100% possible to start.

    For bus fire protection, both automatic and manual fire extinguishing are required, and aerosol fire extinguishing systems can achieve the goal.

    So let’s focus on listing the parameters of 500 grams standard bus aerosol fire prevention system below:

    • Tên: 500 grams aerosol.
    • Model AW-QH-500E&QUẦN QUÈ.
    • Volume of extinguishing agent: 500 gam.
    • Discharging space size: 5 m3.
    • Discharge length: 3 đến 5 mét.
    • Time of extinguishing: ít hơn 30 giây.
    • Activation mode: electric+thermal line start, with NO/NC feedback.
    • Unit height: 127 millimeters adjustable.
    • Unit diameter: 185 millimeters adjustable.
    • Bracket length: 15 đến 18 cm.
    • Canister material: 304 thép không gỉ.
    • Thermal head material: Aluminum alloy.
    • Length of thermal cord and electrical wire: 0 đến 3 meters as request.
    • Electrical plug-in material: 304 stainless steel with bronze polishing.
    • Installation bracket and screws material: 304 thép không gỉ.
    • Minimum working temperature: -40℃.
    • Maximum working temperature:+108℃.
    • Properlant gas: không có, because this is non-pressurized fire suppression product.
    • Dimension packed unit: 35*35*31 cm.
    • Unit per box: 4 miếng.

    It should be noted that a relatively complete bus fire protection system may also require other accessories, nhu la: nút bắt đầu, cáp, fire detector, junction box and battery etc.

    Nhận xét: 250 grams of aerosol also commonly used in automobiles, but generally in car engine fire protection.

    There are various types of existing fire extinguishers and fire protection systems, but aerosols are very unique and can be applied in many situations, making up for the shortcomings and regrets of other fire protection systems.

    Why is it so special? let's list its various characteristics below:

    • Applications are very flexible and diverse: it can be used for both local application and total flooding fire extinguishing; can extinguish fires in both large and small spaces.
    • Various starting methods: which can be started by inputting 24 volts power supply, hot combustion and thermal glassss balls; the startup media are: electric plug-in, thermal cord line and glass bulb.
    • Multi detection methods: it can be linked with traditional fire detection systems; can be activated with independent smoke and temperature sensing detectors; can work in connection with a specially designed components called "Thermal detector", which is a fire suppression actuator and heat sensing element.
    • zero environmental impact, Clean, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and residue free, theo cách này, it is friendly to electrical equipment and high-precision instruments.
    • Unlike carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems, it won't cause thermal shock inside the room.
    • Unlike gas fire suppression systems, it does not require the installation of an pressure relief valve.
    • The aerosol forming agent is stored inside the cylinder directly, and will releasing directly from the nozzle of aerosol generator, so there are no aerosol transport pipes are required.
    • the aerosol forming agent is stored inside the cylinder directly, and will releasing directly from the nozzle of aerosol generator, so there are no aerosol transport pipes required.
    • Compared with water and foam fire extinguishing systems etc, the aerosol has lower weight and volume, which is easy to install and handle. and there is no gas cylinder group, which avoids space waste.
    • When the volume of protected objects changes, aerosol are easy to integrate, as this goal can be achieved by simply increasing or decreasing the number of aerosols generators.
    • It do not pollute the environment and little toxic to human and animals.

    As a national and international fire suppression product, các 500 grams aerosol has been widely applied in various fields, the fields of application as below:

    • Bus engine room and other vehicles.
    • Electrical cabin.
    • Fuel deposits.
    • Battery bank.
    • Machine room.
    • Historic premises.
    • Battery bank
    • CT scan room.
    • Paper archives.
    • General operation theatre.
    • Generators area.
    • Genset room and diesel storage.
    • Cold storage and food storage.
    • Goods storage area.
    • Central kitchen.
    • Parking area.
    • Low voltage room.
    • Main ELV room.
    • CBU room.
    • Generator roo.
    • Main data room.
    • CCTV equipment room.
    • Central battery room.

    Precautions need attention as follow:

    • Normally, the designed agent is non-toxic, but due to the high concentration of particulate matter suspended in the air during spraying, we recommend that people stay away from the site during the discharge process of aerosol fire extinguishers.
    • The discharge of fire extinguishing agents will generate a small amount of residue, but these residual particles can be quickly cleared by a hair dryer, ensuring rapidly recovery of environmental availability.
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