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Hệ thống chữa cháy bình xịt dùng pin Lithium

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  • Hệ thống chữa cháy trạm sạc xe điện EV

    Renewable energy system aerosol chemical fire suppression system installed in power charging station EV electric vehicles E-Bike motors.

    Clean fire extinguishing agent to prevent secondary ignition of electrolyte.

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    With the popularity of new energy industry, the demand for charging stations is increasing.

    Theo bảng thống kê, millions of charging stations and stations are installed every day around the world to meet the charging needs of vehicles.

    These electrical devices undoubtedly operate 24 hours a day without interruption, and will undoubtedly cause various problems, one of which is the occurrence of a fire.

    So what should people do in case of a fire? Câu trả lời, tất nhiên rồi, is to install a suitable one that can be used to extinguish charging stations.

    Coincidentally, our company’s newly developed small volume aerosol fire extinguishing device is an ideal fire extinguishing product that can be installed inside charging devices.

    Aerosol fire suppression system generator QRR0.05G/S/SA-AW is a perfect solution for charging stations, Undoubtedly, we will list some of its parameters for reference:

    • Type: Small-sized fire extinguisher device.
    • Chức năng: for fire protection in charging station EV Charging.
    • Số mặt hàng: QRR0.05G/S/SA-AW.
    • Kích thước sản phẩm: φ99.5*28 mm, with hole spacing 4.5*110 mm.
    • Product color: Carbon steel with black and red painted.
    • Process: Bending process, integrated molding.
    • Painting process: piano baking paint.
    • Compound of aerosol: 50 gam.
    • Chemical concentration: 100 gam trên mét khối.
    • Extinguishing range: 0.5 cubic meters enclosure space.
    • Start port: electrical wire non-porarity and thermal cord 175℃.
    • Chemical release time: 5 giây.
    • Công suất đầu vào: 24VDC, at currency ≥700mA.
    • An toàn hiện tại: less than 150mA.
    • Operating temperature: -50 đến + 95 ℃.
    • The relative humidity: 98% non-condensation.
    • Service circle: ten years.
    • Main application object: electric vehicles, motors.

    The EV charging station fire extinguisher QRR0.05G/S/SA-AW have the following advatanges, tính năng và đặc điểm:

    • Beautiful appearance, small size, dễ dàng để cài đặt.
    • Easy to install and maintain, it can be installed in small spaces of energy storage systems, such as energy storage pack, charging stations etc.
    • Fire extinguishing agent is the latest generation of fire extinguishing technology, which is safe and reliable, with mild spraying performance and fast spraying speed, and can fully submerge unlimited space.
    • Strong compatibility, can directly connect to BMS system and BUS 485 hệ thống, and can also connect to alarm system.
    • The product is equipped with a thermal sensitive wire, which is a system that automatically detects temperature and starts fire extinguishers.
    • The nozzle of the product is sealed with high-quality aluminum foil, which makes it waterproof and functional, and makes the appearance of the product more attractive, allowing the fire extinguishing agent to isolate external air.
    • It is safe, and make no damages on structures, mechanical and electrical appliances.
    • The fire extinguishing efficiency is extremely high, và 50 grams of chemical agent can extinguish 0.5 cubic meters of space.
    • The service life is very long, lên đến 10 năm, and can be extended to 15 years in dry environments. This is incomparable to other fire extinguishing agents.

    It can be applied in various fields, such as the power industry, energy industry, manufacturing industry, healthcare industry etc.

    • Distribution box.
    • Generator set.
    • Energy storage box.
    • Engine bay or compartment.
    • Power exchange cabinet.
    • Tủ chuyển phát nhanh.
    • The chassis of the computer host.
    Hệ thống chữa cháy bình xịt dùng pin Lithium

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