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Reasons for aware minisol fire extinguisher going popular

February 24, 2022

Our company Aware Fire published its Minisol fire extinguisher almost ten years ago, and now is almost the Standard for aerosol suppression systems in China, according to the recommendation of the China Fire Protection Association.

We have many series of this product, like Floor standing type, Wall mounted type, Portable type, but we become well-known from our mini type, so we have a special name for it called ” Minisol Aerosol”, we have got patent for it from TRADEMARK OFFICE OF CHINA NATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION.

Hereby we will describe what it looks like and how it impresses the buyers.

About Structure

  • Outer Cover
    1. the outer cover is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, in the bottom plate where there are nozzles, and sealed with the top quality of food grade aluminum foil, to make sure the product is waterproof and dust proof, we have obtained an IP67 test report from authoritative institution.
    2. On the top location of the aerosol body we use a good quality plug-in which is to input 3 to 24 VDC or 3 to 230 VDC of power supply, this makes the power current and power resistance stable.
    3. Due to the smooth outlet nozzles, the extinguishing agent can be sprayed out evenly.
    4. In an aspect of design, we have got particular patent for our aerosol cover and actuator, if other competitors use our similar design then will infringe on our patent.
  • Internal Components
    1. All internal components are specially treated metal fittings, and with special artwork.
    2. All of the components’ fittings are thick metal with high-grade paint.
    3. The coolant of ceramic particles is supplied by a Chinese manufacturer, which means its quality is perfect.
  • Aerosol Compound
    1. our aerosol compound uses an exclusive formula which makes it faster, and more efficient to suppress fire in a short time.
    2. It is also mixed with more than 10 kinds of good quality chemicals, potassium and strontium work as the main oxidant, phenolic resin and epoxy resin work as the binder, all chemicals are stable and are firmly fixed in the inter cylinder of aerosol.
  • Electric wire
    For the electric wire, we use high-grade flame retardant wire made in Shenzhen, from one of China’s top 10 wire cable manufacturers.
  • Extinguishing ability
    1. Its design density is 60 to 100 grams per cubic meter, which meets the requirements of NFPA and ISO standards.
    2. The extinguishing ability is strong and the extinguishing speed is very fast.
  • Operation Methods
    there are several unique operation methods for our systems.
    1. Firstly, electric start-up, which is the most classical way to activate the aerosol generator, has 2 functions: one is automatic to start and another is manual to trigger, both can match with fire alarm systems and can work standalone; furthermore, our electric plug-in adopt China famous brand which is made up of pure 304 stainless steel with a brass core pin, with water-proof grade.
    2. Secondly, thermal sensing start-up, one is a thermo glass bulb to start the device, rated temperature of the glass bulb is 57℃, 68℃, 79℃, 93℃ and special design; another is a thermal cord to trigger the device, rated activation temperature is 175℃ or 300℃.
  • Installation bracket, Screws, and double-sided tape
    1. For The installation bracket and throat hoop we use 304 stainless steel material, and the shape of the bracket is “L” and “U”.
    2. People also can choose double-sided tape to install the aerosol unit, brand is a world-famous brand called 3M glue, whose head office is located in America.

About Application Field

This product is widely applied in a variety of industries, hereby we list out several application fields and their representative companies:

  • Firstly, auto vehicle motor companies, for petrol motors, there are Das auto, Hyundai, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Buick motor, etc; for new energy vehicles, they also adopt our small size aerosol in their lithium battery compartment, a brand like Tesla, Das auto, Geely auto, BMW auto etc.
  • Secondly, New energy power generation.
    1. The mini aerosol can be installed in wind turbines, in its electric systems, cabin, and electrical control panels.
    2. It can also be installed in the control cabinet of the solar power station, as in this part they are often thermal runaway and get fires.
    3. other power plants like nuclear and tidal also require this aerosol system.
  • Thirdly, Mining equipment, including the mining vehicles and control panels.
  • Fourthly, the Manufacturing industry, including CNC machines, drilling machines, painting machines, bending machines, etc.

Certifications and Approvals to support

  • To present, aware is the manufacturer who has the most quantity of certificates and approvals in China, We have CE, Rhos, DNV GROUP GL, IP67, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001 to support our business, and we are the only China supplier who has to pass the aging test for over 10 years life-span for aerosol products.
  • We also plan to apply for more approvals, like UL, FM, LPCB, KIWA, etc for our aerosol fire suppression products and their accessories.

People’s Cognition

People’s cognition has improved our sales and brand, after many years of recommendations, now people recognize that aerosol has its unique advantages, they know aerosol is a clean agent suppression system without pollution to the atmosphere, and many industries are planning to install aerosol as an alternative for their traditional suppression systems.

Quality is First

Since it was founded, Aware Fire has taken quality first and service first, our slogan is “We do all for safety, for a safe world”, we have strict Quality Control Rules, and we have many quality inspection personnel who every day check the quality of every process, we control the unqualified rate of our products at 1 out of 1000.

Good Reputation of our Product

After using our products, many of our distributors and dealers recommend our products and brand to their partners, friends, and relationships, they even help to recommend our products in their social software like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in, thanks to them.

Aware Fire is trusted by leading companies around the world, Like Toyota, Vestas, Samsung, PHILLIPS, etc.

Outstanding overseas sales team and  market strategy

We have a more than 10 staff overseas sales team, each of them is skilled in business and skilled in operating computer, most importantly, we have pass strictly products knowledge training, can answer any technical and business question in time, we would answer any new inquiry within 24 hours a day.

About points are the main reasons why aware brand Minisol fire extinguishers are becoming more and more welcome around the world now.

Most importantly is: our products can help them solve their problem and help them benefit more.

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