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Hệ thống chữa cháy bình xịt dùng pin Lithium

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  • Hệ thống chữa cháy xe nâng điện mới

    Aerosol fire extinguishing systems, characterized by their high efficiency in extinguishing fires, can be widely used in various types of forklifts, including internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts.

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    Forklifts are divided into gasoline forklifts (Internal combustion forklift) and electric forklifts, Electric forklifts are a new trend in the forklift industry, emerging with the development of lithium batteries.

    Trong thực tế, both electric and gasoline forklifts are prone to fire accidents due to overheating of the engine, open circuit of the circuit, or open circuit of the battery; In this situation, how to prevent fires on forklifts has become a top priority.

    No matter it’s small forklifts or large forklifts, their engine room or battery room is always limited in space, so installing a suitable fire extinguishing system has become the key to people’s decision to purchase fire extinguishers.

    Gần đây, our company has developed a lithium battery type aerosol, which is cylindrical in shape and is very suitable for forklift firefighting, especially electric forklifts, Because it can be directly pasted and installed on the battery or lithium battery of a forklift, it saves space and can quickly extinguish fire.

    Below is the basic recommended model and their corresponding specifications:

    A part: fire extinguisher for battery compartment/pack of electric forklifts.

    • Product one: Black cylindrical aerosol suppression device for electric forklifts.
    • Installation place: in the battery compartment or battery pack.
    • Recommended model: QRR0.03GW/S-SA-AW.
    • Kích thước: φ60*25.5 mm.
    • Cover capcaity: 30 grams aerosol agent for 0.3 cubic meters enclosure space.

    B part: fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment of the electric forklifs.

    • Recommended model: QRR0.06GW/S-SA-AW.
    • Kích thước: φ99*27.5 mm.
    • Protective capacity: 60 grams aerosol agent for 0.6 cubic meters enclosure space.

    C part: Other data sheet:

    • Agent type: Aerosol potassium nitrate and strontium nitrate based.
    • Installation: by using 3M double-sided tape or installation screws.
    • chế độ kích hoạt: Thermal cord+Electrical activation+ N/O(N/C) contact.
    • Signal feedback: Normal open or normal closed, it is optional.
    • Cylinder Material: Carbon Steel.
    • Cylinder artwork: High UV resistance, Coated with epoxy polyester pain.

    Nhận xét: If using for protecting a larger forklift, you should consider using Minisol series aerosol fire extinguisher.

    Forklifts have liberated people's hands and improved production efficiency, but due to high load operation, it is easy to cause forklift fires. This requires that it is best to install appropriate fire extinguishing devices on each forklift.

    Various types of fire extinguishing devices composed of aerosol fire extinguishing agents are very suitable for use on forklifts. Let's describe its characteristics:

    • The volume of aerosol fire extinguishing system can be made very small, for example QRR0.012GW/S/SA-AW is a very small aerosol fire extinguisher with dimension of φ40*20mm, this is a tiny size aerosol fire extinguisher that can be installed inside the lithium battery pack for the electric forklift.
    • The fire extinguishing agent is highly concentrated, with a design concentration of 100 gram trên mét khối, and the fire extinguishing efficiency is very high, In other words, mọi 100 grams can extinguish a fire in one cubic space.
    • There are many models to choose from and various shapes of aerosol fire extinguishing devices, which can be installed on any type of forklift.
    • Forklifts are high-value equipment, and aerosol fire extinguishing agents are clean and will not cause any damage to high-value equipment.
    • Forklifts are generally operated by personnel. In terms of safety performance, aerosol fire extinguishers have no pressure and will not pose a threat to the safety of operators.
    • It has simple installation, simple structure, long service life, and no need for maintenance, so the overall cost is very low.

    All types of firefighting enterprises want to enter the field of new energy fire protection, such as energy storage field and wind power field. Tuy nhiên, the most suitable product for entering the field of new energy firefighting is our aerosol fire extinguisher, It can be almost used on various devices in the field of new energy. Let's count some of them:

    • Electric forklift.
    • EV Charger.
    • xe tay ga EV.
    • Electric bike and motors.
    • Charger station.
    • Power exchange station.
    • Electric express cabinet.
    • Bộ pin lithium.
    • Energy storage cabinet.
    • Electric control panel.
    • Energy storage container.
    • Wind turbine cabin.
    • Solar inverter.
    • Solar power pant.
    • Wind pump.
    • Wind compressor.
    • Electric machinery.
    • Golf carts.
    • Home batteries.
    Hệ thống chữa cháy bình xịt dùng pin Lithium

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